Wednesday, February 10, 2016


THURSDAY 4/02/16:

Here's a couple of lovely photos I took yesterday while Steve, Bex and the boys were here:

ABOVE:  both these little boys ADORE Griffin.  It's so lovely to see.  More often than not Dante cries when he has to go home and leave Griffin.  This is exactly how Griffin was as a little boy with Steve!

 ABOVE: Archer getting his loves in.

I got visitors today.  Amanda and Andrew arrived back in Auckland from a cruise they took from Sydney to Auckland.  Andrew's Mum picked them up, she had all the kids with her.

So it was a busy couple of hours here with all their kids and mine.  Keera was at Kindy, so missed out on seeing them today.

It was Liam's birthday on Monday, he turned 3.
He got his present from us:

ABOVE: Kinetic sand.  I just found out it comes off/out of the carpet really easily!  *smiles*

After they left I got to just relax for the rest of the day.  I really should be doing more, but right now I just don't have the motivation to do much of anything.

FRIDAY 5/2/16:


Brylee and Griffin have started College again, albiet for only one day till next Tuesday.  Keera is at Kindy... so I'm all ALONE!

ALONE!  It's SILENT in my house.  OMG.  BLISS.  BLISS. BLISS.

I'm gunna soak it up for a moment, then go shopping to celebrate!  lol

WEll... after shopping, I met Stew for lunch.  He was working out of the Greenlane office today.

It was a lovely day, after picking Keera up from Kindy we both had a nap.  Brylee and Griffin came home from school happy too.

I feel so much happier today.  Changes are coming again ... and my stress levels are dropping, which is fantastic.  They have been way too high for too long.  (NO, house is not sold)

ABOVE:  I bought myself two new bras today, and these little buoys.  They are purely decorative, quite useless, but PRETTY.   And they were half price, so I got 'em.

It's been a little while since I bought something useless!

SATURDAY 6/2/16:

Today we are going to Kelly Tarlton's ... we have bought a Family Annual Pass so can go as often as we want now.

As it's supposed to be a wet day, it's perfect for going to Kelly Tarlton's as it's all under cover. And unlike the animals at the Zoo, the fish/sharks/stingrays/crayfish/seahorses/penguins and other sea life WONT. BE. ALSEEP!  *smiles*

Because Steve was feeling ill, and Bex was knackered after a rough night with Archer,  we picked up Dante and took him with us.

Photos of our visit:

 ABOVE: This is like a tunnel, only the walls slowly spin around you, it's very disorientating, and freaky.

 ABOVE:  I think the littlies enjoyed the playground the most!

 ABOVE:  This really big aquarium was in the playground, so it was nice to just sit and watch the Nemo's ... we decided they were ALL Nemo!  lol

 ABOVE: This fish's patterns and colours were amazing.

ABOVE:  I ended up doing a wee bit of shopping.  I got Dante and Archer a t-shirt, Keera a pencil case full of felt tips, colouring pencils etc, and myself two new melamine trays and a calendar.  So that was fun.  Heck, any shopping is FUN!

After spending about 2 hours at Kelly Tarlton's, we went to Sylvia Park for a late lunch.

It was wet and hot today, so when we got home Keera and I had another nap.  

Stew got to cook dinner... chicken and noodles.

After that, a quiet evening watching the telly.

SUNDAY 7/2/16:

The day started out like usual for a Sunday. Getting the house ready for the Open Home.

For once I didn't get me tits in a knot, and just did the jobs necessary, and chilled for the rest of the lead up time.

Everything was done, no panic at the last minute with puppies and kids etc.

It was EASY for a change.

We had 3 groups through, one is fairly interested. But... as we already know, that means nothing. Seems there is another buyer interested too... working on their finance? *sigh*

I hate getting my hopes up, so shall just go with the flow and presume nothing is happening in the background.

It's not like we are DESPERATE to sell... Stew can commute for as long as it takes. And I will survive living in limbo.

Steve, Bex and the little boys came over after the Open Home and stayed for dinner, as is our usual post Open Home routine.

 ABOVE:  Dante loves playing with Keera, and today he got rather possesive and dragged her around by the hand for ages.

ABOVE:  Keera had no choice in the matter either!  lol

 ABOVE:  Archer was getting tired by this time...
he always rubs his nose when he's tired.

