Thursday, March 10, 2011


I can't believe it... I got TWO parcels in the post yesterday!


I hardly EVER get mail... real mail.

It's usually just bloody bills.  *sigh*

So imagine my delight when not one, but TWO parcels arrived!

I am spoilt rotten....

ABOVE:  the first parcel was from Naomi from Australia, who ran a Swap Group... this was her swap to me:

All wrapped up so prettily....

ABOVE: Ahhh another tart who knows me well!  Gorgeous nautical themed kitchen ware, a darling wee cupcake pincushion, some nautical fabric and a dear wee notebook cover.
Thank you so much Naomi!

ABOVE:  a box from America.... Oooo I know what this is!

ABOVE: Steve, Griffin and the dogs got stuck in opening it.... yeah there was a box INSIDE a box... lol

ABOVE:  Inside... from Debbie in the States... a darling wee egg pan (perfect for just ONE egg) and a bottle/can opener (Oh I don't have one either!).  I saw the wee fry pan on Debbie's blog a week or two ago and said how darn cute it was... and she sent me one!  How awesomely NICE is that???

ABOVE:  isn't it just too cute?  I am going to make Steve and I an egg sandwich for lunch... I will show you how the egg comes out eh?  lol

TODAY:  Taking Griffin to his Speld Lesson today... that's all so far.


Home from Speld, played a game of Poker with Steve and I WON!!!!  I smoked his tiny little A*$E!  LOL  ... probably never happen again.
He cooked some eggs for his lunch:

ABOVE: that darling wee pan in action...

ABOVE: his lunch is served... just need to add tomatoe sauce of course!

ABOVE: two photos I took last night... with a wee bit of 'touching up' ... they look neat eh?

How lucky can I get?   I don't have to cook tonight.. my 'boys' are cooking!

ABOVE:  Griffin is on BBQ duty and Steve:

ABOVE:  he's on veges... mashed potatoes with grated tasty cheese and greens.  OOOO I'm going to enjoy this!

Yes.. we seem to have half naked men cooking in our kitchen a lot I know!  Though it's usually Stew... .lol!

End of Day: Well the boys dinner was lovely!  Nothing like getting dinner served on a tray that you didn't have to cook. 
DIET: not bad.
nite nite.


  1. What nice surprises! That little egg pan IS really cute!
    I like the handle. Sounds like you are cooking some yummy food over there.

  2. I love your little egg pan, too cute! You got some really neat items from some sweet gals. :)

    Thanks as well for letting me know comments weren't working on my blog. They should be back up now.

  3. Thta egg pan is the shiz I bought friends of mine heart shaped egg pans (2) and they use them all the time they take one egg each too.

  4. Love the little egg pan, saw them here in a shop a while ago and was going to get one but wondered if i would use it enough lol... they do look cute though :-)

  5. How very neat to get some real, honest to goodness Mail -instead of BILLS!

    I love it all. You are right - somebody else knows about your nautical love.It always amazes me that these little packages Travel more in their one trip than I will ever travel in my life time. LOL.

    I have never seen one of those teeny little egg pans? Wonder if you will be able to keep a hold of it??????

  6. i'm so jealous, i LOVE parcels and especially surprise ones!! what a cute pan!!!

  7. What a dear litte eggy pan!
    Your pics are beautiful. Must be a great camera.

  8. Your pictures are fantastic! I love the little pan too! Very cute!

  9. It's always so much fun getting mail!! Sounds like you had a fun day!

  10. I love fried egg sandwiches! I ate them a lot when I was pregnant. For some reason they always sounded so good. Is that cheese under the egg? I don't put tomato sauce on it either. Just bread, mayo and the egg and maybe a little salt and pepper.

  11. Love the little pan! That's what I'm having for dinner tonight - eggs!

  12. Penny, NZ7:19 PM

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves tomato sauce and egg together! Just a bit messy in a soft bread roll...

    I recently bought an egg shaped thing that you put in the pot when you are boiling eggs and it goes a different colour telling you when they are soft, medium or hard boiled - works really well.

    Enjoy your dinner Chris!

  13. Mmmm, now I'm feeling hungry, drewl... and I'm NOT talking about the sandwich!!!!

  14. Keep the Half-naked men pics Coming Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. You know what I find really cute is your 2 dogs sniffing at the box. They have to be in on everything!

  16. Two parcels! How wonderful! I must say that I am just a tad bit jealous of your parcels. I could use one just about now - it is midterms for me.

    It was nice that your "men" did the cooking. You got to just sit back and take pictures. Perfect!

  17. Lucky you! I have one of those frying pans as well, they are great. Enjoy having your own personal chef.

  18. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Wow! the package really did come early!! I'm glad you like your little wee egg pan. I love mine and use it all the time. Am glad you like it. You'll love the jar opener! Each side opens different sizes and I use it all the time too. Was glad you didn't have one. I was worried that you might! Hope you enjoy them! ...debbie


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