Saturday, October 17, 2009


We are super dooper busy this morning!

9 - 10.30am : I go to the Doctor for a group Weight Loss Meeting.

11 - 12.30am : Stew goes to the Doctor for a group Diabetes Meeting.

11.30am : Griffin goes to Kip McGrath for an assessment... we are going to pay for him to get extra tuition to try and get his reading and writing up to par. He is not progressing, and his school have done everything they can. Time to get outside help.

***He (Griffin) has been assessed as having 'Moderate Needs'... and will be getting a short, intesive block of writing help at school 'sometime' this term, but I just don't feel this will be enough*** AND I am not waiting any longer to get help for him.

After all this... we will no doubt go out for lunch and then have a nice quiet afternoon! (I hope!)

Judging by the response yesterday... EVERYONE wants one of my little bags! ha ha ha! Too funny. Maybe when I feel really sure I have one that is PERFECT I will do another GIVEAWAY and it can be the prize! How's that then??? Until then... I have to make about 3-4 as gifts for family members... including a PURPLE AND SILVER ONE!

ABOVE: Last night I started this one... Hell I hope it turns out cos I am winging it with the pattern... I kinda made it up. I've never done that before!

AND in case you can't tell.....
I have gone for 'SUBTLE' colours... and no BLUE anywhere! Eegads.. I must be ill! lol

WHOOPS! Sorry been busy! This morning's activities went really well.... lunch was nice too.

Since coming home I've been.... SEWING... how DID YOU GUESS??? LOL. I'm up to the "Hmmmm, now what?" stage of the latest bag... cos I am so making it up as I go.

ABOVE: See? Right now it just resembles a sack....OK, a very pretty sack! But I need to line it... and give it some handles SOMEWHERE... Not got many ideas popping out of me head right now either... think I'm tired.

End of Day: Sometimes Stewy can be SO helpful! I couldn't decide if the bag needed one handle.. or two. So got his imput... and he came up with an idea I hadn't even thought of! A... MAZING! *SHAKING ME HEAD* ... and on that note... it's bedtime. I absolutely LOVE Bag #3..... it's not quite finished yet... tomorrow it will be. nite nite.


  1. Boy, that gets me mad to read that the school's "best" is still doggone short of what Griffin needs. Poor Griffin; my heart goes out to him. You're an awesome Mum getting on top of that problem now rather than waiting though.

    Hope you guys have good appointments and hear some really "negative" news in the weight department. :] Your energy level just blows me away!

  2. Good on you for getting Griffin some extra help with his reading - it's such an important thing and will pay off in the long run I'm sure.

    Love the bags you've been making, and the "subtle" colours one is just gorgeous! :)

    Have a great weekend Chris!

  3. Love the colours of the bag! We went to Kip McGrath for spelling when we were younger and it so helped.

  4. Oohh I just love it. I can see you're making it in segments.. but how do you put it together.. ??? Great way to show off your fancy stitches girl. Hope you're warming up to the BIG 50+.. i HAD TO SAY THAT DIDN'T I???

  5. Good luck with Griffin. Hope he enjoys his day and it is of a positive nature for him.
    The colours for this bag are great. Who would've thought you would get so hooked after that first one!!

  6. Hi Chris

    I haven't been blogging or posting much lately as I feel snowed under at work, but I check in on your news quite regularly.

    Just thought I might be able to offer something to try for Griffin. Has he been to a behaviourial optometrist? This is someone who tests how the brain processes what the brain sees, not whether they need glasses. My middle child had a lot of difficulties with reading and no one could really understand why then a teacher at school recommended this path. He was found to have very poor visual memory and another of other issues. We were referred to an occupational therapist and we did a lot of exercises such as crocodile crawling and eyetracking. Much like what kids in Australia do at school in whats called the Perceptual Motor Skills Program. He is now at 15 in the "gifted reader category". Since I've been in the classroom the last 3 years, I have suggested to a couple of parents that it might help their child. While it hasn't turned out to be the issue for everybody, one child in particular had similar results as my son. Reversals in letters and numbers is a good indicator that this kind of processing problem is going on. Boy what a long comment. I'm thinking I should have emailed you instead. If you want more information you can email me

    Good luck with the weigh in and I love those bags! I can't believe how intricate they are.

  7. After all the quilts and bags YOU will have birthdays and xmas sorted for the next 5 years!!!!

  8. I'm the only commenter??? Or maybe you have been out and hadn't moderated lately. Hope all is well.

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Guess schools are the same all over, slow to get it done!! Be Griffin's best advocate and stay on top of things just like you are doing. Good Mom!
    As for the little bags, we all NEED one, your skills make us feel imcompetent so the little bag will cheer us up :)
    Time for bed on this side of the world....Penny (recoveryagent2)

  10. Love the bags, the colors the size, everything! Once again, your talent shines!

  11. Fully recommend Kip McGrath. We sent Josh there last year and he has improved in leaps and bounds. They help give them the confidence.

    Hope you got your quiet afternoon. I just got back from a baby shower and now back to work for me.

  12. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Hahahahahahahah ow your a frign ledgend mummy i lov you mwah Lov num 2 Hohohoho

  13. Love those bags, you have such an eye for colour. Once again I'm envious of your talents!

    How did the doc's clinic thingee go?

  14. LOL - here I am leaving you a comment - about the same time you are leaving me one.

  15. You are a very busy little bee with all the sewing :) Hope your weekend is a great one :)
    Cheers & hugs from the land of Oz :)

  16. Love Love Love the bag!! Make a whole heap and then come over here on holiday with them! lol

  17. Hope all goes well for Griffin with Kip McGrath, they are excellent for self-confidence.

    Love the new bag, gorgeous colours.

  18. The latest bag is simply gorgeous, even without the handles. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Carol :)

  19. Busy is certianly an understatement for your day! The new bag is looking great - can't wait to see Stew's idea for the handles!

  20. Love the colors of the new bag!!


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