Thursday, October 09, 2014


There is only one thing on our agenda today, and that is to go over to Albany and meet up with a fellow blogger for lunch.

I've 'known' Vic for a long time, but never had the opportunity to meet her before.
So, today is the day.

Quite excited really!  She seems to be a lovely young woman, old enough to be one of my own kids in fact.  I've given her some advice and hugs over the years (and visa versa), so it will be neat to finally meet her.

Of course I will be dragging Stew and the kids along too... so she will get to meet all of us in one foul hit.  ha ha ha.
Poor girl, I hope we don't intimidate her!

After that I think we shall be coming home and doing some housework... and maybe some blog reading too?  Time will tell.
The weather is supposed to be iffy again today... so no walking in the park, which would have been nice for Keera and the dogs I'm sure.

NO TALLULAH!  Not the curtains!


Keera in the background.  Lying in the sunshine after having just played with that pesky little puppy.


Well. .. I got the day wrong and ended up going out to the airport first thing this morning to catch up with Anne from Palmerston North! 

After an hour I had to race back home and get the family so we could then go have lunch with Vic fron Albany!  

AND I forgot to take any photos! What a piss poor blogger am I?  

Kerra managed to piddle through all her clothes so now we are buying her new, dry ones in the mall! Derrr.

I've been rather quiet eh?  That's because we've done bugger all this afternoon.
On our way home from lunch with Vic, we stopped in at Kings Storage in Botany and reserved a storage space for us.

Next weekend we shall be taking over, and putting into storage, all the furniture and what-nots we simply are not using right now, that way de-cluttering the house and the limited storage we have in this house.

In a year or so we will be able to reassess what we do still want, and then we will get rid of everything else.

I'm sick to death of the clutter in the house, and so is Stew.

We use the spare bedroom for our clothes etc, and it's so cluttered in there now we can hardly move.

Dinner tonight was takeaways, no one felt like cooking.  The guys have been watching their TV shows in the Family room and I've been watching mine in the lounge.

Keera had a very late nap, so she went to bed quite late.  Here's hoping she sleeps in a little bit.

This last week of the holidays was the time Stew and I were looking forward to actually having a sleep in, and just relaxing! Best laid plans eh?

Tomorrow we return Keera to Lacy in Tauranga, then spend the night at our friends home there.  Time out!  A few drinkies!  A sleep in?  Fingers crossed.

End of Day:  it was a lovely day seeing Anne, and then Vic!  And doing something positive about de-cluttering this house for a while.  Awesome.
nite nite


  1. it's nice to meet fellow bloggers! blogger is for making new friends, facebook is for finding old ones!

  2. Hope you had fun meeting Vic today!

    Tallulah is so stinking c-u-t-e!!!

    And I'm glad the salon manager agreed to do your hair over. I sure the color wasn't cheap and you should be completely happy with it.

    Have a fun rest of the day.

    xo jj

  3. Tallulah and Keera too cute, yes carrying a change of clothes helps even when you my age!Sun out here but chilly holidays surprisingly have gone fast.

  4. Thanks for coming to meet me:-) Always great to catch up. Love my "Castlepoint" gift - thanks! Can't believe the work you have done on it, you have loads of talent Chris.

  5. wow a very buzy day all round......

  6. Enjoy your little escape. You deserve a break.


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