Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Once the kids have left for school, I'm off to find us a passion fruit vine.
I had planned to get a few concrete surrounds for the fruit trees too, but Leigh said lemon trees don't like concrete.

Hmmm... that is probably what killed our first one then!

So... I might look at other options, like wooden surrounds ... if anyone makes them?  We used to have railway sleepers as garden surrounds in a few of our previous homes, so maybe we can do that here?

Worth looking at.

Also this morning, I shall post that wall hanging off to it's owner, Judith.  Hopefully I can find her address!  *smiles*   If not, Judith I will let you know and you can email me it again!

Last on my morning list of 'To do's' is to get me chin waxed!
Yep... I'm growing a few chin hairs.  Most disgusting, but it comes with the territory... MENOPAUSE.  Fark I hate it!
Women sure get the short straw when it comes to bodily woes.  
I would like to come back as a bloke thanks.

ABOVE:  just a little video of Dante playing with the train set I got from the Hospice shop last week.

Time to go.... catch ya later.


edited out certain subject.

Deep breath.
I bought two passion fruit vines from Mitre 10.  They didn't have much in the way of plant surrounds either, so I didn't get anything.
I also didn't get me chin waxed... ya needed to know that eh?
I kinda ran outta steam after visting three places for garden edging.

Maybe another day.

I'm not showing the vines.  They look like... two little vines in plastic bags!  lol

ABOVE:  I just shaved Griffin's head.  Like shearing a sheep.  He likes it, so that's good.

Now Brylee (ha ha!) wants a haircut too..... DARE I?

edited out.

It's been a quiet evening, just spent 1.5 hours cooking enough corn fritters for everyone, then watched TV.  Chillin'.
Trying not to make any waves.  Ate chocolates that my neighbour gave me for making her a Lemon Meringue pie!  

End of Day: another day in the life.... 
nite nite


  1. Our neighbor has passion fruit vines growing. Watch out for wild chickens! They will steal them!

  2. Mitre 10 had passionfruit plants last week Chris.

  3. I'm with you about coming back as a guy - that is definitely on my wish list when I kark it !!!!!

  4. Train set is a bargain!! Dante (and Daddy) are going to have hours of fun playing with that. :-)

  5. Rhonda5:12 PM

    Do you think its a cry for help from Brylee? Not suggesting anything at all here. I know you have heaps of experience raising children but sometimes its not a one size fits all. Must be a whole lot of stuff going around in her head. It just scares me these days when kids go the extra mile to make a point and sometimes there is no point of return.

    1. Rhonda6:42 PM

      Gees I don't envy you one little bit Chris, Cheers

    2. I have deleted my reply as it gives too much away to anyone reading this who shouldn't be reading it.

  6. Griffin is looking more and more handsome' I do hope your fruit trees behave somewhat. What a neat train set for Dante.

  7. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I just belly laugh when people say how hard the terrible two's are Jo

    1. God damn, give me a room full of 2 year olds any day!

  8. Anonymous9:00 PM

    A lot of what you've written bout Brylee runs true with myself a lot of similarities with my daughter. All I ask is how do you cope, I have been to the point of wanting to hit her but because we cant I have resorted to breaking her ph, taken all her electronics, everything even her posters as I am my wits end with her. She too has counselling sessions but its not all what its cracked up to be, they believe everything that comes out of there mouths. Bull effin crap if you ask me.

  9. Ahh the joys of teenage drama queens :-). Hopefully she will grow out of it. Maybe a bit of one on one time with her just the 2 of you going shopping or something. It is a difficult line to not pander to her drama but to show her that despite not liking her behaviour you still love her.

  10. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Chris, just a thought.....and this is NOT meant to be finger pointing but do you think B takes after her maternal mum? I know you do a super job bringing her up but sometimes these kids just inherit their parents genes. Personally, I think you are way too cool with her and she really needs a taste of her own medicine!! Telling on the school councilor is NOT acceptable and she needs to know that. Perhaps Stew can get involved here by giving some advice. I am not suggesting that he doesn't do his bit though. B needs to know who is boss in that house and that once she has her own house she can 'play commander' if she wishes.

  11. Kids are so much fun, aren't they?


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