Thursday, September 06, 2012


Lacy's midwife went on holiday shortly after Keera was born. Now that she's back she wants to see Lacy and Keera again... just to see how they are doing.

So that's what us girls will be doing this morning.  

After visiting Debs we are going to Botany Downs for the hell of it... Bex wants to visit Baby City and there is one at Botany.

This afternoon I want to continue working on my current sewing project... so I'm looking forward to that.

Keera got a lovely new knitted set in the mail yesterday... so of course we had to take a few photos of her in it eh? ...

ABOVE:  with Granddad...

ABOVE:  trying for a smile.... she's getting better at smiling now...

ABOVE:  she really is a little doll...

ABOVE:  I am sure my Mother is going to love seeing these photos of her Great Granddaughter.

Right, enough coo'ing over little baby... time to get the day started...



Back... after a long morning out and about.
First off we visited the midwife so she could catch up with Lacy and Keera, I got a GORGEOUS photo of Debs and Keera:

ABOVE:  Debs and Keera... I really love this photo.  Debs is one of the most lovely girls I have ever met... her face radiates happiness.
And she's a darn good midwife.

After visiting Debs we went over to Botany Town Centre and had lunch.  OMG, we found a new place ... never seen one before:

 ABOVE:  a long line of ice cream dispensers... that have different flavoured yogurt in them... you just choose the size tub or cone you want, and help yourself to whatever frozen yogurt you want...

 ABOVE: like so....

 ABOVE:  then you choose what fruit you want.... or...

ABOVE:  or what lollies and or syrups you want... and there was over 4 dozen choices!!!!!.. then you pay...

ABOVE:  you get exactly what you want, in the quantity you want... and you pay by THE WEIGHT of your dessert! 
What an amazing idea.
THE KIDS are going to love it... there is one in Mission Bay too. 
Some how I don't think we will be going to Movenpik so often now!

PINKY:  in the foodcourt at Botany Town Centre, beside Oporto.

Day is winding down... we had a lovely dinner of chicken drumsticks and potatoe/vege fritters.  Was yum.

Once Coronation Street is over I am going down to the garage to sew for a little while.


  1. Keera is so pretty! And Grandad looks so pleased with her!

  2. Nicole8:42 AM

    She is a beautiful baby!

  3. Keera is gorgeous in the set, she is so looking like Griffin I could look at baby photos all day.

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    What a beautiful knitted outfit! AND..she looks DARLING in it!! She is even cuter now if that's possible!!...debbie

  5. OMG! Keera looks so beautiful and just like a doll in that outfit!!! *cluck cluck cluck*

  6. Oh, she is so precious! Congrats all the way around!

  7. Oh My God she is so cute. There is nothing like hand knitted clothes to up the cuteness factor!!!!

  8. What a cutie she is and she does look like a little doll in that outfit.

  9. What gorgeous photos :) Have fun on your outing. I am looking forward to getting around the shops again once I have Jim sorted LOL :)

  10. That is one gorgeous grand baby you have there. What a doll:)

  11. WOW - I am going to have to go to Botany now -where abouts was it!

  12. Some of my friends are always at KiwiYo - I haven't made it there yet :-)

  13. wow......that shop looks amazing :) A great find :)

  14. Keera is a little DOLL!!!

  15. OMG ... I want one of those KiwiYo places here in Christchurch! I'm thinking I might have to arrange a quick trip to Auckland for one in the meantime. Thank goodness I have a friend that lives very close to Botany Town Centre :)

    Love the photos of Keera.

  16. oh my gosh keera is totally cute in that outfit luv it....Kiwiyo is awesome have been to the one at missionbay after walking 10ks so thought it was ok to have some lol

  17. Anonymous10:45 PM

    She is beautiful. Karen j

  18. Thank goodness she takes after her Mum (and Gran!!)

  19. Adorable pics in the little knitted outfit!

    Those yogurt places hit here a few years ago. Just be careful! I let my kids get some one day and it was $18 for TWO of them. Apparently they got all the heavy stuff lol

  20. I want one of those yoghurt places here!

    Keera is getting sweeter every photo I see:)


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