Monday, October 12, 2009



Pfffft... he wasn't even watching what he was doing.. he was watching Bathurst on the Telly!.....

Hee hee, it took him a while to open it, every entry was cellotaped closed! There were over 335 entries! And yes, he ripped it getting it open....

And there we have it... the WINNER is : 'SPARKLINGMERLOT'. I will post your prize out to you sometime this week chick! CONGRATULATIONS.
It breaks my heart not to be able to send each and every one of you a prize.. but not possible. I THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING... and all I can say is..... I will do it all again on my 4th ANNIVERSARY!

TODAY: yeah baby yeah! Kids go back to school, and I am off to my patchwork class at Papakura.... I am thinking of making another one of those wee bags... only slightly bigger this time.

I've been asked to ring the lady who sold me my sewing machine... she saw me on Saturday at the sewing class..... where my machine DID jam up a few times.... hmmmmm???? I am feeling NERVOUS! Stupid eh?

AND ONCE AGAIN... my machine has to go back to the workshop! I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH RAGE! FRUSTRATION! PISSED OFF MAJORLY! When are they just going to give me a new machine???????

I can't go to patchwork class.
ABOVE: Stew found this mix at the supermarket the other day. So we tried it... SUPER YUM... and only 2 points per serve. EXCELLENT. I'm having me a Falafel Salad for lunch today.... and 'ESTEEMED WEIGHT LOSS LEADER'... we are baking them in the oven... so NO OIL!
Since this morning I've had a yak with Stew and it's been decided that if I have any more problems with the machine after it comes back from the workshop THIS TIME, he is going to talk to the woman and insist we be given a new machine. I find her too intimidating. THERE, decision made.

This afternoon we went back to the Orthodontist ... for Brylee to be fitted with her plate:

ANNE, the Orthodontist is just lovely...

It's in.... and only comes out for tooth brushing.

Griffin was a MONUMENTAL PAIN IN THE BUTT! He kept touching things... and asking "What's this for?"... to the point where even Anne said "Don't touch that...!"... she is gunna have to sterilise a few things after our visit! LOL.

End of Day: well... didn't I have a lot to say today then? LOL. I will shut up now and watch the telly for a while! nite nite.


  1. whoo hoo kids back to school! so not looking forward to going back today hope you had a good weekend

  2. yay for sparklingmerlot and ANOTHER BAG BIGGER hope it isn't as fiddly?!

  3. Congrats to the winner! Hey,don't feel bad for us losers,LOL! Half the fun is in reading the blogs and seeing what you would post each day. Makes us all winners!

  4. enjoy your day of peace and if ya gonna make me feel beter bout not winning than yaq canmaqke me one of thoses bags lol (just kidding)

  5. What a lucky winner she is. Hey, you're making another bag.. wicked.. I've seen them done.. very tricky but a neat way to show off all your fancy stitches ah. Have a wonderful day Chris. It's fine but windy and I'm going to work with my 10 entries to get someone to draw the prize winner. Doubt they'll have their photo on my blg though.. haha.

  6. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh congrats to sparkleing :) hugssssssssss

  7. OH WOW! Thanks so much Chris. I am over the moon.

    What a brilliant start to the week.

    Have a great day, chook.

  8. Congrats to sparklingmerlot! Good luck on the bag and your enjoy your peach and quiet:)

  9. Congratulations to Sparklingmerlot.
    She is a lucky winner, such nice prizes. I still do love that big platter. Enjoy your new week with some freedom from the kiddos.

  10. Ring the machine shop & demand a new one, tell them that you will go to Fair Go if they do not replace it.

  11. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Hopefully if the machine lady saw your sewing machine playing up she will see sense and replace it finally.

    Good luck with that Chris.


  12. Your prizes each day were so cute! I think you had fun doing that!!!!
    Hope they sort you out with a DECENT working machine. Must be really stressful each and every time.

  13. congrats to the winner. Kids at school enjoy Chris. shame about the sewing machine when are they going to say hey this maching is a dud and give u a new one

  14. This looks interesting. Is that the mix that you put over the top of the chicken? Looks horribly tastey.

    I think at this time I would be DEMANDING a new machine. Go to consumer affairs and see what your rights are. Something is obviously not right and yay of yays! This time you have witnesses! Goody!

    Good luck with that!


  15. dang chris...yes. you should just call on the phone and demand a new machine. just get real mad first. or have stew do it. who cares????

  16. The bloody price you paid you should have a new machine - good luck with it. Congrats to the winner even if it wasn't me :-(....... maybe next year lol. Have a great day :-)

  17. Congrats to Sparkling Merlot...should have been Sparkling Khristina...LOL...hugs Khris

  18. Oh, Chris, I'm SO SO SORRY about your machine.

    Congrats to sparklingmerlot!

  19. ESTEMEED WEIGHT LOSS LEADER is very pleased with you r new way of cooking them i might just try them when im at your place next :-)

  20. Good luck with the sewing machine troll! hehehehe....
    And I'm gonna go hunt that Falafel mix down - what suprmarket did you get it from?

  21. B your gonna have beautiful teeth!

  22. Hrmmmph. Am annoyed with myself that I didn't enter. I really loved that pretty blue necklace that you had... xxx

  23. Wow Brylee looks like she is beeing very brave, My Kasey sounds like Griffen can not help herself but touch things. Argh got to love them.

  24. Well done sparkling!!

    That horrible sewing machine of yours. I would be wanting a new one by now too!

  25. Back to school AND the orthodontist? Wow!

  26. I'm glad my kids don't have a fall break lol

    Hope the plate isn't too painful!

  27. Must have been great to have the kids back in school. Good luck getting a new sewing machine.

  28. Congrats to the winnder! I can't believe that you machine has to go back to the shop again. Mine is there for a service now, so he better get it right.


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