Wednesday, October 21, 2009



I hope it's a nice day.
It has the POTENTIAL to be.

But knowing my luck.... it won't be.

I have 6 kids.
Two or three MIGHT remember it's my birthday.
One will definitely FORGET....or pretend to anyway.

Stew ..... will be a darling as per usual.
Brylee and Griffin will no doubt give me a card.
My mother... will forget most likely.

Last year I hounded EVERYONE so that at least ONE of my Birthday's would be IMPORTANT to more than just Stew.

So come on... cheer me up with a Birthday COMMENT.... I is a-waiting.....

ABOVE: Bag #4: just needs the button and some hand sewing now. Very happy with this one, hope my SIL likes it.

Stew gave me my FAVOURITE perfum for my bithday... ha ha ha! He kinda had to... I left the empty bottle on his bedside drawer as a HUGE HINT a week ago! LOL... he also gave me some smelly stuff to put in me bath and a bath pillow.... awwwww.

So the day has started out nice and smelly... the kids are going to school with my perfum on too.... just this once you understand!

It's a gorgeous sunny day out there today, hope it lasts!

ANNE: Ooooo Ginger Crunch! I'm drooling at the though! Meanie!

I have a confession to make: I have been going back to Weight Watchers for the past few weeks.. I tried a new meeting in Papakura.. HATED IT... so two weeks ago I went to Botany Downs.... AND I LOVE THE MEETING/PEOPLE/LEADER! LOVE IT ...LOVE IT....LOVE IT~! I have finally found my new meeting. OH and I lost 1.8kgs this week... AND I was invited to join a couple of the ladies after the meeting for a coffee! I am getting back into the groove! *smiles*

And to make my day even NICER.. I got home to 36 comments/emails waiting for me... I'm such a sook I cried! AND I had missed a phone call from SPARKLINGMERLOT in Australia too! BUGGER!

Gotta go ... teacher here to discuss Brylee now....Bloody hell, don't come to my house if you are all 'Prim and Proper'... cos I'm gunna make you blush! Ha ha ha! I think I SHOCKED her a couple of times with the odd 'bad' word.... too bad. We had a good meeting. Brylee is doing well scholastically...just not socially. We can work on that. I also got a word in about Griffin... and she is going to see what she can do in relation to him too. AWESOME.

Must go wash me mouth out with soap now....OR NOT! lol

End of Day: and YES! It's been a really lovely day, much to my surprise! I am HUMBLED by the number of lovely Birthday Wishes comments... I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.... you have NO IDEA how much each and every one has meant to me. IT WOULD APPEAR I AM LIKED! LOL and a huge *smile*.

Stew has gone out to buy dinner... something evil I'm sure... but's me birthday! I will continue to enjoy my day... and evening... and say nite nite now.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday - hope you have an awesome day :-)

  2. Happy birthday Christine! Best wishes for the year to come!

  3. Anonymous7:03 AM


    Hope it's a good one.

    Jackie (Akl)

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you get surprized and have a great one this year!

  5. Happy Birthday Chris! I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy your irreverent take on life, and your obvious gift in creativeness. You're a powerful, switched on woman :-)
    .....and you share a birthday with my husband. Hope you have a great day.

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Chris, Happy birthday to you!!!

    Hope you have an enjoyable day, and that the year ahead is filled with dreams coming real!!!

    x x Roz

  7. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!


  8. Happy Birthday Chris - I hope you have a fabulous day and get thouroughly spoilt! xxx

  9. Penblwydd Happus i chi
    Penblwydd hapus i chi
    Penblwydd hapus i Chris
    Panblwydd hapus i chi

    Tha's Happy Birthday to you in Welsh!!!!!!!!
    ( cos I was born in Wales and I can sing it in Welsh! ) XCathy
    Hope you have/had a GREAT birthday

  10. Happy Birthday Chris - don't worry about the family... It is those nearest and dearest who matter. I hope you have a lovely day.

  11. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Happy Birthday!!! Love your blog!

  12. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear chris
    Happy birthday to you. :-)

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!Hope you have yourself a wonderful day!
    LOVE this bag and the stitching on the handle. You are so clever. And FAST!

  14. Have a lovely birthday Chris!! Now if you lived a bit closer I would be on your doorstop with some home made ginger crunch!

