Saturday, March 19, 2011


*whoops*... RUNNING VERY LATE TODAY!  I slept in.
Then we had to go do the grocery shopping right away as we have a rather busy day ahead.

We hope to go to the local beach (Maraetai) this afternoon to try out the goggles/masks and flippers... 

Then we have to hot foot it home in time to get ready for J's 40th Birthday Party in the city!

It's supposed to be a dress  up party, Theme 'F'... but I have no idea what to wear?  Nor does Stew.  *sigh* 

Here's a few photos from yesterday's visit from Amanda, Andrew and Emily:

ABOVE:  Yep, she's gunna get 'Mother of the Year' Award for this!

ABOVE:  Emily really didn't mind.. she got her dummy back!  We laid her on a blanket on the table and she went to sleep... awwwww.  (dummy = binky, pacifier, whatever YOU call it!)

ABOVE:  another good shot using the 'pinhole' setting...

 ABOVE:  this is a lovely photo... I'm getting better at taking night shots just takes using the camera for a while to suss it out.

ABOVE:  Yeah she jumped on him for a cuddle, still Dad's girl.

ABOVE: this proves a cute kid CAN take an awful photo sometimes!  lol


When we go grocery shopping we all 'guess' how much it will cost.  Today Stew guessed $640, I guessed $589 and Steve guessed $520...sadly we were all WRONG.   We spent $751 !!!   I think we are broke now!   My god what is happening to the cost of food???  Anyone else been given a heart attack at the checkout lately???

***  we shop on a fortnightly basis... and buy fresh fruit and other sundry items during that time too ***

Off to get ready for our night out now... YAAA to having a live in Babysitter again! 

End of Day: just got home from the party... had an excellent time! Time to hit the sack.
DIET: not bad!
nite nite


  1. Emily looks precious. Not the best pic of Brylee....she'll get ya for that :)
    I think every mom has had the pacifier in her mouth at one time or another.

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Holy Crap! I thought our shopping was bad.... for a couple with a 5 year old and a kitten it's normally around $230 per week (today was $180 - go me!!!).... bloody fruit and veges are expensive though - would LOVE to have a green thumb and have a garden - in theory it sounds good but I hate bugs so wouldn't probably go near it!!

    Have a good day - it's turned out to be nice and fine! I thought we were in for a bit of rain.

    My family are all asleep so I am having some "alone" time and making soup.... not such a good idea on a hot day but it smells yum.

    Have fun.

    Kate (

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I love the photo of Amanda and Stew! Baby Emily is just the cutest little bundle!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm trying to manage on $100 a week. It's horrible! Not only are prices going up by dollars, the packages are shrinking. Like we don't notice that what was a 35 pound bag is now a 32 pound bag. A pound = 2.2 kg.
    I have never spent that much you must eat really really good!!! Well then actually I already knew that because you cook really really good. Do I smell scones?

  5. I had to go find a converter to see how much that was. Holy moly!! You must have bought a lot of meat lol.

  6. AAAHHH - They are ALL so precious.

  7. Yep, with you on the grocery costs. We're trying to keep it to $350 per week (with 1 teenage boy and 1 pre-teen), but its hard. We're really shopping for bargains, buying cheap cuts of meat and cooking in the slow cookers. Making the most of $1per kilo apples and whole pumpkins for $2. The kids have had it with pumpkin soup already, and its not even winter.... :-)

  8. WTF???... $751 is shocking!

    I have noticed the price of food has gone up around these parts... I try not to buy too much processed food and make meals from scratch. Seems to be more cost-effective...

  9. Emily and poker HAHAHA she's Nana's girl alright. The cost of shopping is certainly on the rise when you buy toiletries cleaners and alike they add $5 an item immediately, but for that amount of money were you buying restocking and was it for more than one week!!!!

  10. $751!?? Whaaaat on earth was in the basket!?? I need to see pics next time of this gold plated food!

  11. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Costume ideas could have been Fred Flintstone, Fireman for Stew and Fairy or french maid for you! WOMBAT

  12. ok well thats $375 a week for 3 adults 2 kids and 2 dogs which is $85 per person per week which is about $12 per day so that is QUITE in the normal range don't ya think....

  13. I can't always think of a comment, but I love reading your blog. I always wish I was there, doing what you're doing! You always seem to be having fun!

  14. Love the pics and love the babys dummy in mommys mouth so normal! :)
    groceries... YES total sticker shock every darn time we go... it is insane what things cost these days... its as bad or maybe worse at the gas pumps... GAh
    love n hugs

  15. lol I always get a shock at the grocery check out!!! fresh produce has definately gone up!!!


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