Thursday, July 30, 2020



Last night, just as we were about to head out to dinner... Stew calls out from the garage "Darling, come here"!

I'm like, what's wrong?  I imagined one of the dogs might have shat in the garage... but no.

Someone (most likely me) had inadvertently turned off the freezer, and ALL OUR MEAT was defrosted.
Like two weeks worth of meat.  All still cool, but definitely defrosted.

So, I very quickly jammed all the sausages in a huge pot and got Brylee to cook them all while we were out to dinner.

ABOVE: All cooked, ready to get put in containers and back in the freezer.

ABOVE:  Done, ready to be chucked back in the freezer.

The rest of the meat went into the fridge, to be cooked up today.

So, guess what I'm doing all day?


I've got three pork bellies to cook, several dozen chicken drumsticks, lamb chops, a beef roast, a bacon hock and god knows what else!

Amanda and Bex are coming over first thing with crock pots, so I can get stuff cooking!

Once everything is cooked I can then re-freeze it all.  And not have to cook dinner for quite a while!

Well... I will, but at least the meat part will just need to be defrosted and reheated.

What a bloody pain in the arse!


10.15 am:

Kelly arrived at 8.30 with the first crock pot.... 

ABOVE: Then these three arrived en masse with more!

By then I had two lots of meat cooking in the oven, and two crock pots on.

ABOVE: And there ya go.  It's 'Crock Pot Central' here!

3.16 pm:  My house smells.  I don't think it smells great either.  Cooking meat?  Not my cuppa tea.  But at least all the meat has been saved.

I don't even know what we will choose to have for dinner tonight.  lol
Amanda and Joel will be here as well.  Talk of the devil, they arrived just as I was typing that!

Me Mum is in hospital again, awaiting an MRI or CAT scan.  She's got unexplained pains in her tummy, hips, leg etc.  Talk about a drama queen!
But in all seriousness, I hope she's sorted out quickly and can get outta hospital and home safe again.

9.27 pm:  And it's been a busy evening.  We had Amanda and Joel here for dinner, we ended up having Pea and Bacon Hock soup, with Pita bread.  It was really nice.
Then Steve, Bex and the boys arrived for a quick visit too.
So the house has been buzzing ALL DAY.
Loved it really.

But now, it's time to just sit and watch TV till bed time.


  1. What a shame about your freezer. At least your dinners will be easier to prepare. I love your paintings.

  2. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Why don't you claim on your contents insurance? It would be covered.

    1. I was not going to waste all that meat... cooking it all up today was a much better option. Plus, our insurance excess would have made that pointless.

  3. That’s a problem I will never have, I am vegetarian, can’t eat meat anymore

  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    #Lacy 💙

  5. Bugger. A hint going forward - put tape over the freezer power switch so you can't turn it off by mistake. I have done this at the beach house in case some knob turns it off when they leave. Happy cooking :)

  6. You might enjoy having vast quantities of meat ready to go. So you may do massive meat cooks in the future! Sounds rather handy!

  7. Very smart solution :-).

  8. I know I shouldn't but I did have a bit of a giggle. Love your quick thinking to cook it all and refreeze. I think I would have thrown my apron over my head and run around in circles squawking.

  9. What a disaster, but sounds like you are turning it to your advantage. I imagine your house was smelling divine this morning, with all that meat cooking!

  10. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Oh dear! I am loving the cavalry & crockpot central!!

  11. Kiwionholidays2:43 PM

    Fab team Harvey effort

    Loving it 🌹

    Cheers 🥂

  12. I hope your Mum is OK... lovely to see the family getting together, so nice when everyone gets on!

  13. Hope they get to the bottom of your mum's problems quickly and she can get home again. Sending her quarantined hugs from Melbourne!

  14. Hope ya mum gets sorted soon xxx

  15. Oh no! I hope your Mum gets out and on the mend!

    Very cool that all the gals showed up with crock pots for you!

    Is there an Onion update? hahaha

    1. LOL... I used the onion in most of the meat dishes.

  16. Talk about crock pots en masses! Thank goodness for your girls so close by. Still a hassle darn it. Wish I was close by to help you eat it all lol
    Bacon hock, real sausages, foreign food!!! Yum

  17. Disaster averted! OMG what a pain. Glad you were able to save it all. That is certainly quite alot of crock pots. Phew you deserve a break. Hope mom is OK. Take care.


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