ABOVE:  He's cutting two bottom front teeth, so is constantly putting his fingers in his mouth.  And DRIBBLING!  OMG constant dribble.  But he's still adorable!

I made a beef stir fry with noodles for our dinner, it was rather nice.

After Steve and Bex left, we spent a quiet evening sorting things out for tomorrow. We are going on a day trip to Hamilton.

MONDAY 8/2/16:

It's a public holiday today so we are off to Hamilton for the day. Not looking at houses, just having an outing.

So... our visit to Hamilton was nice.  We stopped in at Amanda's, and while there I spied a glass jar that was just lovely.  Amanda's friend Jackie is a Wedding planner, and she had lots of them, and she came down and gave me one!

ABOVE: When I got home I put some candles and shells in it.  Lovely!

I also saw a wall hanging I made for Amanda way, way back in 2009, and I took a photo of it cos I had forgotten how nice it was:

ABOVE: Amanda was ga-ga over frangipanis, hence the theme. 

 ABOVE:  Keera was having loves with her Aunty Amanda.  Big changes for Keera, as we left her at Amanda's.  She is going to be living with Amanda and Andrew until Lacy can take her back now.

Under Doctor's orders I have been working on lowering my stress levels, and giving Keera to Amanda was necessary.  I know she will be just as happy and settled there, having her two young cousins (Emily and Liam) to play/live with.  

I felt a bit sad leaving her ... but I have to do what is best for ME and STEW now.  Caring for a pre-schooler for the past 11 weeks has been very tiring when you add in puppies and Open Homes,  and keeping the house spic n span all the time!

 ABOVE:  Liam was hyper excited to see us... and being a right show off! 

 ABOVE:  By the time we left Amanda had her hands full, caring for her own, Keera and a friend's baby too.

After leaving Amanda's, we went to the Base (mall) and had lunch and did a wee bit of shopping.

I had NO intention of buying anything!  I swear I didn't!!!

But I spied a cute little Britto Minnie Mouse and got her, and then Stew drew my attention to a really funky handbag... so I got it! 

ABOVE: Isn't she so cute!

 ABOVE:  What do ya think of my new handbag?  Is it ME?  *smiles*

After I  had depleted me wallet, we came home.

Dinner was left overs and whatever you could find in the cupboard.  I have to do some grocery shopping really soon!  Almost out of food!

Boring TV tonight... so many repeats on the friggin telly.  Hopefully more of the new year's programmes start soon.

TUESDAY 9/2/16:

Start of a new routine.  Kids to school, then I can do whatever I want!

And what I wanted to do this morning was....

tidy the linen cupboards and wardrobes!
I tell ya, how nuts is that?

I dreamed about it... so it had to be done.  It really doesn't take long for your cupboards to get messy when everyone forgets where things go.

That COULD be my fault I suppose *sad face*... I do, after all, keep changing things around!

So, it's almost done.

DONE.   And I then went to Sylvia Park and got a few groceries, a few bits 'n' bobs for kids birthdays coming up, and then I had lunch with Steve, Bex and the boys before coming home.

I decided to try making my own sausage rolls for dinner tonight.  

I used sausage meat, chopped up bacon bits, onions, carrots, herbs and puff pastry.  Glazed the tops with beaten eggs.  Waiting for them to come out of the oven with great anticipation!

I got a visit from our friend Marty from Tauranga this afternoon too... which was just lovely.  He's a really nice bloke.  We have heaps in common, which makes our conversations 'interesting'.  *smiles*

In all, it's been an awesome day, for a change!

WEDNESDAY 10/2/16:

Another week rolls around!  And it's been an interesting and busy week.

Last night's sausage rolls came out amazing:

ABOVE:  I made two trays full... so I think everyone is having some for their lunches today.  Score!

 ABOVE: while tidying up the linen cupboards and wardrobe yesterday I found a box full of Tallulah's toys.  Before I knew it, she had dragged EVERYTHING out of the box and spread her toys all over the lounge and family room!

So, instead of kid's toys, I now have dog toys everywhere again.  *sigh*
That dog just LOVES her toys!

Coco does not care for toys at all.  

 ABOVE:  Archer was having fun playing with his baby wipes yesterday, that one on his head took him ages to get off.  So cute.

