Friday, October 23, 2009


Amazingly, this year I have won at least 3-4 blog GIVEAWAYS! And I have done it again! Heather over at Needles and Pens was having a 'Pay it Forward' giveaway and I won it on my Birthday!

I won these gorgeous fat quarters!So, as it was a 'Pay it Forward' Giveaway, that means I have to do another Giveaway... but not right now OK? Maybe just before Christmas... and the prize will be some fat quarters from New Zealand. Keep your eyes peeled in December!

There is a good chance I will be babysitting for my cousin again today. I quite like that idea. Nico is such a doll to look after.

Hopefully it will be a nice enough day to take him out for a walk .... our suburb is quite nice to walk around. I might even head to the Botanic Gardens... it's even nicer there.

I wonder if I will get around to doing any sewing? I kinda missed doing any yesterday! But then, it was nice to have Nico too.

Right that's me for now... totally boring today! LOL ... but sometimes BORING is good. No dramas! No hassles! yaaaaa.

So.. I AM having Nico today... and we are going to SPOTLIGHT to buy some material with the Birthday Vouchers my girls gave me... and I will get 10% off too as it's the week of my birthday. AWESOME.

I'm so pleased I kept my buggy! It has a multitude of uses! Nico loved holding all the materials for me... he is being delightful again today.

ABOVE: today's materials and cottons, purchased with my girls gift vouchers.. THANKS GIRLS (and partners!)
ABOVE: Nico is an incredibly fussy feeder (Like Brylee)... but I'll tell ya this for free....
HE LOVES HAM! And he say's 'Yummy' too! SO SO CUTE.
FEW! Today has been never ending.... once I got Nico to bed one of my neighbours came over and yakked my ear off for two hours... which was very nice... but I've gotten NOTHING done this afternoon at all! Nico has just gone home and I'm totally knackered... hmmmm.... maybe dinner tonight will be something easy!
End of Day: I'm going to chill out and have a drink... just as soon as Stew gets home! I feel all tense... looking after a toddler is hard work. How the hell did I do it with 6 kids under 10...? nite nite... LOL.


  1. Have to agree boring can sometimes be good - have a lovely day :-)

  2. So glad you had a little surprise on your birthday!!

  3. I am boring today too. Just cleaning house and doing laundry. But next week I will be at my daughters watching my grandson after she has surgery. He is a live wire,LOL!

  4. Hey, Chris! I mailed your FQs out today. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes them to get to the other side of the world. LoL Enjoy! Looking forward to your December giveaway! :o)

  5. Have fun shopping with the vouchers - and enjoy Nico!

  6. Wow - you are lucky this year in the prizes huh? Go you! :)

  7. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I sent you that Birthday card. 39 again wasn't it???

    Hey congratulations on winning, hope you bought your self a Lottery ticket this week and good luck.

  8. Hi Chris,
    You fat quarters you won are very lovely - I wonder what you will create with them???

    The wee one you are baby sitting is so adorable-you are so sweet to do it for them.

    Remember when you commented on my blog about buying two different size patterns for hubby's jacket ??? LOL - Well , I DID and still ended up too big - But I have always been one who had to learn EVERYTHING the hard way!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Linda - the sewing granny

  9. Those fat quarters are lovely. Any ideas as to what you will do with them?

    Nico's a lucky lad.

  10. Nico is so cute :) They are really lovely at that age :)
    Looks like you had a fun day shopping ....go you :)

  11. congrats on the win!
    Nico looked like he was having fun and he is adorable!

  12. So, who's a lucky girl this year? good on ya, mate. no such love over here in Aussie land.

    good luck with Nico. it's great he has you to look after him. Great way to work off some kilos, kids are!

    and he is cute, isn't he!


  13. What a handsome little man... so cute !!

  14. Toddlers are VERY tiring they are on the go ALL DAY and then NOT when they are sleeping which is all good UNTIL they WAKE UP and their batteries have recharged...

  15. Quiet times can be good times. So glad to see you have fun spending your Birthday Vouchers. It's time to go buy a lottery ticket Ms Lucky. Have a great weekend.


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