Sunday, October 05, 2014


As it's freezing cold, and there is nothing on the agenda for today.. I'm having a sleep in.

Got up early to feed puppy and give her a run around, then back to bed.

So... until I get up again... catch ya later, and I hope you all have a warmer day than here.

How about you tell me what YOU are doing today?  Cos I'm not doing zip... except keeping warm and sewing later on.


Well.... scrap all that. Seems we are going to Tauranga to get Keera today.  Wasn't the plan... but oh well.   Luckily I'm feeling much better. 

I just hope keera is sleeping through the night now or I'm gunna be pissed off rather fast.  I've only had two nights in the past two months where I've actually slept all night.

Today.  Well it's a long trip over to Tauranga.  Traffic on the way there was OK, but heavy on the way back.  VERY heavy.

We picked up Miss Muppett, had lunch at Bayfair mall (totally boring mall I must say), then after a quick drive around the Mount we headed home.

We did stop at Te Puna to look at the fabric shop, but I really wasn't in the mood for fabric shopping.   

So, didn't get a thing!  Home to dinner waiting ... Steve cooked us a lovely dinner of Chicken Schnitzel and veges.
Keera traveled well, and was happy to see her cousin Dante again.

He wasn't too keen on her to begin with.


 ABOVE: Warming up to each other.

 ABOVE: typical girl, got the boy trapped in the corner, giving him a lecture... with the finger for emphasis.

ABOVE:  having a conversation at the kids table.  Too cute.

Fingers crossed she goes to sleep for us nice and quick.  It's been a long day travelling to and from.  My butt is sore.

TALLULAH is very quiet.  Hasn't eaten anything today.  I was getting worried.... so gave her some fresh dog roll, which she ate thank goodness.
Now she's having a play around, so panic over I think.  I don't think I could bear it if anything happened to her.... she's my little baby.

End of Day: very tired, hopefully we can get to bed soon.  Puppy has perked up ... so thankful.
Fingers crossed Keera sleeps all night!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Hope you enjoy your drive down to Tauranga, and enjoy your time with Keera. Have a good day in this ugly weather. :)

  2. Not going to ask why you HAVE to go pick up Keera.
    Today I have been to Dressmart with a sulky teenager, dropped said sulky teenager at rehearsal. Now off to Browns Bay.

    Drive safely.

    1. Ikk to sulky teenagers, we have two here.

    2. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Just love the way you worded that Tracy.....
      But not that its really any of your business but I will be picking her up and bringing her home.

    3. Sorry, inner snark taking over. You are right, absolutely none of my business. I know your Mum misses Keera heaps and will love spending time with her.

    4. Anonymous9:20 AM

      And I am sorry about my nasty reply, I do get defensive when I feel I'm being ciber hated again

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    It is a beautiful day here and I have to go to work ..I am a nurse...daylight saving started today and I feel tired!

    Cheers Peta

  4. I had hoped to wake up with some zest and energy .... but feeling pretty lethargic today so think it will just be a quiet day pottering around the house, catching up on some housework etc. My husband has gone off to do a 10k walk/run with his work colleague, and I had said I might go and pick him up but I've flagged that idea - can't be bothered driving up there today. You will be looking forward to spending time with Keera - I hope your trip through to Tauranga is a lovely one. Safe travels.

  5. Sitting in the sunshine enjoying a coffee down in Christchurch . Been on holiday down here for a week back home tommorrow. Enjoy your time with Keera 😊

  6. Glorious spring day in Melbourne. Think I'll get stuck into some craft projects.

    Enjoy the drive. I'm sure you'll love seeing little Keera again. I wonder how much she has grown since you last saw her.

  7. Just finished a 6 hour shift at work. Hope you had a safe journey to pick up little Miss cutie pie Keera.

  8. Lounging day bit of cleaning bit of washing bit of reading bits n bobs sort of. Not as cold as yesterday but still cold.hopefully everyone will sleep well, I saw as a side note garage door insulation bits that fit in the inside re the cold? Maybe.

  9. Love that first photo of the kids, the look on Dantes face is priceless - guess he got used to Keera not being around to share the attention :-)

  10. Love the photos of wee keera....miss her heaps....bummer I cant cuddle her.....auntie misses you heaps keera

  11. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Keera has grown since she has been gone. Her hair is longer too. Such a sweetie.

  12. My oh my those are gorgeous grandbabies you have...and when did they get so big? Hope your pup is okay...xx

  13. Sorry you didn't get your sleep-in. But it sounds like an OK day!


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