  15. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a wonderful day xx

  16. Happy Birthday Chris,hope you have a great day mate!

  17. Happy birthday Chris - hope you have a wonderful day. Z xx

  18. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you have a fantastic day. I love your blog, and your talent doesn't end there your sewing creations are fab. Just love that latest bag!!! Many happy returns for day!! :-)

  19. Happy birthday to you from wayyyyyyyyy over here in Aus :)


  20. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Hope you have a super happy birthday and its SUCH a nice sunny day - arranged that just for you. Kate (rogers)

  21. Happy Happy Birthday. I hope the year ahead is filled with great times and lots of laughter.
    I do hope some of the family remember your special day.
    Have a great day.

  22. Oops, forgot to say Bag Number 4 looks brilliant. I'm sure SIL will love it.

  23. Happy birthday ya tart! :) hope you have a fantastic day, and get spoilt. xxx Your one top chick

  24. LOL - shall I send you some up??

    Then you would probably hate me after you ate it - so maybe not.....

  25. Hey Chris - have a great day xx HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  26. Happy birthday Chris! Hope that you have a wonderful day! xx

  27. Happy Birthday chris hope you have a great day


  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU AWESOME LADY THAT PUSHED THIS FAT LITTLE FUCKER OUT!!!! Your an awesome person, and I couldnt have asked for a greater mum! 51 years young and you still got plenty kick in ya, and for someone who has a lot of stress in your life your certainly aging well mum :)

    Happy birthday


  30. Happy birthday Chris and I like your new look! Hope you have a wonderful time!!! EAT CAKE!!

  31. Naughty Anne teasing you about ginger crunch LOL......I would have been with her though on your doorstep to share it with you both.
    Happy happy Birthday wishes and have a great day & may the years ahead be happy ones.
    It's going to be 35'C today here out west in Sydney......have had the air con all night and it is going strong now!!!!! Us kiwis and new baby don't want to melt :) :)
    Hugs from over the sea :)

  32. Sending you the BIGGEST Happy Birthday from Singapore. Hope its a great one! Krissy

  33. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a fab day and get spoilt rotten.

  34. Happy Birthday Chris, have a fantastic day.

    Love the bag- I am sure your SIl will love it.


  35. It’s birthday time again I see;
    Another year's gone by.
    We’re older than we used to be;
    The thought could make me cry.

    For getting older is not such fun,
    When there’s hurting in your back,
    And it’s agony if you have to run,
    And a pleasure to lie in the sack.

    Yes getting older is quite a bore,
    But to not get old is worse.
    So "Happy Birthday!" let’s shout once more,
    And to Hell with our ride in the hearse!


  36. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday - love your blog...


  37. Happy birthday from a lurker. I have been getting my diet coke rocks fix for a while, but didn't want to comment while you had the giveaway going. I wanted to say Hi for the right reason not because there might be something in it for me (see I do have some scruples!)

    So here's hoping that you have a fantastic day and that everyone sends you lots of love.


  38. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu,
    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  39. Happy birthday Chris. Hope it's a good one for you.


  40. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Happy Birthday my friend!!

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a fabulous day.

    My parcel arrived - awesome. I'd post some photos on my blog only blogger won't play :(

  42. Happy birthday to a gorgeous lady!

    Hope you have a fabulous day.

  43. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you enjoy it!

  44. Happy Birthday! I love bath pillows...I need a new one. Sometimes "wiser" can sneak in when you aren't looking.

  45. Hope you had a great birthday. The bag looks great. You sure do churn them out fast!
    Don't worry- I have to give my husband hints for gifts too. I'm about as subtle as a train wreck!

    Again, happy birthday!

  46. can't believe I am going to do two comments in one day.... i have been to a Botany meeting but never managed to stay (two children in hand never make it easy) which day did you go. Must start going back...

  47. Happy Happy Day!!! Hope you were spoiled rotten!!!

    Love the bag!!!

    Kudos on finding a great meeting and taking it off already!!!!


  48. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Happy Day, Happy Day, Happy Happy Birthday.

    I should team you up with my mother, she had a stroke a few years ago and she swears like nothing on earth. She tells everyone to shut the "F" up, even the TV if it is too loud, her doctor asked her how she was and she said how the "F" do you think, and then she wrote a letter of apology and these were her actual words, "It was the stroke that made me do it". You don't even have that excuse Chris...... We think she just loves it and uses that as her excuse. She is 88 next birthday and is a legend.

