Saturday, July 25, 2020


Right, what am I up to today?

The shop will be open, but I'm gunna do a couple of acrylic paintings I think.
I have been watching You Tube videos of painting like CRAZY... trying to learn techniques, colour combos etc.  It's FASCINATING!

There will be a couple of 'assistants' in the studio today.
Dante and Archer are coming to spend an hour or so with me.

ABOVE: Bex is attending 'Fibre Tron' with a girlfriend, and didn't want to drag the boys along.  It's an Event showcasing and selling wool etc.  Now if it had been FABRIC .... I'd be going too!

Steve and Stew are going out of town on a job this morning.  They should be home after lunch all going well.

***  Can't wait to see if the antibiotics are gunna work?  ***

Alright, I might just roll over for another hour or so... no rush to get outta bed today.


12 noon.
I've got two tree layouts completed.
Dante and Archer have been very helpful.
No painting done... yet.

Moved some stuff instead.

The men are on their way home with a little surprise. 

I'm starving.

Gotta take a pill then wait an hour... rather annoying. 

It was damn FREEZING this morning... and while it's still cloudy and ikk outside, it's not so cold now. So I can stop bitching about it. 

ABOVE:  Last night's home made beef 'n' bacon burgers.  Too yum!

It's now 1.35 pm, and the guys arrived home about half an hour ago.  They went up to Auckland... and brought back Griffin.
He's moved home ... this time for good.
Well... until he can get a job and then move out again.
Only next time under better circumstances.

Last time was not ideal, and his living arrangements since moving out have been very haphazard to say the least.

We are all (the three of us), now going out to look at, and probably buy a new treadmill.

And.... here's the trouble with not jumping when you can.  The treadmill we were interested in buying is now sold out.  So we will have to pre-order the new model, which is due in the country in October sometime.
Slightly disappointed, but there's no getting around it.

At least if we pre-order now (well on Monday), the price will stay the same as the sold out model.

After fluffing around we stopped in at KFC for a very late lunch.  (3 pm!)
Now home, and just relaxing for a while.

Stew does have a little job to do...

ABOVE:  This morning, instead of painting, I moved the painting 'area' to the other side of the garage...

ABOVE:  That way my back is not to the studio, so I can see if someone enters my little shop.
Stew just needs to put my shelf back above the table and I'm ready to go again.

SPARKLING:  It is strange to see a cat on here eh?  lol

11.15 pm:  And we have had a lovely evening.  Steve and Bex brought dinner for everyone, they arrived with a huge amount of Pizzas!
Then we all just chilled out for a while until it was time for the little boys to be taken home to bed.
Strange having a hulking big teenage boy in the house again ... but very happy he's home.

😂😄😆  how's that one Sparkling?   


  1. It's nice for both Bex and the boys for you to be able to look after them. I remember my mother dragging me to things like fabric shops when I was a young child and it was SO BORING... back in the day when there was nothing other than the pattern books to flick through to keep you occupied. There were no devices back when I was a kid. The boys will have so much more fun at your place than getting dragged to see crafty stuff!

  2. That show looks perfect for Bec, enjoy having your assistants over. Hope the antibiotics have kicked in.

  3. Kiwionholidays12:36 PM

    Sounds like a different day in lotsa ways, love those days and sharing time with the wee guys ,, so neat,,
    Gotta love them all cos they sure keep us young n fit yeah.?

    Hope you get some sales at the wee shop ,,it looks so cute,,

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Fibertron was amazing but I couldnt decide what to buy as there was so much wool and fiber. It will now be a annual event for me. ❤💙 and I only bought 1 thing I cant even believe it but
    i smooshed alot of yarn 😅

    1. Smooshing yarn is mandatory at these events! Love the smell and squishiness of yarn. And the colours. And the feel. But not the price!!! But I have also learned that buying cheap yarn is a waste of time and money because the important projects need the respect of good yarn for all the effort we put into them. Can't wait to see what you're making.

    2. We drove up from Hawkes Bay today. We had a great day and I got a few skeins of yarn. I love yarn! Especially indie dyed

    3. Yes I love indie dyed yarns aswell I have a little stash of it. My problem is I never know what to make with it 😄

  5. Hey, Welcome back Griffin! Can't wait to see your next pour painting. Might you do a video? OH - I hunted down an episode of that show! OMG! Can you have that stuff on your regular tv ? As in not some special naughty pay channel! I have no idea why Americans are so prudish about nudity - but that show was over the top INSANE! I mean ZERO getting to know each other. hahahahahaha\

  6. Enjoy treadmill shopping. I could do with one here as we can't go out without a face mask and I had to have the test yesterday cos I have a sniffle and sore throat so can't leave the house regardless until my results come back.
    And I have been meaning to say I love the sneaky cats on your nite nite sign offs!!

  7. I like to think you're thinking of me when you post a cat!! Cos if you don't love cats you must love me!!
    One day when all this craziness is over I WILL get across the ditch. I have no desire to travel anywhere in the world other than NZ. And you are top on my list.

  8. In my experience, antibiotics kick in QUICK! After a couple of doses - I hope you are feeling better.


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