Monday, October 08, 2012


Today I give you a couple of videos of the puppies that I took last night:

ABOVE:  makes me so glad we only have one baby at a time (usually!)... they really go at it now, poor Coco!
ABOVE:  in this video we see Dill having a wander, and Saffron is crying, so Coco jumps in to check on them all.

ABOVE: one of our darling, ladylike girls (Poppy)....

ABOVE: and Chilli, NOT ladylike!  lol 

Very important item on this morning.  I'm taking Lacy to Court so the ''legal eagles' can sort out custody/access issues with wee Keera.  I will keep Keera with me while Lacy is in court. 

Fingers crossed everything works out best for Lacy and Miss Muppet. 

ABOVE:  this is what I worked on yesterday, it's a wall hanging for a friend's wee boy in Australia.  Christy, I am posting it to you this week.  I hope you like it... and I hope I still have your address! 



Somehow or other Lacy has managed to attend her court hearing and come away knowing NOTHING.  Except there will be a much longer hearing at some point.  *sigh*

We might just have to ring her lawyer to find out whats happening.

Keera is unsettle today... we think she's going through a growth spurt.

I have been taking Metformin for a few days now with NO side effects so far.  That is great.  When my Mum started taking it a few months ago she suffered violent vomiting and diarrhoea  and had to stop taking it altogether.

It's COLD today!  Wet and windy.  Apparently the South Island is in for more snow... spring?  Yeah right.  Totally unpredictable weather, one day sunshine and warm, then days like today.  It does ya head in!  Washing in ... or out?  Every day you have to think really hard before putting it anywhere!

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera today.  Baby ♥LOVE♥

ABOVE:  after taking Lacy and Keera home ... we stopped in at The Warehouse and I bought the kids some new Lego... that should keep them happy for a while.  They've been such good kids over the holidays (so far)... they deserved a wee treat.

End of Day: It has been a lovely day on a whole...small hiccup this afternoon... but I took a few deep breaths and let it pass.  Keeping my Dr's instructions firmly in mind.
Bex arrived up from Hamilton just in time for dinner... shame is was a 'fast and simple' dinner.  I got caught up with me Mum on the phone... so didn't quite cook what I had intended.  
nite nite.


  1. All the best at the courts Chris, and love the hanging for Corbin! You are so talented!
    Have a great day

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Good luck today!!! Cranky

  3. What a bunch of hungry piggies. No wonder Coco has been stashing bisquits!

  4. Oh, they are sooooo adorable!!

  5. Precious puppy pictures.
    I hope things go well at court.

  6. Chris!!!.... how absolutely amazing!!!... when I scrolled down your blog this morning my heart almost *stopped*. All I can say is a huge and heartfelt "thank you" for that darling (and so, so clever) wall hanging.

    Truly, it is absolutely beautiful and so very special to me.

    Christy xxxx

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Got my fingers crossed for lACY

  8. Pups are just adorable What a noise. They look very well feed and have quite a lot of brown tonings (unless it is the light)

  9. Court and custody is always scary. i'll be praying for all of you!!! Hope they can see how great the babies life is!!
    love those puppies!! Coco deserves a steak. Lordy they are pigs!!! They are going to so beautiful wish you weren't so far away. Glad the family is doing well and all the babies are thriving. That medication can work well for people.

  10. Cute baby and puppies! Sorry I have not been around. I'm working two jobs now and IT at the full time job has the network blocking social sites. BTW, if you get a comment by iMaddy, it's probably my wife.

  11. LEGO! I love Lego. Keep the chewy puppies away tho!

  12. Seriously could Lacy lose custody or rather have to share.... I shake my head in despair and hope that the courts don't do something stupid making Keera's up bring rocky and unsettled - you guys are doing a wonderful job bring her up in a loving and settled environment.

    Have you considered taking Brylee and Griifin to the ice skating rink down at the ferry terminal/Britomart... my friend took her son's who had a fantastic time. It was free and they had an hour on the ice... just a thought if you were looking to get out and about.

  13. OMG, that picture of Keera and Lacy is beyond adorable! The bond they share is very evident in that shot. xxxx

  14. I'm thrilled to hear you are taking your medicine!! You should be feeling a ton better soon!! I sure did. I'm having to take B 12 because I'm feeling tired every afternoon at 4 - Just feel wiped out and cranky. The puppies are so cute! Too bad they don't stay dark. Cute photo of Keera and mom. I hope her court hearings come out in her favor in the end. What kind of guy is the father? ...debbie

  15. I bet Cocoa is exhausted lol. Makes me tired just watching them have a go at her!

    Love the wall hanging!


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