Monday, October 13, 2014


So... I got a grooming kit for the dogs yesterday.  Steve decided to try it out first... 

ABOVE:  It worked.

ABOVE:  I did Coco first, as she's the WORST to do... it's by no means a good groom.  I've left places that need trimming some more, and her legs and paws!  OMG I've got a lot to learn there.  It will help when Coco stops fighting me!

I decided to just hold the trimmer up beside Tallulah while it was going, to get her used to the noise if nothing else.  Kinda like conditioning her to the idea of being groomed.
I even brushed her a bit.

She didn't mind AT ALL... so I ran it over her coat... and I managed to groom most of her body without her going nuts on me!
She even let me trim around her eyes with the scissors again without squirming and fighting to get away!

I'm thrilled with her.

ABOVE:  I didn't try to do her legs or paws... that can be for another day.
But she looks good!  I'm calling her 'boof head' right now, cos her head is so fluffy!  She's growing like a weed.

ABOVE X's 2:  Russell with Tallulah last night.  Bex in the background trying not to be in the shot.  lol

Right, I better get off and start the day.  I've got Hospice shop duty this afternoon among other things.

I also plan on finishing an apron I'm making... a plastic one for wearing when I'm grooming the dogs, so I don't end up completely covered in dog hair.  It's itchy.


Well... a good morning. We went out and got a few groceries, and some things to make a lead to hold the dogs while I groom them.  
I will make it later and show you when I groom Teddy... which won't be till tomorrow at the earliest.

CHRISTINE:  I did try incorporating dog hair into felt, but it didn't work.  Dog hair does not matt and shrink like wool.

Time to get ready for Hospice Duty... catch ya later.

Much later.... and well, the afternoon didn't quite go as planned.
I got to the shop, served a few customers, had a browse around myself... then threw up!
More happened in the bathroom... ikkkk.  
So, I came home early and spent the afternoon on the couch dozing on and off.

I really should have known better than to go.  I'd not been feeling well all morning, but I didn't think I'd be sick.  *sigh*

It's been one thing after another with me lately, I had have a right shit winter.

Bring on summer and hopefully no more sickness and so on.

 ABOVE:  I moved Tallulah into the laundry (for sleeping) and put up the board.  Next thing... she's out!  Little shit is an escape artist.  *sigh*
So now I have to close the door on her.

ABOVE:  only treasure for the day, cos I wasn't there long enough to find more!  Very pretty bowl, it's only glass, but still pretty.  I can see summer fruit salad in it, can't you?

End of Day:  couldn't come sooner, I'm feeling ikkky and so, so tired.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Chris I fought u were collecting the dog hair? I remember reading it somewhere on ur blog.
    Christine Whet, uk

  2. I swear by Rescue Remedy for calming animals. You could try some on Coco. It works for animals as well as people!

  3. Oh dear lord that's a visual I didn't need haha! Coco looks good and Tallulah well she is clever like that.

  4. Hope you are feeling much better now.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. And what a cutie Tallulah is:-)

  6. i was wondering if my trimmers are powerful enough for the dog. i had some medium duty pet trimmers that choked on the first inch. the hair stopped the trimmers almost instantly.
    my Caps key is intermittent.

  7. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Russell has a rotten tooth. Needs to have that looked at real soon.
    Joan Fuller-Christi, Boise, ID

  8. ick throwing up is never fun :(

    That puppy is adorable!


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