Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is the 'round' bag.. not totally round as you can see, but I like it. My problem now is:
What sort of handle/Strap?
Where to position the handle/strap?
Should it have a 'flap' thing to hold it closed?

Just not sure with this one.

TODAY: Stew and I have our respective Doctor's appointments. Then we will go check out Cross Trainers, have lunch out... all the usual Saturday stuff.

That's about 'it' for now... will come back later.. you KNOW I will ! *smiles*

OK... Doctors - DONE
.... ...Lunch - DONE
...Look at Cross Trainers - DONE

Upshot? We are thinking about the corss trainer... don't want to rush in and impulse buy... well Stew doesn't! Me.. I would have bought it yesterday! lol

A few good ideas coming in on the bag... probably will go with two handles ... was thinking of two cane handles, but they will be too heavy for the bag, so will make them.. and a small flap with a magnetic clip....

AAO'BEIRNE : good try.
End of Day: I finished the round bag.. I don't like it as much as the others... but that's OK, cos it's going out to my SIL's Gallery to be sold. No idea yet what price to put on it! Had a quiet evening, Stew watched the rugby (no surprises there) while I sewed. nite nite.


  1. Love these bags, Chris! A nice flap on the top to close with magnetic button would be nice with a shoulder strap attached to sides of bags would look great, especially with your touch. Also, with these half round bags, a cinch strap sewn into the binding on top would work great! Whatever you do, it will be top-notch!

  2. I think a flap would work best. Hope you have a good day with the family

  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    remember the old banana bag things years ago with the material tab holding the wooden handle with round knobs on end that is my first thought for a handle for this one...looks cute


  4. How about 2 straps like a tote bag and something to stiffen it up a bit on the bottom? Very cute you are going to town as usual. How's the ceramics going?

  5. aaobeirne@hotmail.com1:56 PM

    Oh I know! I know! Make a back pack! Put two straps on the same side, so I can wear it on my back and either put a zip on the top to close it, or a flap with button all along the length of the flap, like say 5 so it stays closed!

    And I want it for Xmas since my other bag is for my birthday....

    Excellent! :D

  6. Love.Love.Love your bags Chris!
    I think 2 handles on this one, a basket look? they look fab, and i would buy one in a flash!

  7. Cane handles... yes, that's a great idea!

  8. How about a fabric "pucker" top over the opening and the strap can be the rope [or whatever you use to make the pucker]. I wish I could draw on this. Good luck.

  9. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Hi Chris ... This might sound silly and way off track the first thing that came to mind was a toaster cosy :)

  10. Anonymous8:25 PM

    oops hope this didnt go through twice.....
    Hi Chris this might sound silly,the first thing that came to my mind is a toaster cosy :)

  11. Oww Rena would love this bag for her toys....nar mum tis cool you keep it for yourself as every other bag has a home and you desurve somthing for yourself,

    dnt let family members push you around or if iou have a owner in mind keep it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  12. dont like the round bag as much BUT love the colours, GO the AB's (yay they WON) thats for you Chris just incase you didn't see the game.(haha)

  13. Definitely think the bag needs a flap, not so sure about the handles though.

    Ooooohhhh you're gonna love the cross trainer! Just need to figure out how you can blog and sew while on it ... lol

  14. Hi Chris,
    Loved the colors on your new project!
    I have one little problem though - could you please SLOW DOWN that little Christmas tree!!!!!!!! The days are clicking off WAY TOO FAST for me!
    LOL - Linda , The Sewing Granny!!!1

  15. Sorry - I am out of ideas for the day but that bag looks wonderful - just like everything else you make. You certianly have the gift!


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