Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Miss Brylee is representing her school in Cross Country running today!
Stew has taken the day off work so he can help with transporting our school kids to the event.
And of course, he wants to be there to cheer our girl on.

She came 3rd in her school for her age.... so while we don't expect her to win, she is still going to have a good time.  She is a good little runner.  She got her running genes from Lacy of course!

I could NEVER run much at all... always had a problem with BOOBS.  lol

While they are out in the countryside in the mud, I shall be at the Hospice Shop... trying NOT to spend any money on unnecessary shit.

After the shop... I am going to visit Lacy and Keera... and maybe bring them back to mine for dinner.
We are expecting Bex sometime this afternoon too.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook last night!  It's awesome... such a good idea!  I am going to make me one... just as soon as I can find the time.
I am going to put the year of birth on one side, and the Name and Date on the other.  Hopefully I can find the materials I will need cheaply at Spotlight.


ABOVE:  today's treasure... a little black dress for Brylee, a t-shirt that Lacy grabbed, a cute wee shirt for Baby SJ, two necklaces, a glass bucket (could be used for anything really) and an amazing jug!  It's 'numbered' so probably worth a darn sight more that the $2 I paid!

ABOVE:  Lacy showing me treasure off...

ABOVE:  close up of the glass bucket and jug.

ABOVE:  Lacy in the Disney T-shirt.  I had bought it for Brylee.... but she nabbed it.

Stew and Brylee just got home... she didn't 'place' in the top positions... but had a good time anyway.

CRANKY: WOW, ya like something !!

So... Stew was home... so we went grocery shopping.  OMG shopping for groceries makes me so damn crabby.  I HATE IT.... not the buying it so much as loading it into the car, then getting it out and putting it away... I loathe it.
I've just had a bit of a hissy fit at everyone... I even threatened to tip diet coke on Bex's head. Over it.  Got a sore back .... it went into a spasm at work this morning and now it's really sore.

Dinner is in the oven too... lamb chops in thick mint sauce.... Yummy.

End of Day: So... dinner is over, kids are in bed, and I'm going to bed too.  Rather tired tonight... and me feet hurt.  
nite nite.


  1. I love the birthday idea. VERY cute. I would love to see yours when it's done. :)


  2. Love the birthday board - Spotlight will have the supplies

  3. Oh I LOVE the birthday calendar! That is awesome!!! Surely it wouldn't be to hard to make??

  4. Cross country shite after the rain we have had it may be a mud run!!! lol I loved cross country I was a distance runner like long off in the distance but I enjoyed it, I am LOVING the birthday board!!!!

  5. I LOVE the birthday idea!!! I might get brave and try to make one as well!!
    Good luck not spending money at the Hospice shop! teehee :)

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Go Brylee...You Can Do It..Love #2 n Your Little Sis

  7. Good luck to Brylee...she should be very proud of herself.

  8. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Good Luck Brylee. Love the birthday idea, can't wait to see yours.

  9. Holy Crap even I like the birthday idea!!!

  10. Go Brylee!!! Good on her for doing so well.

    Lots if nice wee treasures - tell Lacy the younger ones are meant to borrow off the older ones - it is some law of nature or something so give Brylee her T shirt back :-).

  11. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Ugh - we just went grocery shopping too - hate it!! Its the putting away that I don't like... and everyone wanting to "help"...more like start scoffing the food.

    Am busting to get down to my sewing machine but every night I get home so tired I can't be bothered! One day soon...


  12. Funny - The ice bucket thingee that Lacy has is exactly the same as the one from here that I've just packed up for our Hospice shop!

  13. HEY! I do like SOME things - just like you, a right FUSSY MOLE! :D

  14. I ran cross country in school. I LOVED it. Good luck to Brylee. I'd like to see a cross country video of her crossing the finish line. (Hint hint)
    Big boobs are GOOD!

  15. Well done Brylee what an honor to represent your school regardless of where you places in the event.
    Chris that vase looks so adorable and antiqueish I'm sure it's well worth the 2 dollars you paid for it.
    And I totally agree with the food shopping I hate it to but it has to be done.
    Can't wait till December to meet you all I am a tad (heaps) excited about it :-)

  16. Anonymous3:06 AM

    How exciting that Brylee is running Cross Country!! That is wonderful and how GREAT she came in third one time! Gooo Brylee!! Both our kids were track kids, and we loved it!! I love the Birthday board!! What a cute idea!! I don't like to grocery shop either. yuck....debbie

  17. Grocery shopping sucks! I hate that it cost so damn much too!

  18. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I think the numbers on your jug is the pattern number. Look on net if you know the maker. Good find for that price though. x


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