Saturday, February 20, 2016


Well first off... I slept in.  Everyone else is still in bed... but they will have to get up soon.

Now that it's stopped raining Stew really needs to mow the lawns, they are looking really long.

After that he's taking the kids out to get them raincoats, and Griffin needs new jandals and school shoes too. 

While that's happening, I shall get on with making the house tidy, not that there is much to do!
Just the usual, re-make the kids beds with the 'nice' linen, clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, and so on.

So annoying, I'm still waking up every morning feeling sick as a dog.  I wake up, get a massive hot flush and want to throw up!  Then I wander around the house for a good hour or so just feeling ikkkk.   Talk about annoying!

Must be my new 'normal'.

Right, I am gunna bugger off and make a start on shit.

What's making me so happy today:

ABOVE:  My HOME has some colour back in it!  I know the Real Estate agent was worried when I told him I was putting some of my bits 'n' bobs back... until I promised him I wouldn't add any more!

LOL.  Poor man, but he did understand when I told him it was still my HOME and I had to be happy in my home.  Colour makes me happy.

AND, we did get three offers way back when the house was still rather cluttered eh?  So, I'm not worrying any more.  What will be will be.

So the viewing went well I suppose.  Again, they are tossing up between a couple of houses.  So again... we wait.  I'm not that hopeful.

Steve, Bex and the boys came for dinner.  I cooked pork chops, salad and potatoes.  
Afterwards we spent a lovely couple of hours in their company before they left for their home.

Watched the tv for a while, then bedtime.


  1. I love the color. Looks great. What are jandals? (My American background is showing.)

    1. Thongs...flip flops?

    2. We called them Thongs growing up...before Thong underwear was invented! We also call them Sandals, which is what I first thought of when I read "Jandels". The house looks beautiful, Chris!

  2. Flip flops! Got it.

  3. I love that you call them jandals! When I was in NZ it cracked me up to read the signs!

  4. Your house is much more "you" with colour in it. Real Estate Agents seem to think every house has to be bland & look like noone actually lives there :-)

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I truly don\t think a bit of color is going to turn anybody away. Keep yourself happy!

  6. Looks homely with colour:)

  7. I think the amount of colour you have is fine. It's all looking lovely and the dining table in that spot looks good :)

  8. O I LOVE your home! It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous7:30 PM


    The house looks good, I was looking at the picture of Keera with her Auntie Amanda and I can see they look alike...cute..



  10. Love the colours!!

  11. ahhhhh little pops of colour dotted around and it is you to a T, good on you the real estate people gawd glad you are introducing your personality back into YOUR house ...


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