Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Good morning!

First up for today, Tallulah has an appointment at the Vet's for her 2nd immunisations.

Once that's done she is safe on 'public' ground.
I will be very happy once that's done.

Once she's sorted, I will be home doing some housework.

Then maybe some blog reading before I wash Teddy and give him his first groom with me new grooming kit.

Last night I made a tether system, so that I can position the dog on a table and groom without having to hold them.

 ABOVE:  Tethered front and rear to the patio beams. 

ABOVE:  What amazed me was she was perfectly content to just stand there!  This is how the groomers at the shop keep the dogs on the table.  

Hopefully she lets me sort out her legs and paws later on today, after I've done Teddy.

Bex pointed this out to me:

 ABOVE:  It was just above my head.  Nice.  I get the creeps just looking at it now.  It is quite BIG.... hard to show in a photo though, and missing a leg.  Eeew.

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and get ready to take Tallulah to the Vet.


Well...I've come to the conclusion I need to have something for breakfast... then I feel better in the morning!
I'm not a 'breakfast' person, never have been.
But for a while now I've felt so dreadful and HUNGRY first thing in the morning.   

I had a piece of toast this morning, and now I feel just fine.  I've even done a few jobs around the house with energy I've been sadly lacking for weeks and weeks.

I wonder if the diabetes has anything to do with how I've been feeling?  Anyone know if it can give you 'morning sickness'?  lol

Comments.  Much appreciated.  But hey, if you have nothing nice to say.... why bother? Just putting it out there.

It's a lesson we all have to learn.  I've left my fair share of stupid comments.  I'm fairly sure I've stopped that now!  

It's almost time to take Tallulah to the Vet.  She's all wet.  Running around outside with Coco on the wet grass.  Nice.

WOO HOO... a most excellent morning!

- Tallulah immunised, no problems.  Vet happy with her.  TICK

-  Prescription filled without having to wait 20 minutes. TICK

-  Paid for Storage Unit, and got padlock too.  TICK

- Found new top to wear to dinner next week.  TICK

-  Did not get home wanting to kill anyone on the road with road rage!  TICK
(this is a good thing)  *smiles*

I'm very please with my morning... and it's the first morning in MONTHS I've felt NORMAL.  Well.  Have energy.  Feel like doing stuff. Yaaaa.

Now it's lunch time, then I'm going to do 'stuff' again.  ♪ ♫ la la ♪ lah lah ♪ ♫ ♪...

One's energy ran out after lunch, so I had a cat nap ... and then once the kids were home from school I got going again.
Kids.  Wonderful things when they can help doing odd jobs around the house!
Brylee is vacuming me car and Griffin has helped move and few things and look after Tallulah for an hour or so.

Dinner tonight?  Something easy as we still have not done the grocery shopping and stocks are low.  
Fish cakes, fish fingers and fish balls with chips!  lol... the fish balls are very healthy if nothing else!

The fish balls (fish, veges in a ball shape) were REVOLTING.  Everything else was lovely.  I cooked some bacon too, just for interest.

End of day:  I must be tired, I can hardly type!  I keep making silly mistakes.  Time to call it a day... and thank god for spell check!
nite nite


  1. I think you just need something to eat now, something has changed , your body is needing food. It might be the diabetes medication. As long as you feel better, that's what matters. It is good that you can eat a little bit, will definately help with your energy levels.

  2. I think you will find it is due to diabetes, your sugar levels are too low after having no food for so long (overnight). mY DIABETES IS TREATED DIFFERENT (sorry) as in no medication diet and regular testing at home. Things may change after my visit to the nurse today. I also lost weight, 10 kg in 12 months but nothing I can maintain in the last 10 months.

  3. I am not a real breakfast person either, but like to have something light or I too feel yuk.

  4. Eating regularly stabilises your blood sugars. Even if you don't feel like breakfast, have a little something to get you going. Look how much you achieved just with a bit of toast :-)

  5. What Tracey said!! You need to have a little something within 30 mins of getting up, preferably not sugary as that will spike your blood sugars. Even a table spoon or 2 of low fat yogurt (preferably not artificially sweetened); half a hard boiled egg?? half a slice of multi grain toast with some sort of nut butter?? :-) half a glass of milk!!

  6. YAY for more energy and feeling like doing stuff !!! I know you aren't a breakfast person but having something really does make a difference to how you feel.
    Have a wonderful day !
    Me xox

  7. My dad used to have a small baked potato for supper with 1 tablespoon baked beans on or peanut butter toast as he didn't like eating in morning helps regulate blood sugar in the morning then suddenly he had it for brekkie or he would boil several eggs and have one in the morning upon rising.

  8. ... I always feel sad when I hear "fish balls" on the menu!!!

  9. Anonymous11:13 PM


    I love all the pics....I have lost 6 kilos in 5 weeks, after trying for years, I still need to lose 14 kilos...but it is working!



    1. Which arm did ya cut off then? lol... just joking. What did ya do Chick to do so well with the weight loss???

  10. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Lol.....I am sticking to 1200 calories a day....I haven't been this light in years! small meals and snacks


  11. I like the 'doggie restraint system' I'll have to look into that for Sheba.
    Glad she got her immunisations sorted!

  12. A lot of the information I've read says to eat 30 minutes after you wake up to keep your metabolism going. I know when i stay home though I don't usually want to eat that early. On working days I'm always starving if I don't eat breakfast.


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