Wednesday, October 28, 2009


DON'T try using your Alligator vegetable dicer to dice a tomatoe:

Because all you will end up with is tomatoe juice squirting right across your kitchen, and...
One VERY squished tomatoe! So not a good look... and so much work to clean up the mess! Though Teddy liked it.. he can move really fast when he wants to lick food off the floor! Little bugger.

I made a seafood pasta salad for dinner last night... it was OK... but I don't think the kids thought much of it. OH well, I tried.

Today: sewing. Have started making a ROUND Bag! Like the other ones.. I'm making it up as I go.. hope it turns out!

AND it's Weight Watchers.... and this afternoon Griffin goes to Kip McGrath again... so a full day really.

Weigh In: I lost .100 gms, better than a gain I suppose! I will take it anyway.

I am freezing! It's a lovely day, and I'm freezing??? I have spent the last hour or so in the lounge with a hot water bottle and a blankie on! WEIRD.

Finally warm , going to do some sewing now...

Hmmmm...interesting! Griffin's Tutor thinks he might have a PERCEPTION problem... and wants me to investigate getting his eyes tested ... he thinks MAYBE he needs TINTED lenses for Irlen Syndrome? HE MIGHT... or he MIGHT be Dyslexic?. And the other thing he wondered about was: IS GRIFFIN LEFT HANDED, and been made to use his right hand for writing? Ahhhh, nope! Looks like this Tutor is exploring every possibility for Griffin's inability to write! This is good.

End of Day: didn't get much done today... just one of those days. nite nite.


  1. hope the weigh in is a happy one...

  2. Good luck with the weigh in Chris, I went to a 7.30 meeting at Howick last night, the leader was great and I feel really movitated.

  3. I've always found a VERY sharp knife is the only way to a pretty sliced/diced tomato. I have a doctors checkup on Thursday and Friday I start counting calories. My class reunion is next summer and I gotta lose 25lbs before them...I don't want to show up looking like a roly poly :) Lord, the truth hurts sometimes!

  4. hehe you're in good company Chris.. I "only" lost 100 grams too - stupid silly number but it is a loss after all :)

    have a great day...

  5. Well done on the 100grams, its a loss, onwards and downwards now...

  6. Seafood pasta salad sounds great to me right now, even though I'm not a big tomato lover. Congrats on the loss. Any amount is a victory.

  7. Rebecca12:40 PM

    Great effort Chris, especially seeing as it was your birthday week!

  8. You've had a couple of really decent losses so far and 100 is still a little less than you. And next week it'll lesser again.

    Hows Griffin liking Kip McGrath?

  9. A loss is a loss so they say :-)

  10. SPELD is wonderful for testing not cheap but a very intense assessment.

  11. Great news that Kip McGrath are covering all bases for Griffin. That must be reassuring to know they care and make time for kids. the round bag sounds interesting. I saw a pattern in that book called a pudding bag.. interesting. I can imagine you Chris making heaps of bags and being very successful. GO GIRL!

  12. Griffin is lucky to have parents that give a damn. How many kid end up on the scrap heap cos they never learn to read.

    The new bag sounds lurvely. I wonder why you're so cold, though. Not coming down with a bug? Anemic? I know how much you love those blood tests!

  13. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I lost 100 grams this week too! LOL! Better than a gain, I agree!

  14. How interesting a round bag (WONDERS when you're gonna get "AROUND" to making bags for all of us HAR HAR BOOM BOOM (My Basil Brush impersonation!!!!)

  15. It must be a bit of a relief to have someone actually coming up with explanations as to why Griffin is having problems. I am sure he will be fine & he is lucky to have such a loving caring family :-)

  16. Congrats on the lose. Keep up the good work. Good luck getting Griffin straightened out. Keep warm.

  17. i am glad griffin is getting help i am sure it can be so frustrating to him ...i probably found that 100 grams ACK...
    Hope you feel better being cold stinks.
    HUGS Laura

  18. Glad the tutor is being of help!! Catching up so just read the school sucks. Hope you get some help there too!!

  19. Whata ya know Geoffrey has Irlen syndrome.
    We had to take him to the Irlen clinic in wellington and he ended up with Yellow lenses which all up cost us over $1000 and that was 11 years ago so hold on to your wallet this is no cheap exercise and no government help either.
    I must so thou that when he got the glasses his reading and writing inproved so did his wobbling when he rode his bike lol


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