Wednesday, February 03, 2016


THURSDAY 28/1/16:

Felt friggin dreadful this morning, threw up about an hour after I got out of bed.  I might just have to talk to the Doctor about going off this new medication if this keeps up!  It's like having morning sickness ALL DAY LONG!

I took Keera to Kindy, and while there I noticed they had a potter's wheel!  So while talking to one of the teachers I asked if they used it?  She said they don't as none of them know how to... so I kinda mentioned I am a potter... next thing I'm being asked to come in and 'teach' the kids some pottery!  SHIT.  That is the last thing I actually feel like doing... but we will see.  I might go and play on the wheel and give the kids a go... who knows, it might be fun?

After that, I took Tallulah for a groom, and stopped in to visit with Steve, Bex and kids until Tallulah was ready to come home.  
Brylee came with me.

Dante enjoyed playing with Brylee and his trains.

ABOVE:  Brylee didn't enjoy the trains so much when Dante decided to drive one over her head.  Whoops.  Steve had almost finished de-tangling her when I took the photo.  *smiles*

I've felt no better during the day today, but I've had more energy... so not bad on a whole.

We are almost TOTALLY out of newspaper for the puppies, which is good timing!  Two go tomorrow!

End of Day:   another freakin' sticky, mega humid, hot summer day.  Can't wait for winter!

FRIDAY 29/1/16:

It's a wet day, and the temperature has dropped, making it much more bearable.
Keera is at kindy, and I've just bathed 3 puppies.  Taking a break before I do the other 3.

Jerry and Viva leave today!  I hope I remember to take photos of their new families.

ABOVE:  Two puppies have gone home with their forever family.  Three more go tomorrow.
How do I feel?
Kinda sad, but more relieved as they have been HARD WORK!
Particularly as Tallulah gave up mothering them literally 5 weeks ago and I've had to do everything since then.  

Because Tallulah didn't do well physically as a mother, we won't be breeding from her again.

I am going to take a break too... and think about dogs and breeding once we have moved.

End of Day:  An anxious day, with the first puppies leaving.  *sad face*  But also happy it's coming to an end, less stress come Monday!

SATURDAY 30/1/16:

Well it had to happen.  Starting to install house rules on Keera.
She refuses to eat lunch and dinner, and just wants to snack on crap.  So last night I had to get tough. 

She WAS going to get ice cream for lunch today as a reward for being good, but she point blank refused to eat her dinner last night, after having NO lunch either, so ... NO ICE CREAM.

She's not a happy kid right now.

We have three more puppies leaving today!
OMG that is going to be so sad... down to ONE!
Toby and Benji go home to Pukekohe, and Mini will be going home to a house just 5 doors away (as the crow flies).

Then we will be left with just Jonah until Monday, when he flies out to Christchurch.

SUPER BUSY this morning.  Up and cleaned out the puppy pen in the garage for the last time.  Now all the puppies are in the Archgola for the day, and once the 3 leave by end of day, little Johan will be in the crate on his own, and that will be easy to keep clean with just one puppy in it.

It took me 2 hours to get the garage all sorted and all the puppy stuff tidied away, cleaned and moped up.  So that will be one less HUGE job to do tomorrow for Open Home.

I'm so relieved it's coming to an end with the puppies, I'm EXHAUSTED from looking after them.  I really, really should have listened to you guys who said it would be too much stress.  Derrr... lesson learnt.  

Though I doubt these set of circumstances will ever happen again!

Selling house/puppies/extra kid... NAH.  Never again.

Now that all my morning jobs are done, I can relax for a while.  I am shattered.

ABOVE:  the remaining 4 puppies enjoying ice in a shallow dish.  It was just so hot today!

ABOVE:  Little Jonah is clearly going to be a water loving dog!  He is the only one who actually got into the dish and played with the ice... he seemed to love it.

ABOVE:  Benji and Toby and their new 'Mums'.

SUNDAY 31/1/16:

We had 4 groups through the Open Home today, the LADY IN RED for her 10th visit, and two groups who had been through before... so feeling a little bit hopeful something might happen soon.

