Sunday, February 21, 2016


Another day of getting the house ready for an Open Home.

So it's the 4th day in a row I've had to get the house ready.  It's getting a bit old now.  At least there is bugger all to do today!

Seriously wonder if we will EVER sell this friggin house!
We may have to look at some other options soon... maybe even change agents?  Trouble with doing that is we will have to cough up for all new marketing/photos etc, and that ain't cheap. I just don't know what we can do anymore.

We seem to be getting plenty of interest, just not a bloody buyer yet.  Grrrrr.

It's doing me head in.

BUT at least that's the only thing stressing me out now!  Small mercies there.

The hot flushes are ten times worse over summer, and this has been a dreadfully hot summer.  I think that's why I've been feeling so nauseous for the past couple of months?   My god I can't wait till winter!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.  I have NOTHING ON, and plan on doing 5/8ths of f*#k all!  I might even sleep in again!

But not today... 

OH and before I forget !!!!! It is our granddaughter Emily's 5th Birthday today! She starts school tomorrow! I hope she has a fantastic birthday, and we are sorry we can't be there... but we have to be here to get the house ready for Open Home this afternoon.


Well it was a pretty cruisy lead up to the Open Home as the house was tidy already.

5 groups through today, so not a bad result.

Moving on... looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow.  Might even make a pottery house... if I can't buy a new one... I'll MAKE ONE!   lol

Stew is doing dinner tonight... once he stops playing Sudoku on his phone!  Not that I can talk... I've been playing 2048 on mine forever!
I'm up to my best score ever... 17,403,640 !!!  My next highest score was around 6 million, so I'm doing well!

I expect to 'lose' soon though, as it's getting much harder to run up the numbers cos I'm running out of space.  It's a great way to while away time I must say.

Stew made spag bol for dinner, it was lovely.
Monday tomorrow, one of my favourite days.


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    How many years are you going through menopause? It seems like years that you are having these hot flushes. Wot's the sto, bro?
    Sue Landen, E London, uk

  2. Your house is just waiting for the right person! It has had a loving family with so much fun - it doesn't want to see anything but that in the future : ) Happy birthday Emily and Good luck at school!

  3. Ahhh - I love fatfreefloozy's comment. That is so sweet and truthful.

  4. sheesh the open homes are coming thick and fast like you I cant wait for slightly cooler weather too more manageable sleepable and just all round more pleasant!

  5. Happy Monday Chris x


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