Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Well... after such a lovely day yesterday and all the excitement of the scan and presents....


Today is going to be NORMAL.

Maybe some blog reading too!

I am looking forward to doing some more on the Wall hanging for Judith... it's coming along so nice.

Stew asked me last night, how come in almost every photo of my Hospice 'Treasure', Dante is in it too?
Simple.  That kid loves seeing all my treasure, and he pours over it no matter what it is!  He's gunna be a shopaholic like his Grandma I reckon.
He appreciates treasure! *smiles*

NOW... What else?  Nothing I think!  

Actually, I just remembered.  I must draft and send off a letter to try and get off paying that parking fine!  They demand to be paid within 7 days of the notice, so I ain't got much time to get that letter in... before they slap a $30 penalty on top of the $60 dollar fine.
Bloody criminals charging that much!

I will be back later... 


It's later.
After feeding the dogs and putting them outside for a run around, I went back to bed.  I had a really shit sleep last night.
I woke at around 3 am and that was 'it' till about 6.
So.  Tired.

When I got up at 9.15, everyone had left.  The house is so quiet!

I've written that letter to the parking company, fingers crossed I don't have to pay!  

Now.... I'm going down to Spotlight to get some new flannels!  Our's are getting pretty manky, so some new one's will be nice.
I'm giving all the old one's to the Playcenter Bex and Dante go to.  They can use them apparently.

Forgive me Stewy for I have sinned.

I went out for flannels (face cloths).  But... ummm...  I didn't get any after all.

I got these:

ABOVE:  An Italian dinner setting to go with the two dishes I got from the Hospice Shop on Monday!  

ABOVE:  They were on SALE!  Massive price reduction, see?  They were just too pretty to leave there.  Sorry Darling, I know we didn't actually NEED a new dinner set. 

Well I haven't actually accomplished much this afternoon!   I had me lunch, then watched some telly... took all the Sale stickers off the dinner ware (what a shit job!).  And now I'm sorting out dinner.

Pork spare ribs with veges.  

Dinner was lovely!  I made apple sauce and whizzed it with me new kitchen whizz... it looked like store bought sauce.

I showed Steve my new dinner ware, he said it was "Fucken Hidious, like waves of shit rolling onto his food, and he's rather eat out of the dog's bowl".

Wait till I DO dish his dinner up in a dog's bowl.
Let's see him laugh then. 

End of Day:  Now I don't know if Stew even likes it.  Bloody men.
Well... I like it, and that's all that matters.
nite nite


  1. How abnormal it would be for me to have a "Normal" day!

  2. I do like that dinner set! Awesome and great price too. I would have snapped that one up as well!

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Oh no, it seems I am late to the party. Happy birthday for yesterday, Chris. I hope you had a fabulous day, and everything there made the fuss of you that you deserve. (Steve's comment cracked me up, though. He's hilarious!)
    Mrs F

  4. That is a CHEAP parking fine! Here in Sydney it is well over the $100 mark! But still, hope you don't have to pay it!

  5. Nice Dinner set Chris, another trip to get some flannels ?

  6. Ohhhh I love the dinner set love it, hope you felt better today. Dante always does look excited by your shopping. Check out my new hairdo!,on me FB

  7. I think most men could care less what they are eating off of just as long as they are eating lol

  8. Waiting to see the picture of Steve's dinner in the dog dish.

  9. Hello! Beautiful dishes! On the stickers: a little water and baking soda, make into a paste. Let it sit on the sticky bit. Then scrub off with your finger. Works! :)


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