Friday, October 16, 2009


There we have it... the first bag....and the second one.

I 'upped' the pattern by 50%, what a difference it made! So much easier to sew...
I really like this one! The colours are more 'me'.... but I am going to give it to someone for their birthday next year I reckon. Unless Mike wants it! LOL..... it's his birthday next. (well.... AFTER MINE THAT IS)

During the sewing course last weekend we were encouraged to buy the Piping Foot ($64.50)... cos it was ESSENTIAL to doing easy piping.... MY ARSE! I used the zipper foot... not a problem! I'm feeling rather smug about that.

I think I have the bug for making this bag now... cos I want to make ANOTHER.... hmmmmm.... who else can I give one too???

Today: Sewing. Housework. EXERCISE! Yes, I will do some today... I will... I will.....

I went out to get dog food... found a really LOVELY new Pet Shop in Takanini... and as I'd heard an advert over the radio saying Spotlight were having a 20% OFF EVERYTHING SALE today.. I headed over there.

And their SALE was yesterday... but they honoured the 20% off anyway! AWESOME.... but I only got a TINY bit more material for another bag... cos I am so trying to save money for Christmas! *sigh*
ABOVE: today's material purchases, I totally LOVE the shell material! *DROOOOOOL*.
Teddy and I went for a walk this afternoon, before picking the kids up from school. He saw another dog.... and he went nuts... literally 'screaming' and howling at it... and then... he shat himself.... all down his back legs. MAJOR eeeewww! I was gobsmacked! Stoooopid dog. He is locked out of the house right now... I so don't need dogshit in me house. Pffffft.
I am looking at that material I bought today.... now I'm not sure the shell material is right for a bag like the other two? Maybe I will use it for something else. To cover it with fancy stitches will just kill it I reckon. Agree?
Bloody hell! I havn't even decided who is getting that blue bag yet... and the girls are demanding it! *sigh*... looks like I will have to make at least one or two more!
End of Day: having takeaways for dinner tonight... yaaaaa. I'm tired! Have a good weekend everyone, I plan to! nite nite.


  1. You should give one away on your blog ;o)

  2. Here's hoping your machine doesn't act up. Your creations are truly works of art, Chris. :]

  3. You could give one to me!! or the pattern even. It's gorgeous Chris. I like the bigger one.. I'm guessing it's not as fiddly???

  4. So does that mean we can add BAG lady to your reportoire!!!!!(sp) lol have a nice day

  5. You are one very talented lady Chris ... have fun making the next bag.

    Speaking of bags ... I tracked down one of the styles of "kiwi" bags two blocks from work at a souvenir shop - so thank you for that. Have purchased four to send overseas as part of the Christmas pressies.

    Have a good day. Happy sewing!

  6. love the colour on that one its more you. Very PLEASED i am with your menu planning. YOU ARE WINNING the battle now :-)

  7. u r a clever chick Chris

  8. Looks like a perfect cosmetics bag!

  9. ME ME ME ME ME :) those are just too cute I love the bigger one bestest!

  10. Well done. I like your choice of colours.

  11. I'm drooling over the bags! WOW.

  12. It's amazing to me to see the pictures you showed yesterday turn in to the bags you showed today. Back in my sewing days, a long time ago, I always had trouble with zippers...couldn't get them flat. You did a beautiful job on the bags.

  13. Well, Chris-Honey - looks like you could just "belt them out" because all of us love them! Maybe you should open you a store on Etsy or E-bay and sell them??????????

    I love your fabric also - the shells and the pink are just my cup of tea! I am so glad to see you "letting your light shine" and it shines BRIGHT!!!!!
    hugs, Linda -The Sewing Granny

  14. Hi - just catching up on all your news - love that blue bag! and also noticing that you've changed your hair colour ..... love it! Z xx

  15. My Janome came with a piping foot!!! Not that I've used it! Maybe if you posted the pattern for those cute wee bags on your blog I'd have go!

    Those fabrics are gorgeous. I deliberately didn't go to the Spotlight sale as I am trying to save money and have more than enough material. If I need a specific piece for a project I'll go but I'm NOT adding to the stash. But I guarantee that next time I'm in a fabric shop I'll succumb to something!

  16. Bag looks excellent. the new pink one will be even lovelier! can't wait to see that one made.

    Spotlight had a sale here too Thursday but I missed it.

    Keep up the good work, it's looking great! xx

  17. Good on Spotlight for still giving you the discount. I went there yesterday to get a rug for Kelz birthday. They mucked up the advertising here too.

    Hope your day was a good one.

  18. You never cease to amaze me with your creations! Those bags are super cute.

    I also need to get back to exercising. It's not fun when pants start getting a little snug around the middle and hiney. The plight of women I suppose.

  19. This is why I have cats!

  20. Amanda5:51 PM

    I WANT THE BLUE ONE!!! ITS MINE! IVE BAGSED THE BAG. Andrew will collect it next week.... HA

    The next one you do, put two handles on either side, and Ill have a new handbag. Sweet! And do a little one so I can have me lipstick and lil bits in it... Then Im sorted and happy...


  21. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Ow ow ow i love the bag make me 1 PLEASE. Preety please with a big cheery and lots of chocolate on top...Ho ho ho lol

  22. I really like the blue one - the large size works well. Maybe you could add some straps/handles...?

  23. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Can I please have a purple and silver one lov num 2 hohoho

  24. ohhhh cute bags, love them !!!

    Love the new materials....

  25. Oh now you're just showing off ... lol ... is there no end to your talents girl?

    Ewwwww indeed, I bet Teddy isn't going to get another walk anytime soon if that's what he does on it!

  26. Teddy is certianly having his problems, isn't he? Sometimes it makes you wonder just WHY you wanted a pet, doesn't it?

    The bag turned out wonderfully and the bigger size is very nice.

  27. Good luck at the weight loss clinic. I had to rejoin Weight Watchers found out I was over my goal by 20lbs.

    You sew well. I cannot imagine how you find the time to do this. My wife is a weaver and makes mohair teddy bears and it takes forever. So I realize how much work is involved in crafts.

    I am trying to get back to writing music and am having a hard time just trying to keep up with my blogging friends.

    I have been on this computer now for over two hours and still have a long way to go. Time just fly's by.

    I am making bacon wrapped chicken breasts and mashed potatoes and veg. for supper. Only 8 points. So I must get going or my get and go will have gone. Have a great weekend.

  28. Anonymous8:09 PM

    At all I do not know, as to tell


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