    Have a beautiful Day xxx

  49. Forget the soap, wash it out with chocolate! lol!

    Good news for the kids. Sam is way behind and our one shot at a tutor fell through due to overcommittments on the tutor's part. So, sadly, she is lost in the system.

    There is hope for Brylee. Our Hermoine, whom you have read about, was supposed to be socially backward, but since being with a new school and with us, she has progressed in leaps and bounds.

    Keep trying!


  50. Happy birthday Chris, I hope you have a great day..... and get spoilt rotten, like everyone should on their special day :)

  51. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Sing-a-long with Stevie...

    Happy Birthday to ya...
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday to ya
    Happy Birthday

    Have a lovely day Chris!

  52. Happy birthday Chris.

    I'm so happy your day is turning out great for you. I hope the sun continues to shine.

    The best thing is - it's not over yet.

    Have an awesome day.

  53. Pfft. Its your home say what you want! Yay for the weight loss

  54. Happy birthday Chris! Hope you have a wonderful day! xx

    I facebooked ya there!!!!

  55. Hi Chris, I hope you're having a lovely birthday! Good work with the hint dropping for stew! ;) glad you've found a meeting that's good for you... Have a lovely night tonight, K x

  56. Just thought I'd "de-lurk" and wish you Happy Birthday!! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it. Have a fab day!!


  57. Happy Birthday, girlfriend. I'm so glad it's been a nice one.

  58. Ok, I'm probably the last person to say 'happy birthday', BUT in my defense I have only just arrived home from work and logged straight on as I didn't get a chance to log on at work during the day.
    Hope your day has continued to go well, if I were closer I would mind the munchkins so you and S could go out for nice birthday meal.

  59. Well-I would hope that over 60 Happy Birthdays would chher you up chicky! LOL!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  60. Happy Birthday Chris! Have been dying to get on here to wish you a wonderful day! Hope you have had an awesome day and that some of the family remembered! I love that bag too! Awesome colours and great style!

  61. hope you have had a day filled with happiness, smiles, giggle and lots of love.
    many hugs chick.
    sandie b :o)

  62. aww the time daylight is here..i might have missed your birthday. sorry, but MANY happy returns of the day. you are sweet and yes, loads of folks like you. including me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love robin

  63. Annika the lurker7:15 PM

    A Birthday Workout

    Hike across green Ireland;
    Bike the USA;
    Backpack through New Zealand,
    But don’t call it a day…

    Do yoga in lovely Paris;
    Jump rope in Katmandu;
    Avoid Italian pasta,
    (Well, maybe taste, but don’t you chew!)

    Climb atop Mt. Everest;
    Do aerobics on China’s Wall;
    Lift weights on Mexican Beaches;
    And honey, that’s not all…

    Shake your booty with native dances
    In Fiji and Bora Bora;
    Move your body and exercise
    Like you’ve never done befora.

    Okay; that’s good; you’re finished;
    Now you can take a break;
    You’ve finally burned enough calories
    To have your birthday cake!

    /Poem by Joanna Fuchs/

    Happy birthday, Chris! Thought that this poem fits well here as you probably have readers from all over the world. All the best wishes from Scandinavia as well :)

  64. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Why didn't you confess to the WW earlier? Did you think we wouldn't support you!?

    Anyway edited my last post in the hope you'd cheer the fuck up! :P

  65. Happy Birthday!!!! hope your day was filled with love and laughter :)

  66. Happy Birthday mummy, hope you enjoyed your day,

    You know for a 51 year old mother to 6 kids and grandma to 6 you have done so good to keep us all going strong.

    keep doin wat your doing and try not to stress.

    I LOVE YOU NEW BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Happy Birthday Chris (you old yart!!!) ;-)

    Sounds like you had a nice day. Great news that you found a good ww meetings, sometimes just having the right support can make all the difference.

    Oh and what a lovely comment from Steve, what a gorgeous boy, he really loves his mum!

  68. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Happy Birthday Mummzi form your Son in Law '2' Be lol Tim.
    Hope your having a lovelly day.
    Lots of Hugs and Kisses.

