Sunday, October 11, 2009


I dreamt about that figgin bag... and making another one! Colourways.... bling..... *shaking my head*!

I need to save my money! I... (I mean SANTA)... has to save every cent for Christmas presents! Grrrrrr.

BUT... I do have lots of material! Just need a piping foot for me machine... and more cottons. I can probably swing it.

Today: we are off to peruse the Kayak... and get it paid for and held for Christmas! Wooo Hoooo!

Last day for folks in the Northern Hemisphere to get their names in for my GIVEAWAY! I will be doing the draw tomorrow morning!

TOMORROW MORNING! Yeee Haaaa... kids will be back at school! BLISS..... I can get my house in order and enjoy the peace.

All sorted! Got the Kayak, paddles AND lifejackets for the kids with a $300 discount! Can't get much better than that.
Had lunch at Sylvia Park... and now?

Housework. Gardening. Sew Griffin's name on his new school shorts. JUST NORMAL STUFF.

Aaaaah.. always worth taking a photo of... a man working! In this case, Stew getting my summer vege garden prepared. I will be able to plant out tomatoes and lettuces next weekend.

End of Day: it's been a neat day! Nothing to add to that. nite nite.


  1. Gosh that wee bag is just lovely! But I am a sucker for bags.
    Especially ones with red on them. Have a great day. Fingers crossed the sun will come out today. :-)

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Ambury Farm day at Mangere Bridge is on today if you are travelling this way. Good for the kids.


  3. That little bag is great! I must have missed your post that day. I'm going to make pillowcases today.

  4. what a cute bag Chris! Well done :)

  5. LOve that bag you could make them for christmas ya know.
    Hows you tracking going?

  6. Can you look on ebay for a piping foot?

  7. And what do ya know 2 FINE DAYS in a ROW I tell ya YAY FRIGGIN YAY, BUT along with that COMES THE FROSTS!!!!!! yes FROSTS Samuel has butter chicken in crockpot as I type we will have RICE with it and beans etc, I WILL miss him a THAT means I now have to cook instead of him!!!

  8. That is a pretty bag and I can fully relate to dreaming about new projects. Sometimes I can't get to sleep cos the brain keeps thinking of colours and fabrics and blocks!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day. It's glorious here and I'm hoping to get a few holes of golf in with the boys later. If not, there's always sewing and washing and vacuuming!

  9. Why don't you start selling some of the things you are making. It will kill two birds in one stone, like giving you soemthing to do while maybe making some money along the way.

    Start canvassing the touristy outlets to see what is available people just love local crafts - I know I do and I'm sure you could come up with something that had a NZ theme the tourist would love it.

  10. You're sewing Griffin's name on his shorts? That's really cool. I'm lucky if I get round to hemming and other repairs. :]

  11. Chris I started Samuel cooking at around 2 GETTING familiar with foods and spices and stirring (like go to the fridge and get me the carrot or 3 potatoes) and scone making dough EASY STUFF at 8 he could pull out a batch of scones or muffins at 9 and 10 NACHOS and TACOS now at 12 and just 13 Roast chicken and veges just POP the chicken in herb and salt rub then peel all the veges WAIT an hour and pop them in ITS ALL COOKING eh and its ALL GOOD JUST start with easy stuff FUN STUFF Baked potatoes, Scrambled eggs omlettes ALL IN ONE PAN stuff KIDS pick things up pretty fast FRENCH TOAST IS a favourite!!

  12. Of course I am still about..ty for dropping by my blog and not 100% giving up on me... Chat soon maybe??

  13. So fun to hear of you just planting your garden, when mine just froze Friday night under a blanket of snow.

  14. I need to save my money too!

    You're going to love that Kayak! I have two!

  15. Chris, you and Stew are welcome here ANYTIME!

    Next year Hubby and I are taking a break from the Halloween parties, and going to come down your way instead, to celebrate our 20th anniversary. How about the year after that (2011) you come here for the party!

    My house is totally trashed right now, but it really is starting to look awesome. I'll post tons of pictures after the party. I try not to give too much away before the party, but it's just too fun not to share.

  16. Oh, for a minute there I thought you wanna make another baby.


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