Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well to be truthful... I did have my doubts for a while there... in relation to my sewing machine that is!

Ever since I got the 'loaner' machine.. NO PROBLMES ..none at all! So it is MY MACHINE that was the problem. What a relief to finally feel that really, I AM NOT AN IDIOT!

When you have an 'expert' yelling at you and thumping their hand on the desk in front of you and yelling "It is NOT THE MACHINE, IT IS THE OPERATOR".... you do start to wonder. But no, it's not me.
I don't miss my machine at all... in fact I dread getting it back. *sigh*

So... what I did last night on Bag #4:

ABOVE: Step One: lay all the strips out and iron them onto the 'fusing stuff'.

ABOVE: Step Two: start having fun going over all the joins and down the middle of each strip with different cottons and stitch patterns. This is the really fun part!

That is all I got up to last night! I decided to spend a wee bit of time with Stew... Teddy had been monopolising me man all night! LOL.

ABOVE: I got this darling wee Fat Quarter in the mail from KAREN in Windy Wellington as a prize on her blog. Ta Chick!

Today: hmmmmm.....might do some gardening! Might I said, there is no guarantee I will. LOL.
Housework is a definite.
So is some sewing.
Might do some exercise too.... but like the gardening, might not happen! *snigger*


***FAIR WARNING***... if ya don't leave me a comment today, you bloody well better tomorrow! TOMORROW is me birthday! *sniff*
You can win a huge bundle of Fat Quarters! Just go over and enter!
I just got a phone call for a woman at school... she wants to meet with me to discuss working one on one with Brylee? Seems back in April I signed a form that Brylee's teacher handed me, requesting extra help for Brylee.
Ummm, shit a brick I can hardly remember what I did yesterday, let alone back in APRIL! AND... just how long has that taken them? 6 months!!!! Can you see WHY I am taking Griffin for outside help? *shaking my head*
AND what are they doing at that school to help Griffin right now?
NOTHING. Grrrrrrrrrr. And does this mean Brylee needs extra tuition too? FUCK. (ooo sorry for the 'f' bomb) What I really wanted to say was "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! So there.
OK, I'm over my little HISSY FIT now. The RTLB lady is coming to see me tomorrow to discuss Brylee's programme. WHATEVER.
I calmed down and have been doing some sewing (no surprises there)..it's a shitty day outside... raindrops the size of saucers one minute, then sunshine. Stoooopid weather.
I am THRILLED to BITS with how Bag # 4 is coming along.. I have learnt a few things from making #3 that I can improve on with #4.... yaaaa.
Today the kids are walking home from school ALL ON THEIR OWN! I am going to hide where they can't see me and watch how well they observe the rules! I know... I can't help myself... yet.
******************** PEPSI UPDATED....Totally unexpected crap! ******** AND NOW HAS BEEN DELETED. Too hard basket.
End of Day: I am totally OVER today. nite nite.


  1. Chris, I never for a minute doubted it was the machine and not you. I sure hope this gets solved soon.

    And another birthday!!! YAY! Can't wait for more pics. Have a very happy one :]

  2. In case something happens and I can't get to my blogs I read tomorrow I'll give you an early


    And those "experts" don't know everything!

  3. In case I can't get online tomorrow ....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Did I ever tell you how creative you are? You're my hero!

  4. They thumped the table and said YOU were the problem. I would be demanding a my money back and going elsewhere.

    Have a lovely birthday eve!

  5. Stop making me want to quilt.

    And in case I don't make it tomorrow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Enjoy a brilliant day, or else.

  6. OMG can so relate to school issues.

  7. Hmmm 6 months eh sounds - like out school system over here. I left a message for the School Counselor and it took her 3 months to ring me back, I told her the problem had sorted itself out but she was not impressed when I said "lucky for you" at the end of the conversation and that was with a private school!!!

  8. That F word is the one I used when I fell over!!!! ROFLMAO
    Blody ewing machine.....I wouldn't want it back either. How about threatening with "Fair Go" or the consumers act!!! Might get you a new one and compensation for all your frustration...worth a go :)
    Hope your day goes well and you get the school sorted......best of luck for that one :)
    And just cause I can.....Happy Birthday for tomorrow....but I'll be back then anyway LOL :)

  9. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I am still waiting for an assessment for my daughter from last year - to see if dyxlexic - I don't think so as all her grades are above her age.

  10. I wouldn't dare not leave a comment and I'd better not forget tomorrow either.

    I found that the schools assessment contradicted the one we got from Kip McGrath. Kip McGrath showed us the results in two terms. What did the school show us 6 years.

  11. Sounds like a very full day-before-
    your-birthday. I don't know what legal remedies you have with the sewing machine shop, but I would want to pursue them to sort it out.
    They have been awful! Good luck on sorting out the school issues, also.

  12. Well - blow me over, October 21st is my birthday too!!! I hope you have a great day. I have lots of work to do but I'm having lunch with my girlfriends (that's an every Wed. occasion anyway so nothing extra special) then later on I have to run out to Walt Disney World to pick up a gift card so may have dinner out there with hubby at my fav restaurant, the Coral Reef in Epcot's Living Seas Pavillion. Happy Birthday Girlfriend, lets have a wicked great day.

  13. PS: forgot to mention. I think it's about time you put on your ugly face and let them have it about your machine. The time for nice is long over. As we sometimes say over here "give 'em hell Harry" (referring to a former President)

  14. Of course it was the stupid machine? How many times did you have to tell them? Can you just keep the loaner?

    Love your projects! You are amazing!

    Happy Birthday (I think as I write this it is tomorrow for me which is today for you! Hope someone cooks for you and their name isn't Teddy!

    Funny post. I love the "F" word, but I have to be careful when I'm at work...at a school...where kids who are getting extra help might hear me!!!

  15. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Happy Birthday Chris! Hope it's a marvellous day filled with lots of Love!!!!

    Glad it was the bloody machine not you :0) that's a bloody great b'day pressy!!!!

  16. Ok - just in case I don't get back here tomorrow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY:-)

  17. Wow...thoise look really cute and yes, the sewing machine can make a huge difference in sewing ...don't you let anybody tell you different !!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow..if I don't get back to wish you then.

  18. If it helps any, we all knew it was the bloody machine. What's the verdict with that now? How long do they say it's going to be before they know what's going on?

    Take good old Stew with you. He won't let them yell at you love!

    good luck!


  19. Happy Birthday for Tomorrow :) Hope you have a lovely relaxing day..........

  20. Sheesh, they need to give you a new machine! For goodness sake. What goofs they are! I can't believe those people are being jerks to you. Argh.

    By the way, I love your profile picture. You have amazing eyes!

  21. Well I read Pepsi anyway - hope all is ok.

  22. SO WHEN you get the new and improved machine YOU WILL sew faster and easier HENCE SURPLUS BAGS and QUILTS YAY does happy dance!!!!!!!

  23. I hope tomorrow is a lot better .... I would have sent a card, but sorry I don't know your address. Have a fantastic birthday! :))

  24. Silly sewing machine. We all know it is the silly machine and not you!!
    Bag number 4 is lovely, but I do love the colours in bag number 3.

  25. HBDTY!
    HBD Dear Chriiiiiiiiss!

    Happy Birthday!

  26. You have a full plate. Hope you get Brylee straightened away. Sorry to hear you had a stressful day. Tomorrow will be better.

  27. I'm behind so I think I'm late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICKY!!

  28. Glad you liked the fabric. It isn't as blue as you like, but I loved the dragonflies .. bought some for me too. .. as if I need it! Glad the sewing machine is finally being looked at.. they should just replace it!!


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