Friday, October 30, 2009


The Sewing Machine Shop were going to ring me yesterday afternoon to let me know I could go and pick up my machine. THEY DIDN'T.. Yeah, how did I know that would happen?

So... I await their call today. AND I am going to draft a letter detailing all the problems I have had with it, every time I have taken it in to be 'repaired', how long it was away, the time involved (and lost) in taking to and from their shop... and then wait.

WHY WAIT? Simple, once I get it back and IF/WHEN it plays up again I am going to send them the letter... and explain my Consumer Rights... and ask for a replacement (BRAND NEW) machine... or my money back. There is going to be no more of this ... It has gone on long enough. Someone mentioned yesterday I needed to put my concerns in writing... and it's a very good idea. It's too easy to 'forget' a phone call....

So today I will continue sewing with their loaner machine, and await their call.

I am SO SO tempted to go down to the school and sit in Griffin's class ALL DAY to see just what he does all day... and how he copes. I know it is hard on him ... he obviously cannot keep up with what his classmates are doing... so WHAT IS HE DOING? Is he left to just twiddle his thumbs, get up to mischief? I want to know! I'm quite sure I won't be able to go down and sit in on his class though... for sure.
HOW COULD YA NOT LOVE THIS LITTLE FACE? Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth... I'm sure!


So, I have drafted a letter to the Sewing Shop... now I wait to get my machine back and see how it goes! Wonder if I will get a phone call today? What a great thing this blog is... I have all the dates documented here to remind me of when I took it back every time! Awesome.

***Drumming fingers on the desk****... no phone call.... hmmm.... what to do? I know! I will go do some retail therapy instead of sitting here waiting!

Stew and I have decided to probably get a Cross Trainer... our Treadmill is broken... and rather than pay hundreds to get it fixed... we are going to investigate Cross Trainers. So I am going out right now to have a preliminary look...


STEVE: "we chose this school".. ha ha, that made me laugh mate! WE did indeed choose this school as it was seemingly a very good school, you are quite right there. Treadmill: needs a new 'end cap' part.. costs hundreds... maybe not worth fixing?

I got sick of waiting and rang the shop.. NOW my machine won't be back until Tuesday. WHATEVER. Had a look at a couple of Cross Trainers, will take Stew back there tomorrow to look at them too. Rest of the day looms.. might just have a nap.. got woken up too darn early this morning... friggin kids! OH and I went for a walk this morning! I feel very virtuous about that... I do. lol

TWO HOURS! Yep, I took a 2 hour nap... no idea how that happened! I just lay on the couch and .... woke up with the kids knocking on the door to be let in after school! Totally shocked about that.

Anyway... it's been a good day really... didn't get my machine back but I have now decided what I'm going to do if it craps out on me again.. so hopefully you poor buggers will no longer be hearing about the SEWING MACHINE FROM HELL! Ha ha ha!

End of Day: yeah it's a bit early but hey!... It's friday night, I've shaved a few bits and bobs, lost a kilo in the process... plan on having a couple of drinks with Stewy tonight... and..... nite nite! *cheeky smile*


  1. Good luck for the machine and have a happy day :-)

  2. Chris, if you need documentation, I'm sure you can look over past blog entries. You have documented phone calls, and etc. all along.

    I associate with what is going on with Griffin. Emperor can read and spell like a champ but his handwriting is... not the best. Griffin has him beat in that department by a good long shot. I have heard many "he's going to be a doctor... just look at his handwriting!" comments about Emperor. Poor lil guy. Emperor turned 8 in August so our boys are half a year apart.

  3. He is such a beautiful boy, Chris. I'm sorry y'all are going through this, but hopefully things will get ironed out soon. You are such a good advocate for him. I think I'd be sitting in on class with him. That's not a bad idea, at all.

  4. well here you certianly could go sit in the class all day... i have done it before to see what the problem with my kid was... mine was bored to tears causing mischief ... but he was very excellerated and had his work all done ... as for the machine... i think you absolutely need to document as you have had problems since day one... and griffin is such an adorable guy! hugs to him

  5. Good luck with the machine, Chris. Don't take any nonsense from them.

  6. This whole griffin shit is really starting to piss me off, one of the reasons we chose that school is coz they said they had the resources and facilities to help both the kids, and they havnt done shit. I really hope Kip McGrath can help him. Oh and wats wrong with the treadmill???? i myt b able to have a look at it and/or fix it wen i cum up nxt week.

  7. Steve1:12 PM

    Well ill take a look at it wen i get up there, see if there isnt anything i can do. That school needs a serious ass kicking and a rev up!!!!!

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    u stand your ground girl with that machine and the school too.


  9. There's another line for your letter of complaint hon! Getting stuffed around with pick up dates!

    You go for it! It is not good enough to offer a service and not deliver it. If you buy a machine you expect to be able to take it home and use it, not have to keep taking it back.

    I am really curious to know what the actual cause it though. It's so lucky all those ladies at class saw it muck up. That's a bonus!

    Good luck and we look forward to hearing about the outcome!


  10. And no, butter wouldn't melt in that mouth, would it? lol! x

  11. Griffin is just too cute!

    The school sounds a bit slack - in this day and age kids shouldn't slip through the system, he shoudl be getting some remedial ongoing help. I know you are doing all you can. Good luck!

  12. Chris as a teacher of a child who has had similar issues as your wee fella I know how hard it is to put a program that works for them in place, but hell its my job!! I hope they are doing something for him.

    Have you looked at getting him tested for being dyslexia?? just I know that we had my we fella tested and they gave me heaps of things to try, this wee man is now reading at the right level and excelling and walla no behaviour issues either.. hmm funny how it is all connected. Its your right to see what they are doing for him, if they cant show you then you know they are doing nothing.

    good luck mate its a battle sometiems.

  13. GO TO FAIR GO!!!! and name and shame the outlet! and then see how friggin fast they replace refund OR JUST DAM REACT!!!! mongrels!

  14. Glad you found some way to relax after a most stressful day. Good luck with that machine of yours. Griffin cute thats for sure. Hope you get things straightened out for him. All the best for a fun weekend.

  15. I can't believe your swering machine is STILL not back! I say send the letter to the president of the darn company and copy every person you can think of. After this much trouble you should get a NEW machine!

  16. I think you need a new machine. That one is obviously a lemon!

    Your boy is so sweet, I hope he gets the help he needs.


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