    Love Lac 'n' Tim xoxoxoxoxox

    P.S Hohohohoh

  69. Happy Birthday my friend! I knew it was your birthday today but I was so darn busy, I never got to come visit blogging land till now. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!

  70. Happy Birthday Chris!!

    Congrats on the new WW meeting and the deleted kilos.

    Personally I look forward to your posts and photos so I have always thought you had the groove thing going on!


  71. Youve inspired to come back to blogging... I need it!!!lol

    Hope you had a fantastic day!!!!


  72. Lee-Anne L9:36 PM

    Happy Birthday to you Chriss Love your blog....One of my sons didnt talk to any teaches at school until he was 12 wouldnt talk to anyone outside the family you cant shut him up

  73. Nah we don't like ya, we just feel sorry for ya ... lol

    Happy Birthday mate - hope you have had the fabulous day that you deserve and that EVERYONE remembered!

    Good one in regards to WW too and congrats on the loss this week!

  74. Oh dear.... I am a bit slack off the mark arent I.... But anyhoo chick..HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!
    Time flies...doesnt seem that long since your last one!!!

  75. Helen9:58 PM

    Happy Birthday all the way from the UK Chris (i know technically your birthday is over, but here it has only just started!) ...i have been following your blog for a long time now, and really enjoy keeping up to date with what you and your family have been up seem like an amazing person, and i hope you had a birthday to match!

  76. Happy birthday!!
    Glad your husband got the hint!! And love that bag x

  77. Happy birthday Aunty and congrats on the weight loss this week!!

  78. H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y

    A*N*D T*H*A*T*S M*Y A*T*T*E*M*P*T A*N*D O*N*L*Y A*T*T*E*M*P*T A*T F*A*N*C*Y S*M*A*N*C*Y


  79. I can't believe it's a whole year since your last birthday. That just seems like only a few months ago. I am belated in my reading and therefore sending of my wishes, but I'm very happy to see that you've had a lovely day. Hope Stew brought home some yummy dinner and spoiled you some more. So glad the teacher was helpful for you, makes a difference when you know you have support.

  80. Happy Birthday Chris!! I'm so glad to hear that you had a happy day. Today is also the birthday of one of my dearest friends . . . so I'm thinking only the bestest people are born on the 21st of October!!

    I am thrilled to hear you've found a meeting that you like with friendly people . . . a 1.8kg loss--how good is that?!

    Best wishes for a great year, Lesley xx

  81. Dominique12:20 AM

    Hi Chris

    Happy, happy birthday! Hope it is a great year for you and keep up the diet.
    Take care
    Dominique x

  82. blame the time difference but i was just thinking it was about time for your birthday :) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!
    Love n hugs Laura

  83. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear chris
    Happy birthday to you.
    happy Birthday Chris,
    Long time Lurker,
    Sharnee from Aus!

  84. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Happy Birthday Chris
    From a frequent lurker in Dubai.
    I love your blog and thank you so much for keeping it up, it is a commitment that is really appreciated. Your day is usually the highlight of my day!

  85. Happy Birthday!

    80 Comments! How do you do it!

    I like your beach bag picture!

  86. Gee - I miss reading your blog for one day and almost miss wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    It sounds like it was a good one!

    Best wishes for another good year!

  87. Happy Day After Your Birthday, by the time you get this. Wishing you a wonderful year. Hope you had a lovely dinner. Congrats on the weigh in. Keep up the good work.

  88. Happy belated birthday Chris! Since I am a purse/bag freak - I LOVE that bag! you are doing a great job on them! Glad you had a great birthday

  89. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday , dear Chris- Happy Birthday to you - AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so glad that your day came out almost as lovely as you are!

    Also , loved your new bag you worked on!

    See, it does pay to get another year older!!!!!!!
    Linda -The Sewing Granny

  90. A little birdie (facebook) told me your birthday was today so I came by specifically to wish you a happy one.

    Damn time zones! It's still your birthday in the U.S. so I think you should celebrate again!

    Happy Birthday!

  91. Sounds like you had a good day!!

  92. Happy has been a while since I've ventured out...but your birthday is also my wedding I say...good day! :)

    Hope your day was marvelous...and that you are doing well! I still want to come to NZ to visit some day!!! :)

    God Bless!

  93. Anonymous9:08 PM

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