Monday, July 20, 2020


I'm still buzzing with how well yesterday's family gathering went... such a success!

We are going to have another family gathering next month, this time it will be a 'Dessert Night', where we will all bring a dessert to the table.  
It is bound to be fun.  And totally unhealthy!  😊😋

ABOVE: This fence and gate were already here when we moved in.  We thought of removing it, as it didn't really serve any purpose for us.
Until yesterday.
We closed the gate, and it kept the younger kids from going around the back.  Perfect!  No kids getting into the sheds or going around to the dog's run and getting dog poo on their feet.
I think we will keep it.  *smiles*

Last night I took Zack home to Cambridge just on dusk.  Brylee and I decided to drive by our old Cambridge home on our way back to Hamilton.
It's still naked and bare looking.  Nothing like how we had it.
Two doors down is an empty section, which had never flooded when we lived there:

ABOVE:  After the rain we've had over the past week... it's now a pond!  Ducks and Pukekos are loving it.

Driving home... coming down the main arterial road near our home... felt so good.  I love living where we do.  Really, really do.  So happy here.

I'm getting picked up this morning by Amanda. We are going shopping together.  Probably just window shopping, but that's still fun.

School starts again today for the kids.  Dante and Archer start at their new school... I hope they have a good day/week.  At least they will know someone at the new school.
A family friend teaches there, and will be Dante's teacher.  Dante will have to learn NOT to call him Uncle Sam!  lo
And Sam's two children also go to the school, so the boys will be able to play with them.

Any problems and Bex is literally only 5 minutes walk away. 😊


12 noon, and we are back from shopping.
Amanda picked Brylee and I up, and off we went.
I got some vacum space saver bags for the blankets in the linen cupboard.  I can't fit them all in, so frustrating.

Amanda bought her first ever piece of Britto!
She got Huey, Dewey and Louie in a Totem pole type position.  I already have it.

While I was in the bank... that sneaky tart went back and got me this:

ABOVE:  Shopping Minnie!!!  SO ME!  I'm a bit spoiled.  Isn't she just gorgeous.

While we were at The Base, we visited Farmers.  And there was this man in there carrying around some weird sort of funnel/pole thing.  We watched him putting it up to the sprinklers.  A woman who worked there said he was 'just testing' the sprinklers.

YEAH RIGHT.  He set of the fire alarm for the entire mall!  I looked at him and told him off, and he put his finger up to his chin and just smiled.

So everyone had to evacuate the building.  LIKE EVERYONE.  Derrr.

I got really hot out shopping, so got home and stripped off me thermal top. Now?  Cold.

OMG OMG... guess what is happening tomorrow????
Our new garage door is arriving.  I'm like... SO HAPPY about that.  I friggin HATE our tilt a door.  HATE IT.  With a passion.

Dinner tonight was chicken, potato salad (I made it) and hot  bread rolls with garlic butter.  It was really nice.  
I'm now stuffed.
And we have to go into the garage and get it ready for tomorrow.  Which means moving some stuff to the very end of the garage so the guys have room to work in there tomorrow.
I've already moved the smaller stuff... so it shouldn't take us long tonight.

We will then just relax for the remainder of the evening.  


  1. I am so thrilled for you that you had a great family gathering. It's so nice to have everyone come together for both you & Stew! Bring on dessert night!! 💕

  2. Haha yes I'll be walking not driving unless its raining maby. Have a lovely day out shopping. I will be enjoying a nice quiet house today 🥰

    1. Hope the boys have a great first day at school Bex and you enjoy your at home day.

  3. OMG - I am so jealous of such simple things. Like a family gathering, and not panicking about going back to school. My Country (USA) is having 70,000 cases a day. And about 1,000 deaths a day. And adults throw temper tantrums at stores that ask them to wear a mask. We are even throwing Covid parties - to try to get infected. Two people (at least) have died after attending such parties. Don't let any Americans in to your country. I am glad you are loving your home. It sounds like heaven!

  4. I have a girlfriend who has five kids, a pile of grand kids and many great grandkids, she is approaching 80.

    For as long as I can remember, they get together once a month and celebrate all the birthdays from that month in one go. I think the birthday people pick the menu for that get together.

    They usually divide up and play cards or board games later after the meal.

    They do the same thing for holidays, but not ON the holiday. So they have an Easter get together, but not on Easter weekend, etc. On the holiday months, they do the holiday and the birthdays together.

  5. How lovly to have a shopping day with Amanda enjoy

  6. I am so happy your day went well yesterday, may there be many many more just like it.

  7. Glad the sprinklers didn't go off at the mall! What was the guy doing? Was it an accident or was he being naughty? Oh - LOVE the Shopping Minnie! It is soooo You!

  8. Love Shopping Minnie! She is too cute! How sweet of Amanda to get that for you. Glad you had a nice morning out with your girls.

  9. Sounds as though you had a fantastic weekend. Glad to hear it went so well.


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