Monday, October 19, 2009


Stew cooked dinner last night, sausages, mashed potato, peas and onions (lots of ONIONS)... so... I've been farting like a trooper! IT'S HIS OWN FAULT if he thinks I'm a bit stinky! ha ha ha!

GIRL GOING SKINNY: I don't think I plan on selling any of my sewing projects! I want to make them for the sheer pleasure, not for money. I sold my pottery years ago, and it wasn't fun having to make it after a while cos it became a 'job'.

Today I'm concentrating on UFO's... I have 3 I know I can get done today... and one that will take a lot more time. I keep putting that one off... The Star Quilt... dunno why it isn't done yet!

This afternoon Griffin goes to Kip McGrath for the first time too.... I hope he enjoys it... and LEARNS heaps! Cos it's costing HEAPS! Not that I mind if it helps him, NOPE, not at all!

I'm dying to start another bag too... do ya think I can slip that in too???

OH and let's not forget the BUTTON! I must go buy a button for Bag No#3.....

ABOVE: I got a button... OK, it's not THE MOST PERFECT, GORGEOUS button I was hoping for .. but it was the next best thing. I wasn't prepared to spend hours looking in different stores for THE BUTTON, that totally ROCKED... so this one had to do.
I'm home now.. and feeling jaded. Don't know why. Just am. Must be AGE catching up with me...
So... I take Griffin to the Centre.. we get there early ( 10 minutes )cos I wanted to be sure NOT to be late on his first day... and I got a lecture about being too early! Come on !... I explained how I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there, and not wanting to be LATE.. but he still gave me a lecture! FRIGGIN MAN IS A MORON.
I didn't feel that was a good start. So, now we wait and see how it goes. When I left Griffin was playing a game on the computer... and I said I hoped he wasn't going to be doing that too often, cos he can do THAT at home. Call it pay-back for the lecture I suppose. I. am. not. nice. I KNOW.
End of Day: and Griffin enjoyed his first lesson.. and has homework which he even seems happy about! Wonders! All good this evening, started work on Bag #4, which is for my SIL for Christmas. Hopefully at this rate I will have enough 'stuff' made by mid December to not have to worry about 60% of the family presents! They will be done... yaaaaa. nite nite.


  1. LOL Happy tooting! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, friend.

  2. dairy - stay clear after I eat icecream!!

  3. I do like all the little bags you are making.

    I think I might have to dig out my old material and put together something like that pink one. that is sooo pretty!

    Thanks for the idea!

  4. Could be you're jaded cos you cram so much into a day!!!!!

  5. Awesome bag :-)

  6. The bags so cute. I did Kip McGrath 10 terms (just over 2 years) and it truely help. The best thing my parents ever did for my education. But flip its bloody exspencive

  7. I love the bag Chris i will ahve to show that to my mum get her to make me one. hehe she is a quilter. I have shown her some of your quilts she was very impressed. I am blessed she makes us heaps of quilts the girls love them. Hope all goes well for Griffen

  8. When I went to Kip we worked for like 70mins and the last 10mins we were allowed to play games.

  9. Oh man that bag is GORGEOUS, i love it!!!!!!!!!.

    Daughter #3

  10. i would be totally pissed with the too early lecture. give me a break!!!!!! who is paying who here????

  11. Hi Chris

    I have been secretly, and now not so secretly, reading your blog for awhile now and I must say that you my friend are great!!

    Hats off to you.

    You have inspired me to drag out my old girl (sewing machine not Mother) and pull my finger out and get sewing again. It has been way too long I can tell you, the damn thing is probably going to seize up as soon as I step on her peddle!!

    Thanks again, blog well done!!


  12. Did you ask how early was considered acceptable? Sheesh. How to make a family welcome.

    Lovin' those bags.

  13. Wonder if I will be the last commenter for the DAY!

  14. Don't you love it? My husband always makes pasta and then wonders why I end up "tooting" for the rest of the evening!

    The bag turned out adorably! You are talented, Chris! It seems likes everything you do turns out nicely.

  15. So many cute bags you've got on the go. What a jerk that guy is, 10 minutes is perfectly acceptable arrival time. Hope Griffin does well. Take care.


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