Thursday, October 22, 2009


You buggers out-did yourselves yesterday with all the Birthday comments!

What a turn out! THANK YOU!
I got a really happy feeling with every single one as they came in.... I must be liked eh?

OH and by the way: 5 of my kids remembered, thanks AMANDA, LACY, KELLY, STEVE AND MIKE... I love you. AND my Mum did too!

TODAY: I'm gunna start my day with a long soak in the bath with me lavender bath stuff .... it's supposed to calm me .... YEAH RIGHT!

After that I might just do some housework (don't envy me now!).. followed by some sewing? Not sure what to do next... I got the button for Bag #4:
And some little 'magnetic' things to hold the flap down, so I don't need to make a buttonhole. It will be easier to use than a buttonhole me thinks. I think that button is the shizzzz.

I want to start something else now... another bag shape or something! What about a round bag? Hmmmmm..... that could be a challenge....

ONWARD....WEll.. seems I am babysitting today! My cousin's little boy.. who is almost two... and quite adorable. They are moving house and just need him entertained and looked after for the day. I don't mind... how much fun can we get up to? First off we are going grocery shopping..... oooo shopping!
I haven't lost the touch! Nico screamed when he was put in my car... but like... 30 seconds after we left he was FINE. And what a helpful wee man with the shopping!
He totally LOVED shopping.. and 'helping' me put the groceries in the trolley! OK... some he quite liked and wanted to keep... but he was ADORABLE! It is just so LOVELY to have a wee one around the house.
What a shame he has to have a nap after lunch... *sniff*.
ABOVE: I don't want to give him back! He is just so bloody cute! Here he is getting into the kitchen cupboards.. and rearranging where I hang things... such a helpful wee bubba.
I got a phone call too! From Sparklingmerlot in Australia... again! She wanted to wish me a personal Happy Birthday, and to let me know that her GIVEAWAY parcel arrived safely... thanks for the chat girl... it was lovely. {{{HUGS}}}
FROGGY: too right I want more grandbabies! I would love Amanda to have another soon, so I can go nuts over him/her and have him/her on the weekends... bliss! I know she will let me have her baby for little 'holidays' with Grandma and Granddad..... Maybe Lacy and Tim will be lucky enough to have a baby or two as well! Now that would be awesome.
And let's not forget Steve and Mike have yet to even START giving me grandbabies yet! OOOO... can't wait for more.
Stew and I are going out to dinner this evening, it's a Farewell for one of his staff members... and we are very lucky to have Andrew, our Son in Law .. coming up from Hamilton to babysit for us. How darn nice is that then? I am really looking forward to the evening.. Stew works with some really lovely people, and we get on so well with them. ONWARD...
End of Day: and we had a really lovely dinner.... it was a chinese dinner, so it was very healthy to say the least!
We got stopped by the police on our way home... compulsory breath testing.. Stew rolled his window down and the policeman said "Bugger me! It's Stew isn't it?" "Hell man you don't drink, I ain't testing you!".... too funny, it was the son of a man Stew used to know very well in Whitianga years ago! And Stew hadn't been drinking either, so we didn't feel bad! Funny who you can run into for sure.
On that happy note.. nite nite.


  1. SORRY
    SORRY that i'm late with the birthday wishes!

    Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  2. Happy birthday, Chris! And guess what? YOU WON THE GIVEAWAY!!! lol There is definitely something lucky about birthdays. :o)

    I'll be emailing you shortly for your mailing address, and I'll have your prize in the mail ASAP.

    Have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday. I have been on school camp with yr 7 & 8 kids & had no computer access so I did not get a chance yesterday.

    I am glad most of the kids & your Mum remembered.

  4. Aw, your cousin's kiddo is so sweet. :]

  5. i like what you buying lol.
    enjopy your day and remember you get to give him back at the end of the day lol

  6. Lovely little boy - I love taking my wee man shopping with me!! Now, do I have to play grumpy mother here... WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR HANDBAG IN THE TROLLEY!! That is so not good. Anyone could pinch something out of it or just take it altogether. I never ever leave my bag like that, always have it with me. *rant over*

  7. Heh, kids this age are a lot of fun... for awhile. It's always nice at the end of the day to give them back.

    And I'm sure his folks appreciated the break!

    So, are you nagging the kids for more grandkids now? lol!

  8. Happy belated birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful day. Your little man is quite adorable, I have to say. Can't wait to see your next fabric "invention". You are soooo talented!

  9. I suspect that you will have a few more grandkids in your future. I'm usually ready to return them to their parents after an overnight. Nico is a cutie.

  10. Anonymous2:44 PM

    What an adorable little tot! Love these photos!

  11. I am looking forward to grandkids but think it will be a few years away. Although you never know, do you?

    Enjoy your day with the little one.

    I enjoyed our chat, too. I would like to have talked for longer ... maybe when the stupid telcom people give me ISD access and I don't have to use my mobile. We have so much in common :)

  12. Glad you had a nice birthday, hope you have a neat time out with Stew and Co!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Chris and congrats on winning the giveaway. it looks like you had a fun day!

  14. what a cute wee one and looks like you have had a fun day and night !!!

  15. Glad to hear you Birthday was a success. So nice to have your little companion for the day, yes he is sweet. Its a small world indeed, how funny to get stopped by someone you know. Have another great day.

  16. Too funny that you got pulled over and then knew the policeman! Glad it turned out that way instead of messy!

    The little man looks like he was having a lot of fun with you for the day!

  17. Haha Luv that cop but who could forget a guy like your man huh. Hey I just love love love your quilt. think I'll do something like that on my challenge bag now... my HANDy bag.. Got so many ideas. Will have to start tomorrow. Got pins and needles in my hand so slowly does it... bloody work.. wrecks ya!


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