ABOVE:  Meanwhile, Dante was having fun playing with playdough.  He really enjoyed it when I played with him.  And I loathe playdough!  It's go so much salt in it it feels yuk on your hands after a while.

The things we do for our grandkids!


Sooooo... today, for the first time in 11 weeks, I decided to have a sleep in.  Once the kids had left for school I got back into bed and slept.  Till 11.45 am !   I woke up thinking it was probably going to be around 10 am.  HA!

You sure feel groggy when you've slept in that long I must say!

But it was wonderful.

Since arising, I've been busy shopping!  From my lounge chair.

Forlongs of Hamilton, our favourite store is closing down by the sound of it... and they have a wall unit there that I want for my Britto Collection.  So, rather than wait till we move, and possibly miss out on getting that unit, I ordered TWO of them today! 

They only have two left, so I thought, "Why not get them both?"  I am sure I can fill them up with Britto and some of my other treasures over time.

What am I saying?  I can fill them up right now!

But I won't.  Everything, including my Britto, is in storage or packed up.  So, I'll just put the units in the garage till we eventually move.

ABOVE:  This is the unit.  Its perfect for displaying my Britto!  The side doors are funky, and mean an uninterrupted view from the front of my ornaments.

So... the rest of the day was spent being incredibly lazy!  Seriously, I did bugger all and it was WONDERFUL. lol

End of Day:  better not be so lazy tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I'm so happy Amanda is caring or Keera :) Life can get back to normal (well normal as it can be) and hopefully your stress levels will decrease.

  2. Oh my gosh .... those sausage rolls look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! It looks like you've had a pretty good week :)

  3. great pix! OMG those sausage rolls... and lovely new buoys. Pretty colour xxxx

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely, and my new motto: Shopping for anything is fun!

  5. Yum, the sausage rolls look good. Glad to hear your stress levels are coming down. You've done a great job looking after Keera for the last three months, good for Amanda for taking over her care. Bet she'll love being with her cousins. Hope you're feeling much better and fingers crossed on the house ... You only need one buyer.

  6. I LOVED it all. You do so much and give so much. You and Amanda both have such beautiful homes- I love the wide open spaces. That Griffin is such a sweetie. So glad you are feeling better -hope it just gets better and better.

  7. Chris you are sounding so much happier in your Wednesday blogs.

    I one photo where Archer is sitting with Steve it looks like he is telling Dante and Keera to shush while holding his finger up to his mouth.

    Sausage Rolls look yum

  8. Wow - just caught up on your past 2.5 - 3 weeks!!! Glad to hear you sounding happier now you've implemented the changes required for you all. Photo's are all adorable as usual. Love a fresh home made sausage roll!!!! xo

  9. Glad you are listening to your doctors orders and reducing your stress levels. Keera looks happy with Amanda and I hope it all works out. You have had a busy week and what fun purchases. As for the sausage rolls-OMG they look scrumptious.

  10. Love the photos from the aquarium, it looks lovely! I'm sure Keera is gonna have a great time with her Aunt Amanda and cousins :D

  11. If Monday's a public holiday, it means Chinese in nz get to celebrate Chinese New Year! I love the bag you bought. So cool. Also the wall unit. Would love to get something like that to display my dolls. But I have no more wall space.

  12. So glad for you that Amanda will be caring for Keera now. :) Loved seeing all the photos. Love that bag too - it's soooo you. I'm inspired to make some sausage rolls now. They look yummy.

  13. I hope everything goes well for Keera! Big changes for you. I bet it felt so lovely to sleep in. I'm drooling over those sausage rolls!

  14. You do sound so much happier Chris - all power to you! Looking forward to the next update - hope you're even more rested in a week's time. Really glad about the sleeping in - if you need it, keep doing it!

  15. So many kidlets! They all look so beautiful. :)

  16. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Please go back to your daily blogs Chris. These weekly blogs are too long and I get bored wading through photos and stuff. Daily blogs or I'll unsubscribe.
    Cheers chick
    Barbara Levin, South Shields, UK

  17. Oh I must have missed this one wow so much news and good changes. I love the cabinets very nice. The kids photos are adorable no denying that. Big changes positive steps that's good to hear.

  18. Love those cabinets! I have a collection of Lilliput Lane cottages, and one of those would be perfect!


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