Thursday, October 23, 2014


At the school Brylee goes to, I can check her daily/class attendance on my computer.
She has missed lessons due to visiting the Councillor twice already this term.  
This is doing my head in.  Half the time it's someone else's drama that she's got herself involved in, and half the time it's drama she has created herself.

So, I'm going to try and get an appointment to see said Councillor today, to try and STOP Brylee being able to feed off her own drama, and lap up all the attention.

I'm bloody sick of it.

Teenagers.  Fuck they do my head in.  God help Griffin if he ever causes me this much crap.

It Wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't already raised 6 kids, been there, done that sort of shit.  *sigh*

I bet every parent who cradles their newborn in their arms never dreams of what's to come!

Nope, ya only think of having that cute, adorable baby.  

Guess what?  They don't stay like that.  Sadly.

OK... rant over.  I hope I can get to see this person today, while I'm all hot and crabby.  NOT crabby at this person btw, more at our drama queen Brylee.

In the meantime, I will be sewing.  Or blog reading.  One or the other is getting done today.


Well... I let my fingers do the 'walking' and rang the school.  Talked to the head of Brylee's House, he's a lovely chap.  We have talked often in fact.

He's on to it ... and is putting in place a plan to stop Brylee from going to the Guidance Councillor UNLESS it's actually important.

He's well aware of what she's been up to, causing problems in her new class it would appear.  He's not happy with her either. 

I wish we had other options for her schooling, but I fear all this shit would happen no matter where we sent her.

So, I'm still in me pj's... so I better go and get dressed and do something constructive.

I just bathed Teddy, in readiness for grooming him ... probably after lunch.  I smell of dog now.  Nice.  At least I'm not going out anywhere!

Off to do a bit of sewing now...

Got lots done this afternoon in the sewing room!  so happy.
The sun is still shining on the patio, so grooming Teddy is still to happen.

ABOVE:  Fatty boom baah before his groom.  All clean and fluffy.  And indignant that I blow dried him!  hee hee

ABOVE:  Groomed.  Not an excellent job, but good enough.  At least I haven't paid someone $70 to do a shit job, I did a shit job myself!  LOL... it's not very good I must admit.  But, I will get better at it I'm sure.

End of Day:  utterly shagged my back grooming the dog... and sewing for a few hours today too.
I keep meaning to work on some core exercises, to hopefully help me back, but I always find something else to do!
Typical procrastinator.
nite nite


  1. My daughter is going through that with her teens. Makes me glad that I'm past all that. Hang in are a hero for being there for those kids :-)

  2. Sio used to see her school councellor and it just happened to be at the same time as her math class. In the end I told them she is not to have any time off maths. Most of hers were then before school or at lunchtime.

  3. Good luck with getting it resolved - children are hard and when you are doing it for the umpteenth time - it doesn't get any easier !!! Take care xox

  4. Ahhh Teenagers you have had your fair share and then some. I don't envy you one bit. Samuel for his part has been very good no complaints. But it could have easily gone pear shaped.

  5. You're in rare form today!

  6. He looks pretty good! It will grow out before you know it anyways lol. I need to cut Snookie's nails but she won't hold still for me. I have to get Scott to hold her I think.

    I'm so sick of kids and school. Trevor's failing READING because he didn't do one assignment and apparently doesn't read his HUGE book he picked out fast enough to please the requirements.


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