Tuesday, October 07, 2014


The whole country is freezing!  Talk about a late winter blast.

And to make matters worse, we can't even go to our favourite mall as the power has been out there for the last two days!  I think the power company is hoping to get the power back on there and in the surrounding suburbs today?

Because of the weather, we have been staying home and trying to just keep warm and keep the kids amused.  It's easy with the 'big' kids, they have their electronic games, X Box etc.

Keera and Dante are not too bad either... having each other to play with has been a novelty for them both.  I do think they have missed each other, and are really enjoying playing together.

I'm finding it too darn cold to be sewing in the garage, so I've put it all on hold for now.
I'm not prepared to sew while being freezing!

ABOVE:  Kisses for Uncle Steve, awww.

ABOVE: all settled in on the couch for a couple of hours last night.  Stew and all 3 dogs.  Tallulah can't actually climb on top of Stew YET, neither Teddy or Coco will let her!

Coco even growled her when she tried it!  Poor puppy.  She is well settled in ... no more hysterical screaming or crying... she even sleeps on her own in the lounge now!

I expect she will be able to sleep with Teddy and Coco in the laundry eventually.

Right, I'm off to see what's the haps for today.  Maybe Stew has an idea or two?  I know I don't!  I just want to keep warm.


So, the weather has done a 380 and now it's sunshine all over!  Typical spring type weather.
Bex has gone out with a girlfriend this morning.  So, I'm thinking we might go out somewhere too.... just don't know where?

As today looks like being the only fine one for the next few days, we are taking this chance to take Keera to the Zoo.  So... catch ya later!

The Zoo.  Weather was wonderful.
Sometimes too hot even!

I'm not going to lie:

Animals:  of the (lets say) 100 animals there, we saw maybe 40.  Of those 40, 20 of them were asleep or partially hidden.  The remaining 20 were either just standing or lying in their enclosures.  NONE were active or engaging or remotely interesting for us or Keera to look at.

The highlight of our visit there was the potato chips.... I can't say 'hot chips' cos they were not hot.

So, a really disappointing visit.  And not something we will be doing again in a hurry, we can think of many other ways to spend that sort of money and get more enjoyment out of it!

I did take some photos:

 ABOVE: Giraffe's, standing around doing NOTHING.

ABOVE: Lions... sleeping. I was mildly amused by how that lion had it's hind leg up.  Mildly.

 ABOVE: one sad, lonely elephant.

ABOVE:  Sleeping Sumatran Tigers.  

 ABOVE:  The one rhino on show.  The other two were in their enclosures, not on show.  So, no fighting over their poo piles... which I once saw years ago and found hysterical.

ABOVE:  Highlight!  Chips.

ABOVE:  A mum and her three little girls, all dressed in the same tops.  So cute.  

So, there ya go.  Could have been better, but it wasn't.   It was NICE to get out for a few hours I suppose, Keera loves going out!  She had fun running around on the grass at the zoo and chasing another little girl too.

She's now having a nap.  And I was going to cook Pork Belly, but looking at the time.. WHOOPS!  No time, dinner would end up being after 9 pm.  So, we shall have corn fritters instead.  Yummo. 

End of Day:  well me corn fritters went down a treat!  Even the littlies ate them ... albeit a bit reluctantly... lol.
Sprinkles of grated cheese helped.

Watched some mindless TV after dinner... and now it's bedtime.
nite nite


  1. Warming up is inevitable

  2. It is warm and sunny here in the Hawkes Bay :)

  3. Same here but supposed to be rain and wind again later

  4. Those puppies of yours are so darn cute :-) I think we are getting your spring weather here ...even though it's supposed to be Autumn. Am rather looking forward to the cooler weather !!! Enjoy your trip to the zoo :-)

  5. Sylvia Park opened up this morning and it was lovely and quiet first thing but by the time we left the car park was chocka. Nice day for the zoo but a bit windy. ..getting all my holiday washing done! !

  6. Yes big fat sunshine down here too was nice, me catching up on washing boring but necessary.

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Hope Keera had fun, we went and chased the sheep and lambs the other day (well Keera chased them) I toke a video of that will have to send it to your email.
    And would love some nice pics of Keera at the zoo sent to my email pretty please :-)

  8. The zoo is best on cooler days because a lot of the animals are more active. Also the earlier the better. Sounds like the kids all had a ball so that is the main thing :-)

  9. The animals were probably hot too I'm guessing! The last few times I've went to the Oakland Zoo the lions are no where to be seen. They have this really nice enclosure all nature like so I guess they hide well lol


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