Saturday, October 18, 2014


Today we start taking stuff over to our new Storage Unit in Botany.

As it is supposed to be a miserable, wet weekend, I doubt we will be moving any of the 'larger' items on a trailer, instead we will most likely just take over all the smaller items.

Getting anything out of here is better than nothing though!  I just want all the clutter gone, gone, gone.

Totally over having to haul a dozen things out of the store room under the house to find one thing, or from under the stairs etc.  

I expect we will get quite a bit done though, so I'll be happy.

I got a bit of sewing done last night, following on from doing some at class yesterday.

I got to the point where I could lay out a few bits to get an idea of how it will look:

ABOVE:  I'm getting quite excited with how it's coming out now.  I've still got a long way to go on it... but I shall be working on it exclusively now until it's finished.  

Those pinwheel blocks are getting easier and easier to get right now too... it just takes some time to get those freakin' points right!

I've considered them a personal challenge, and I like a challenge!  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to start finding stuff to shove in the car and take to the storage unit...


Bit of  a mad rush on here... the bad weather is holding off so Stew has gone to get a trailer so we CAN move the bigger stuff today... Yaaaa!

ABOVE: We were incredibly lucky and the wet weather held off just long enough for us to load up the cars and trailer and get under cover at the storage facility!

ABOVE:  Our unit is 3 m X 1.5 m X that high!  We have masses of room left!  I can't imagine we will ever full that space.

It's lunchtime, and Stew's gone down the road to get something from the Hot Bread Shop, then he's going to load the trailer with garden rubbish and take it to the dump. 
That will cost about $50, which is a darn sight cheaper than the $250 the guys touting for business told us they would charge us "Cheap as man"... pfffft!  AS IF.

I can't believe how much we have achieved today.  All the clutter is gone.  All the dead and overgrown plants are gone.   One of our neighbours saw Stew putting masses of agaves in the trailer for the dump and asked for them, so they scored some good plants for free.  Gotta be called an EXCELLENT DAY.

I have moved quite a lot in the lounge and family/dining room too... photos tomorrow.

I'm knackered.
Stew is knackered.
Bex and Dante are asleep.
Steve is home from work and relaxing.
Brylee and Griffin are somewhere around.

All is good.

ABOVE:  And... down came the rain!  We sure dodged that lot this morning, so lucky.

SPARKLING:  That ain't a cow!  It's our pig WEATHER VANE!  It only looks like it's on the neighbour's roof.  lol

After dinner I went downstairs and did some sewing.  Stew called out a bit later on and asked me if I was ready to come up, as it was after midnight?

WTF?  How did over 4 hours go by so fast?  WOW.  I didn't even think I'd been down there for an hour.  

So, it's bedtime I suppose.  Catch ya tomorrow!

End of Day:  an awesome, productive day.  Very happy.
nite nite


  1. Wow! That is amazing! I love the way the pinwheel blocks pick up the motif in the banner the blackbird is carrying. Impressive, Chris!

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I thought there was a dog restriction in Australia? How comes you've got 3?
    Love Lynda Allen uk

    1. New zealand is NOT Australia.

    2. And breeders can keep more than two dogs in Australia!

  3. Glad you beat the weather and got your stuff stowed!

  4. PS, I loved your comment on my jump rope post!
    I'd take a guess, but this is a family oriented blog!

  5. Love those sewing blocks patterns, rain held off here until just now that's a pretty big storage uniypt wow.

  6. Loving the wallhanging. Great choice to use pinwheel blocks-they look great and really lift the panel.

  7. Why is there a cow on the roof of the house next door?

  8. Why don't you have a garage sale instead?

  9. Cos we don't want to get rid of anything else! That stuff is only cluttering up the house cos Steve and Bex are living here, and have the use of the master bedroom and so on. Once they move on we shall have more room.

    1. Aaaghhhhh ok. Good idea to put it in storage then :)

  10. Ohhh I hope that Steve and Bex are able to move soon. That's a lot of work! I am looking forward to seeing your pics. :)


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