Sunday, October 25, 2009


While we were out yesterday afternoon, Stew and the kids decided to have an ice cream... I declined. But Stew found these:

I had a taste of his (the Berry one) and OMG it was delish... so I got me one afterall... cos THEY ARE WORTH ONLY ONE POINT!...(58 cals) And so yum! Totally worth it on a hot summers day I tell ya! I had the Tropical one... Pineapple and Passionfruit. *drool*

Now I know that even when staying 'on track' I can have an ice cream... I must go to the supermarket and see if I can buy them in a box of 6 or more! One a day is gunna be so OK!

Now.. today... hoping to go on a day trip somewhere... still giving it some thought... first off we have to put some vege plants in the garden....

We ended up going to Dress Smart in Onehunga.... where Stew bought some new open sandle type shoes to wear over summer...

Then I quickly popped into a shop I'd been told about at the end of Onehunga Mall (ABOVE)... WHAT A SHOP! A veritable treasure trove of material and notions... fringes, laces, bit and bobs!!!

I couldn't take enough photos to show you even a fraction of what is in this shop! I am going back one day WITHOUT Stew and the kids!

Home now... going to be a quiet afternoon... I don't even have the energy to sew!

End of Day: Stew was a busy beaver this afternoon and got the lawns mown... I on the other hand.. had a nap! Quite evening.. now going to bed! nite nite.


  1. Those look interesting. I'll have to try to find them here and check them out. One good thing about the cooler temps here as the ice cream cravings are diminished. Have a great weekend and enjoy your day trippin' no matter where you end up.

  2. Those bars sound delish and I love berry sorbet! Overcast day here so NO exposing me white bits to the universe I THINK!

  3. you were good to pass on the ice cream, me i would eat it.

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder if we can get them here in Icecream!!!


  5. Ohmigosh - I found them today too! They are lovely :)

  6. Well I did expose my WHITE legs to the SUN adn if at around 2pm there was a solar eclipse SORRY but it was just me!!!! and the sun bouncing BACK off my legs

  7. Hey that is the shop I told you about ages ago!!! There are a couple of other fabric shops in Onehunga too which might interest you.

  8. Got to love when you find yummy low point ice creams....

  9. Oh my god, don't forget to go home before tea! So much treasure in one place ... I'm so jealous!

  10. Wow going to have to search for one of those ice creams, only a point thats fab. Bet you were like a kid in a lollie shop in that material shop, looks right up your alley.

  11. YUM do they have those jello sugar free fudgecicles over there? I remember those were like 1 pt too and you get a chocolate fix.

    Awesome store! Definitly would be better with no kids and hubby lol


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