Saturday, October 11, 2014


Well... its 9 in the morning and we just woke up. Awesome.

I can hear people upstairs. ... so will get up. Jacqui is making us pancakes!

ABOVE: Our view this morning. Tides in!  Gorgeous. edit:  a new photo, taken with my camera and not me phone.

We just walked around the base of Mount Maunganui.... what a lovely walk. I love walking along the waters edge.

Even nicer... we all had an ice cream afterwards.   I think we are going to chill out for a while then head home.

I shall share a few photos when I get home.

Just home... it took us 2.5 hours and very little traffic to contend with this time. 
Arrived home to a sun shower, then blazing sunshine again.

Unpacking... relaxing... catching up with Master Dante and all his yabber.  Very cute.

ABOVE: Cushla's Village Fabrics in Waihi... an awesome shop.  Sadly being sold and moved to Napier.  At least we still have one of their shops here in Auckland.

 ABOVE:  Why good morning birds!  Right outside our bedroom door this morning!

ABOVE:  Breakfast!  Amazing... fried bananas in pure maple syrup!  I didn't realise Jacqui had left the banana skin on, until I had a mouthful!  Doh.  I won't make that mistake again.

ABOVE:  Heading off for our walk around the base of Mount Maunganui.  It was a perfect day for a walk, overcast and mild.

 ABOVE:  The channel and current between the Mount and Matakana Island... so swift and strong!  Those boats were really working hard against the current!

ABOVE:  A lovely photo of Marty, Jacqui and their wee girl Sofia Grace.  Joel was off up ahead of us with Brylee and Griffin.

I have more photos, I will show them tomorrow.

Steve is cooking dinner as I sit here... bacon, onions, baked beans, eggs on toast.  Nice.

End of Day:  a really neat day!  Lovely company, lovely city to be in... and a good trip home again.
Time to get to bed,  EARLY tonight... so tired.  Tried to convince Marty and Jacqui to buy a KING SIZE BED for their 'guest' bedroom!  A double is just NOT QUITE big enough for Stewy and me.  lol
nite nite


  1. Congratulations on your shortest blog post ever! And enjoy the pancakes!

  2. Enjoy the pancakes and every minute of you day away.

  3. Have a great break away. Sounds idyllic so far.

  4. What a view and pancakes yummmmmm. Hope ya'll had a lovely day today.

  5. Hi Chris, I'm glad you got out of town for the night and got to spend some time with good friends, they sound lovely. Marty is the one who offered his tools etc. to Steve, isn't he? I know what you mean about beds - David and I are both 6 foot 1 and we can manage a double (we have on occasion even managed a single, but no moving was allowed) but we normally sleep in a queen. I have relatives who have always slept in a double though and if you are used to it and can manage it, you get more bedroom space! I guess for a spare bedroom it isn't as urgent. Hope you sleep well tonight :-) Penny xo

  6. Glad you a wonderful time. Sweet dreams x


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