Tuesday, October 27, 2009


See this gorgeous bundle of Fat Quarters? You could be in to win by popping over to : TRUE UP... She is giving them away to a lucky reader! AWESOME. I can't get over how many Giveaways there are out there!

Today Stew and the kids go back to work/school.... and I get to do the housework. How lucky can a girl get?

I am also expecting a bloke (0oooo excitement!)... to arrive and fix my garage door opener. Freaking thing is playing up something shocking! I am over having to press the button a dozen times before it finally works. AND NO, it's not the bloody battery. I may be a girl and an ex-blonde, but I ain't dumb!

I am going to start work on a couple of bags too.... for my SIL's Gallery.... feeling excited about that. There will be NO PRESSURE to make heaps, just as I get them done. MORE AWESOME!

Soooo... what am I doing today?

ABOVE: I am tidying up this bedroom....

ABOVE: and I am taking all the toys out of the hallway cupboard...

ABOVE: so I can fit all the blankets etc BACK in there.....
ABOVE: and I'm tidying up this linen cupboard so I can put the toys in the bottom......SEE? Almost done too! Well... I still have to tidy up that bedroom.... *sigh*... DONE! And it ONLY took 3 hours. *sniff*
Time to take a break ....
Right, I've had me break, the bloke has been and fixed me garage door, and now I'm cooking dinner.
I must be incredibly boring today... or you have all stopped reading. Pfffffffft! GOING NOW.
***** There be a mini rant over on PEPSI *****
It will have been two weeks tomorrow since I took my sewing machine in to be fixed AGAIN.... I just rang them to see how much longer it will be.... to be told that the technician who fixes their machines is on holiday, and has been for the last TWO WEEKS! UMMMM... WHY then make me take my machine in to be repaired??? ALMOST started screaming... ALMOST!
End of Day: I made a start on another bag tonight. I probably put my foot in me mouth with a fellow blogger.... (sorry B)... and have been stressing about it all night. Hate that. *sigh* nite nite.


  1. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Now I know what a fat quarter is.... lol both my kids are back at school today yay :-0

  3. what kind of work are you going to be doing?

  4. Wow! That's a lot of work!

    Hope it all went well. :)

  5. Chris, Honey -
    You are one special lady! You put a big smile on my face today when you mentioned the lighthouses. Yes, you should definitely create some of your own!

    I know you have so be so proud of yourself for all the work you got accomplished today. That is a day well - spent! Congratulations

    Linda - the sewing granny!

  6. TWO weeks. That is so not fair. I hope your machine is fixed soooooon.

  7. bloody hell, I would have screamed the shop down! they could have told you at the time the tech was on leave.

    well, at least the "loaner" doesn't play up!

  8. What a productive day. I would far rather be home fiddling around in my cupboards than at work!

    This sewing machine saga is getting beyond a joke. It hasn't worked since day 1. demand a new one! Surely there are laws in NZ to cover this sort of thing? Have you been in touch with the manufacturer's rep rather than the shop you bought it from?

  9. Hope the weather was not nice today because stuck inside TIDYING on a sunny day AINT CUTEY CUTEY!!!

  10. Seriously - they need to replace that machine with a new one!!

    It is completely unacceptable that you are still having problems with it and they could not have mucked you around any more if they tried.

  11. Chris, I have never known anyone with as much patience as you. I would have been spitting chips by now over your sewing machine. Good luck, I hope you get a brand new one soon. Krissy (Singapore)

  12. i love to keep me feets washed just cause i never know when i might end up with one in me mouth!
    love n hugs and i wish you were here to talk to me while i tidy up :)

  13. You are getting all nicely organised - bet those bags sell like hot cakes!

  14. wow.. is there anything you CANT do?

  15. I love the feeling of having a organized house. Good luck getting things back where they belong. Hope tomorrow you get more time to work on your bags.


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