Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Today I have Hospice.. I will not buy anything.
I better not!

When I get home I will have to go and buy a tiny bit more fabric to make a cap for Brylee for her class trip tomorrow.  It will only cost $5, I can do that.
Griffin starts the Speld lessons again tomorrow and that is $75 a lesson!  Oh well... it's only money eh?

What else?  well I started taking the anti-depressants again last night... for the hot flushes.  I hope they kick in real fast cos the flushes are really bad.  They are draining.  I am SO OVER THEM, they make me even crabbier than 'normal'... which is so not good.  lol

OMG I'm so thrilled!  I found the PERFECT straw boater hat for Brylee to wear tomorrow for only $2 at the Hospice Shop:

ABOVE:  now she is good to go... doesn't she look so cute!... and I don't have to sew her a cap afterall.  SCORE.  What you ya think of the cute wee bib front apron I made last night???  I'm rather chuffed with it.

Home ... having me lunch... then later on it's Parent Teacher Interviews ... oh Yaaaaa.

Why do we bother with Parent/Teacher interviews?   I didn't learn anything I didn't already know.  It was nice to chat to Griffin's teacher though, she's lovely.

Dinner tonight:  chinese...Stew is bringing it home.   I'm tired.  I wanted a break from cooking.  It's raining again... so the temperatures have dropped which is so nice.

End of Day:  a neat day here, stuffed from too much dinner... oops.
DIET: again, so-so
nite nite


  1. Are Hot flushes what we call Hot flashes? I'm not sure.

    $75 a lesson? HOLY COW!

  2. OMG I am so glad I do not live in Auckland for SPELD lessons, how they can justify that price I have no idea no matter how bloody good they are, the max I have ever paid is $45 and now we only pay $40... and we have had some brilliant teachers. It is not like they have to travel either.

  3. Heres an idea INVOICE it back to the school for NOT getting onto the problem earlier!!! that's an outrageous price BUT the up side if he is getting great learning then yay.

  4. hope the meds help... and you must come see beths quilt i picked it up yesterday!!!! just beautiful!

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    So...your just going to whip up a little cap for Brylee huh!! You are really good!! I hope the kids appreciate you sewing skills!...debbie

  6. Brylee looks adorable! She actually looks like one of the people in Renoir's "The Boating Party" - perfectly Victorian!

  7. Love the apron! I want a pinny like that! Great outfit, she looks very cute.

  8. oh she looks like hollie hobbie....hmmmm showing my age? or what lol
    very cute

  9. Brylee looks perfect!!

  10. Brylee - just so cute!!

    Looks like one of little grandsons (the youngest) needs remedial reading, one year at school, bright as a button - but just can't get the reading bit, here's hoping he doesn't need SPELD but not sounding that hopeful...

  11. Chuffed is that on your vocab list? Happy or pleased I inferred. You crack me up with your talented self. Yes Brylee looks darling in everything you just whip up!! Wonder why your tired? Chinese is so good......
    And hope you get some help from your flushes I call them power surges myself. We women could solve the energy crisis if that stuff could be harnessed.

    So did the sheap get sheared? Between me and me daughter I am sportin a bloody crewcut!!!!

  12. Good luck hope you feel better soon. Brylee outfit looks great.

  13. She looks so cute!

    I hope the antidepressants work. My mom said she's read that if you avoid carbs and sugars it helps a lot.

  14. O I dearly love Brylee's outfit! That is drop dead pretty! Plus, she is a doll! Love the hat too!

    I can't wait to see how you decide to make your mitts! come on now- you know I will be in suspense until you do it!

    UMMM - Chinese - YUMMY- probably my favorite food!

  15. So cute?
    You are very talented!
    But really!

  16. I love how you say that you aren't going to buy anything, and then in the next breath show the great hat you found for Brylee. You are right, it is perfect.


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