Sunday, March 06, 2011


Last night I had a good play around with me new camera... tried lots of different settings, colours, shutter speeds etc.  It is difficult NOW to know just what I did, so next time I'm going to write it down as I change things!
But for now ... here's a few I took:

ABOVE:  obviously the differences are only slight!

ABOVE:   I have no idea what settings I used for these two!   But the bottom one is quite cool I reckon.

TODAY:  NO plans yet.  Stew is having a sleep in... and I'm trying to do a bit of housework QUIETLY...

Accomplished so far today:
-all wet towels in and re-spun in the washing machine, got Stew to hang them on racks in the garage.
- general BIG tidy up.. sooo needed doing!
- had shower and got dressed at 11.30 am! 

Handed Steve the duster and said "Cobwebs".... he's yet to start... but he will I'm sure.

Later on we have to go out to Sylvia Park to pick up me prescription...

Steve's favourite saying (said with heavy sarcasm and drawing out the 'GARY'):  "You just got owned, GARY"... apparently from the movie "Balls Out, The Gary Houseman Story"... do I need to watch it?  Steve reckons I won't like it. 

We went and got me pills, then went for a drive down by the waterfront... and I gave me camera another go:

ABOVE:  with no zoom..... and:

 ABOVE: with maximum zoom!  Not bad eh?
It was a hazy day, so the photos are not as clear as I would like, but hey, still fairly good photos.

ABOVE: just a few more from the same vantage point.
After being here we went to Mission Bay for an ice cream... yum. 

Home now and thinking about cooking dinner soon.... we are having pork steak done on the BBQ.  Make ya drool?   *smiles*

End of Day:  another good day done and dusted.
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. Nice photos, Chris! I' completely useless where cameras are concerned...give me a "point and click" and I'm good to go! LOL!



  2. I am so glad you found me on my other blog. Don't you love playing with a new camera? I bought a new one a few months ago and haven't done much except shoot everything in "auto" mode.

  3. You're gonna have so much fun with your new camera! :)

  4. I want a new camera! *pout*
    Seriously, great photos!

  5. haven't seen the movie. The way to figure out the camera is to keep doing what you just did, use it.

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Regarding yesterdays blog, do rhinos poo like hippos and spray it everywhere? I haven't seen a rhino poo before.(god I must have a boring life to ask questions like that!) WOMBAT

  7. I am so bad with technology - esp things like cameras and video cameras. I avoid buying new ones because I know it'll take me a year to work it all out!!! Phones are the same. I have had the same phone for years, prior to that my phone was 5-6 years and I dropped it down an elevator shaft... sigh, was forced to get a new one.

    Love the pics!

  8. What do I win if I guess the two subtle differences on last pictures ONES colour ONES black n white?!!!! lmfaorofl cheeky eh

  9. Sheesh, that is a very impressive zoon to get in that close!

  10. O I agree with everyone - I LOVE the pictures ! I think they are beautiful-especially since I posted about my camera woes! LOL

    But your pictures are sooooo beautiful and yes, that zoom is something really nice!
    ENJOY and make many memories!

  11. Don't you love it?!!?? I love it!!!

  12. Anonymous3:19 AM

    I think your doing really well with your new camera. What was the city we saw? Auckland? It's really pretty and looks like a lot of new modern buildings. What?? no pictures of the pups?? yer slippin girl!! lol...debbie

  13. The last picture is my favorite!

    Sounds like a pretty productive day!

  14. I love the photos. Your camera is fantastic! You're doing very well indeed! xx

  15. Wow, that is an impressive zoom lens on your camera. I wish I had a zoom like that.


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