Thursday, October 04, 2012


Ya all know Steve (son) has a badly sprained ankle eh?  Well the other night Stew decided it would be good to strap it up to help support it while it heals. Steve has a fairly labour intensive job, and he needs to start doing a bit more at work ... so some hair had to go!

ABOVE: using his beard trimmer to get the long hairs off...

ABOVE: it involved a bit of twisting and turning...

ABOVE:  then came the razor... cos the last thing ya want is hairy legs when you want to get the tape off!

ABOVE:  Stew taping up the offending ankle.

ABOVE:  All done. Apparently soaking the tape in Vodka helps get it off again without too much pain.  Can't think of a better use for Vodka.

ABOVE:  I couldn't go without showing you another puppy photo!  That is Pepper on her back.  So darn cute.
OH!  Their eyes are starting to open too!  I love it when that happens, they look even MORE gorgeous.

So.. I'm feeling a bit down today.  It's cold!  And I'm just a bit grumpy.  So, while reading blogs/commenting I eat:  half a tube of Pringle chips and 3 chocolate biscuits.  Cos they WERE THERE eh?  
I know ... I know I shouldn't be eating stuff like that.  But, I'm going to see the Dr tomorrow and I have decided I WILL START taking the diabetes medication.  MAYBE if I start looking at my situation SERIOUSLY I will find the will to care?
Cos I really don't care.  I don't give a shit about myself at all... and that is my biggest problem.  I care about everybody else, but not myself.
How does one address that?

I now have chronic heartburn AND a headache.  Serve me right.

Lunch is done.  Then caught up on lots of blogs... not enough, but as there is over 600 in my Google Reader list still unread, I give up.  I really hope to keep on top of it better from now on!  
Right now?  We are off to pick up Keera for the night.

So, we get the baby home and she cried and cried.. I'm sure she is starting to recognise places that are not 'home'... cos she looked around and just cried!
So I put her in the bassinet and put her in front of the TV with Spongebob Squarepants on... and she fell asleep right away!  Hmmm... I do believe she is used to watching the telly!  Little imp!  

ABOVE:  even with this face on she's bloody cute.

Weird, I thought I had updated since this afternoon?
Oh well... what have I been doing?  Feeding the family, and getting baby fed and down for the night.  I hope she sleeps till at least 5am!
I can live with 5am.   3am?  Not so much.

End of Day:  it's been a nice day sort of.  The puppies are doing well, Coco is still being an amazing mummy and Teddy still wants to get hold of Keera's used nappies!  Ikky dog.
Steve and Bex have taken Brylee and Griffin to the mall so Brylee can choose her Birthday game, and I think they were getting her new slippers too.  She needs new ones something rotten! She has killed her last pair.
nite nite


  1. Those puppies are just too cute!!!
    LOL re steve!

  2. Years ago i severly tore ligaments in right aankle 9 weeks no driving walking or work! I used arnica Symphytum for severe strains sprains and ligament damage, and the same in ointment the first being drops for internal the latter topical ointment. Now a man had done the same injury as me I healed 5 weeks faster than him and was more mobile and flexible in movement than him I swear by it and the Physio where i went too they now prescribe both products.

    Puppy pepper is the cuteset that belly totally waiting to be tickled!

  3. Chris, if you don't take care of yourself you won't be able/around to take of everyone else. Plus you won't be around to write your blog and we would miss you. So please, please put yourself first for a change. We love you and want you to be healthy and happy. Hugs...

  4. Would you care about losing your eyesight, kidney function or getting dementia? Cos that's where uncontrolled diabetes can take you. Just keeping it real, and because I care. Take the meds! They are not bad, they make your cells more sensitive to insulin and have few side effects. XX

    Puppies are so cute. It's in my 'one day' plan to have a dog again. For now, I don't have the time to look after one, and travel too much anyway. With cats, you can go away for a month, and when you get back they just give you a 'oh, you're back then' look, and continue whatever they were doing (sleeping, usually).

  5. Big Hugs Chris -

  6. I think I know where you're coming from on the I don't care front. Some days it's hard to muster the effort to chew through the straps...

    Taking meds for a condition is a pain the butt, and then again if you don't the kids are gonna miss their mum/gran so much. :(

    The pups get cuter every time I look.

    And I think it might have been something to do with my ears - my sinus have been 'heavy' with a blocked nose for a few weeks leading up to that. :)

  7. Those puppies are too cute! I would take one for my kids in a heartbeat! I was thinking about you today and was thinking how I needed to get caught up with your blog. I a feeling better thanks. Although with all our weather changes and the cold weather moving in, it's making managing pain difficult.

  8. I can't believe he sat there and let you take pics of him shaving his legs!! Lol!

  9. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Cute as a button grumpy or happy


  10. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Your puppies are so damn cute. (That could be taken the wrong way - I have worked with teenage boys for too long).

    Re the diabetes.... I am the last person to get on a soap-box and tell you what to do... but you should care about yourself so you are here for Brylee, Griffin and Keera - they have some magical days ahead of them like their 21st Birthdays not to mention a wedding or two.... I don't mean to rub you up the wrong way... but there are a lot of us blog-friends who care about you and it is sad to read that you don't care about yourself.

    My mum wasn't all too healthy and it was seeing a few of her friends pass away that spurred her to take hold of her health and she has lost heaps of weight and believe me she was a very big lady all my child-hood she struggled with her weight which is why I have such a fascination with weight I think - seeing her struggle day in day out. And she had a 25 pkt a day smoking habit too which she kicked and luckily I never had.

    I know YOU have to want it. You can't do it until YOU want to do it... but you will have a ton of support from all of us when you are ready. We care about you!!

    Don't be pissed off at my comments... just know there are people you haven't even met who care about you!

  11. Your pictures are always interesting... If I ever shaved my legs, I sure wouldn't let my Mom take pics of it!
    Have a good weekend

  12. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Had to laugh at Steve...wouldn't the bath tub been a better place? Looks like Dad has him all fixed up! The puppies are my favorite part of your posts. Love all the photos!! Can nevcer have too many for me!! Keera is getting so cute, doesn't matter if she has a sad moment or two!! ....debbie

  13. Awww poor little pumpkin! Glad she settled down for you!


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