Monday, October 27, 2014



Take all my cooking books over to our storage unit, cos I've got nowhere to put them right now.

And... buy a big candle for the 'what's it' I got from the Hospice shop a while ago.

ABOVE:  The 'what's it'... well... I don't know what to call it!   And I'm not sure what colour candle to get either.  *sigh*

I suppose if that's all I've got to wonder about I'm lucky.

Just remembered, my Uncle Frank gave us some advice, to try and get a fruit tree or two to actually GROW in our back yard.  Our soil is solid clay, so we need to dig HUGE holes, put heaps of compost in and then the fruit tree.
I'd love to get Stew onto digging a hole for a lemon tree.

I can't keep knicking the neighbour's lemons!
If it works, I might acutally think about spending more money on fruit trees.  Our last lot of trees died.  Such a waste of money.

Right, that's about all I have to yabber on about today... for now.


Success!  Third shop we visited in the Apex Mega Centre (Freedom) and we found the perfect 'candle' for my what's it.

ABOVE:  it's not even a 'real' candle!  It's a plastic fantastic, battery operated flickering fake candle!
Perfect.  No safety issues with this one.  And it fits almost perfectly too.

Now we are off to Kings Plant Centre in Takanini for a lemon tree and compost.  Then lunch at Manukau mall I think.

 ABOVE:  our 3rd lemon tree!  Hopefully we keep this one alive!
As advised by the Garden Centre, I've cut off the lemons so the tree grows bigger before producing fruit.  
At least we know it does grow fruit already.

ABOVE:  Poor Stew!  At least I kept him company, wrapped up in a blankie!  It was bloody cold out there.

 ABOVE:  Fingers crossed we actually get more than ONE grape this year!

 ABOVE:  Tallulah in the rhubarb patch, cute little girl.

ABOVE:  We now have 1 lemon, 2 feijoas and one other citrus, not sure what it is?  Our two plum trees died, as did the tangelo and 2 Tree Tomatoes.  *sigh*
There is also the two grape vines, one of which is doing really well, and the other is struggling.

I'm thinking of trying to grow passion fruit vine along that back fence now.

Tomorrow I'm going to price half round concrete surrounds for the fruit trees, and see how much a passion fruit vine is too.

LEIGH:  thanks for that.  I will not get concrete surrounds then!

End of Day:  well... we had nothing to do, but managed to fill in the day nicely after all that.
nite nite


  1. We are on clay too and I have a HUGE lemon tree and LOTs of fruit trees. The secret is gypsum and fertiliser. gypsum to allow the plant roots to penetrate the soil and fert to alter the ph of the clay :)

  2. Lemons do ok in a big pot, as long as you keep it well fed, pruned and watered. A really big pot, like a half barrel for instance. Good luck, every home needs a lemon tree!

  3. Gypsum is what I was trying to think of this morning to break up clay soil.

    Our lemon did no good what so ever in a pot, but since putting in the garden it has improved. A sprinkle of Potash every so often helps too.

  4. Leigh7:12 PM

    Lemon trees hate concrete, lime leechs from it and with kill or retard the lemon tree, so don't put a concrete surround on it, or other close trees.

  5. we have a very established lemon and orange tree in our backyard. We had an enormous mango tree as well which we loved (even tho the bats ate alllll the fruit) but it turned up it's roots about a year ago. Just went brown and died all of a sudden. It was very sad, but now I've learned that they do have an expiry date and apparently it was quite old.... :( Good luck with your trees, fresh, organic fruit is the best xxx

  6. We tried to grow a few lemon trees on the farm. Lots of clay and no luck but finally succeeded when we planted one in a old wine barrel. I've moved the tree with me and it is full of lemons:-) Since then I've got a lime tree growing well also in a barrel. Then I tried to plant another lemon tree in the ground, it's looking really sad and I don't think it will last. Best of luck with yours and if they fail maybe try a wine barrel.

  7. Nice trees and yes agree with all the above, yeah we were cold here and late this arvo the rain came. Rainbow here for the week me thinks.

  8. You sound pretty busy for someone with nothing to do!


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