Monday, March 21, 2011


Today I am going to do bugger all but keep my legs up!


'Cos I've got swollen legs and feet something rotten!  All this swimming and stuff ... legs down.... driving and sitting in the car for ages... all means my legs have too much fluid  built up... Grrrrr.   Can't take me piddle pills when we are travelling...*sigh*

So, rule of day:  put feet UP.

Which is good cos it means I can read and comment on ya blogs! Yaaaaaaa.

Yesterday the only photos I took were of Shags on their nests... so here they are:

ABOVE:  the only thing I can say about the shags is... they were noisy.   The view of Goat Island was at low tide... still gorgeous.  We swum right over to the island yesterday too!  Saw so many fish and an ENOURMOUS snapper!  HUGE .... it was awesome.   And the water is still so warm!  I will be so sad when it's too cold to go swimming.

ONWARD.... got to get the kids to school, do a bit of washing them put me feet up...

I have been reading and commenting on blogs for over 4 hours... I am going cross-eyed!  Must stop .... hope I got to visit your blog.. if not... sorry!

Must now get dinner sorted out...

End of Day:  well I really havn't been a busy bee on my blog today have I?  Been reading lots of YOUR blogs ... feels good to have a good catch up. 
DIET: so-so
nite nite


  1. Shags are big ugly creatures too, but hey they exist and there good fish catchers!!!

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I hope you were good to your work and really did put your feet up. Enjoyed your photos of the birds and of course the photo of Goat's Island is GREAT!!...debbie

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot Chris! you'll have to get some wetsuits for when the water is cooler :0)

  4. That island looks pretty gorgeous!

  5. The photos are great. I think I like the Goat Island one best. :)

  6. O Chris!
    Your Pictures are Beautiful! What a lovely adventure you all shared!

    I loved the birds too - that was a really neat "catch"!

    I am so sorry about your legs.You are starting to sound like me - tell those legs like I do mine - "GET WITH THE PROGRAM!" We have too much to do to put up with their bad behavior! :-)

  7. Hi Chris

    Thanks for visiting my blog - much appreciated.

    Do try to find a cheap photography course. Mine goes for 8 weeks, plus an excursion (which was the class on Saturday). Tomorrow's class will be in the city at 8pm. Really looking forward to that one.

    You will learn heaps. you know all those settings you used for your shots of the kids? Well, forget it! You won't use any of them! You will learn shutter speed, apature, flash composition and ISO settings - and how to look for the unusual! Go ahead! It's sure worth it! xxxxx

  8. The last pic you took? Looks almost like a painting! You have a good eye.

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! Make sure you get your feet higher than your heart. It does take a LONG time to get around to everyone doesn't it?

  10. That island is absolutely beautiful. Those birds are neat to look at - I guess I am happy I couldn't hear them!

    Hope your legs and feet are all better and ready for more action soon!

  11. Sounds like you had a busy weekend too. Hope the swelling goes done and you are feeling better soon.

  12. you need the fish to relieve your aching feet! oh my, they are amazing!!! they suck on your feet and get rid of the dead skin and it's also like a massage... oh yeah! heaven!

  13. Hope your legs get better soon!


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