Friday, October 31, 2014


After thinking yesterday was Friday.. it's nice to actually be at the end of the week.

Patchwork class this morning.  I'm looking forward to starting a new project.
I've not finished Beach Babes yet, but it's not far off being finished, so I'm not going to feel guilty about starting something new.

Hopefully the tutor can help me do the Mariner's Star.  I think she had a 'foundation' piece in mind for me to do, but I want to do the star.

When I get a chance, I'll take a photo of the fabrics I plan to use and show you... before I leave.

CRANKY:  done!  Good call... it did enter my head too... fleetingly.


 ABOVE:  A recent photo I stole off my friend Tracy's facebook, of her two girls... Molly from our 2nd litter, and Ruby from our 3rd litter. Aren't they just adorable!  I can't get over how dark Ruby has stayed.  And Molly looks just like Coco in colouring.  Awwwww, they are both so cute.

Right, I better get moving... catch ya later.


ABOVE:  I'm using these batiks for my Mariner's Star, what do you think?  

In class today... I had to 'sew' stitching lines on the Freezer Paper of my Star, not using thread in the machine or bobbin.  ONLY... my sewing machine refuses to sew without thread eh?
Didn't know that.
Now I do.

So... I did some more work on Beach Babes, so lucky I'd taken it along with me 'just in case'.

I had a really lovely morning, the ladies yak among each other lots... our conversations today included possum heads in the house, neighbours lying dead in their homes unnoticed, M's trip to England/France/America, chocolate pistachio slice and heaps more interesting things!  What fun. *smiles*

I got myself a Subway sandwich for lunch... OMG I forget how lovely they are. 
Stuffed now... am going to have a bloody nana nap.  I must have slept 'wrong' last night, I've got a darn sore neck today.

The 'nap' didn't happen.  Why does the phone ring when ya lie down, but not once during the day before that?  Grrrrr.

Oh well... no harm done I suppose, I should sleep well tonight now.

End of Day:  a quiet day really, which was rather nice.  Looking forward to a nice weekend with no annoyances, fingers crossed.
nite nite


  1. Good luck with the Mariners Star! Thanks for all the well wishes and I hope your doing well yourself. Sounds like you need the weekend for a little rest. Cheers!

  2. TGIF is all I can say !!! Have a great weekend !
    Me xox

  3. Love the fabric Chris. I cant wait ti see your star.

  4. :) Love your work Chris xx

  5. Love Subway too…our favourite takeaway :-)

  6. For the first time ever, I'm reading your Friday post on Friday! (Except I bet it's Saturday there now...)
    Have a good weekend!


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