Saturday, October 25, 2014


While I was sewing last night, I got a text message from Steve.

Steve was up in the Family room I might add.  He sent me a photo of Tallulah.

I went upstairs and took my own photo, so I could show you:

 ABOVE:  Darling little Tallulah on Dante's little couch.  How cute is she?  She's even got her own toys there with her.  I'm sure if Dante was around he would have moved her off pretty quick!

 ABOVE:  She's so comfy there, it's tempting to go and get her a bed of her own.  It cracks me up when I get a photo with Patrick in it... he's such a laugh, photo bombing !

ABOVE: dinner time last night, and who rocks up?  Russell.  He was just in time for dinner.  Then he had a quick run on our treadmill before settling down for the night.  He's up for just the day, looking for a new car and hopefully to see his son Joshua too.

Right, I'm now going to get some washing on then sit down and start hand stitching the binding on that Wall Hanging.  That's going to take a couple of hours at !   I can watch, (or at least listen), to a few programmes taped on the tv.


So, it looks like Russell has found a new car, a Holden.   He's coming back up tomorrow to get it apparently.

I've started the hand stitching of the wall hanging and have done about a quarter of it already.

Now though, we are about to go out for lunch, and a look around Botany.  I want to show Stew the shop I've found Britto at.  There aren't many around! 

A nice shopping expedition/lunch.  We visited that shop in botany, and found one that was just opening today too.

I got a cute little anchor for the wall, and from another shop, some more flowers for the house.

ABOVE:  Pretty new flowers and anchor.  Dante seemed to think they were his, and we had a bit of an argument about it.  I won.

 ABOVE:  a very pretty corner now.

On our way home, I got a photo message from Bex:  
ABOVE:  *sigh*... only this son would do that!

End of Day:  well.. I got the wall hanging finished!  Now I just have to post it off to Judith.
Yaaaa.  On to the next project... which is a UFO.
nite nite


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    1. I removed the post saying I couldn't see your photo because as soon as I posted it miraculously the pics arrived!!!!
      Have a good weekend

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend day. I'lll be glad when my weekend starts, an hour from now.

  3. Fun to read about the progress of the wall hanging! :) I hope you got my email yesterday?

  4. Tallulah looks so impy how cute is she.... I have been up at annual labour weekend Moto X doing gate duty today and tomorrow. So that's me Monday will be relax day for sure....

  5. It is nice to see Russell seems to be sorting himself out. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

  6. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Oh my...... ! Never a dull moment with Steve around.


  7. I hope you got the picture with the star already on it lol.

    1. No I didn't ! I put that star there.


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