Steve, Bex and the boys arrived for dinner, Stew is making mince and bacon rissoles, and putting them on the BBQ.  Looking forward to a nice dinner.

ABOVE:  Kids keeping cool.  It's so hot now!

ABOVE:  Dante and Steve saying goodbye to Jonah.

Dinner was wonderful.  Bex made a nice coleslaw to go with the rissoles and spuds.

End of Day:  glad it's over!  Too hot.  Too busy.

MONDAY 1/2/16:  

After dropping Jonah at the airport, we took off to the zoo.  Our first outing in 8 weeks, where we didn't have to get home within a couple of hours to look after the puppies!


We met Steve, Bex and the little boys at the zoo, and spent a couple of hours wandering around looking at sleeping animals.  It was MEGA HOT.

ABOVE:  A one legged bandit ... who flew up and stole a chip right out of Archer's hand!  Made the baby cry!

ABOVE:  Not my favourite animal at all ... hippos.  They smell ... but this one was entertaining when he snuck up and stared at us.

ABOVE: My FAVOURITE animal, the rhino.  He is magnificent. I could have stayed and watched him for hours.  

ABOVE:  Sleeping lions.  You NEVER see lions doing anything else at midday!

ABOVE: Sleeping flamingos.  One looked quite dead on the ground, but no, it was just asleep.
Weird bird.

ABOVE:  watching the elephants having a swim.

ABOVE: Yeah, Steve photo bombing.

ABOVE:  The elephants were nice to watch.  But really, it was blisteringly hot and humid and I couldn't wait to leave!

ABOVE:  We hired a pushchair for Dante, so we ended up with 3!  But they were necessary, the littlies got really hot and tired.  This was taken just before we left the zoo.

ABOVE:  My favourite photo of the day.  Precious Archer. 

End of Day: Another stinking hot, humid, unbearable summers day.   BRING. ON. WINTER. .... PLEASE!

TUESDAY 2/216:

- 1st visit to psychologist today.   I need help coping with all the stress in my life.  It was just an 'introduction' type of appointment today.

- Private Viewing at 1 pm by a couple who came on Sunday.  They are not too sure because our home is a 'plaster' home.  Never mind that it's got a sound builders report.  *sigh*

-  Keera enjoyed kindy today.

-   Dante arrived after lunch and is staying the night.

-  It's SO HOT today I am melting and feeling desperate for winter.

-  Stew is in Rotorua today, so he won't be home till after 7 pm. 

 ABOVE:  Dante enjoying playing X Box with Griffin and Coco.  
Well OK, Coco was just WATCHING.

ABOVE:  Dante asleep on Griffin's bed.  We put on  Griffin's disco lights for him.... he was asleep in about 3 minutes flat!

 ABOVE:  This is how Keera's room looks every night when she goes to sleep!  She loves it.  We gave her, and all our little granddaughters, these lamps for Christmas.  They rotate, so they are really neat!

End of Day: another really busy day.  When will they end I wonder?


First up for the day, Keera goes to kindy. Bex and Archer will be here for the morning while Steve is at his appointment.

Steve has a meeting with ACC this morning. He's been off work with his broken ankle for 3 months now! There is talk of physiotherapy starting soon, with the hope that he will get back to work by April!

I have no plans for the day, and that's just fine by me. It's been a very busy few days and I'm tired. The excessive heat is so draining.

As you can see, I am still kinda blogging every day, but just not publishing it. It has taken the stress off, feeling like I have to publish at a set time, or on and off all day. I just do it in the evening, or when I get the time... might be two days before I put photos on and do a synopsis of the day now. Much less stress. Feeling like I can start to enjoy blogging again.

I just caught up on some blogs!  Felt weird doing that.  I'd kinda backed off reading blogs lately.  Just didn't want to.  Part of the stress factor I think.  I will read/comment on and off from now on, I'm not going to stress about it anymore.  

I decided to keep Keera home so she could play with Dante, but they started arguing all the time, so I took her to Kindy after all.

Now Dante is bored. Fark.  AND now he's fine again.  Bloody kids!  He's a real darling though, and he not minded being here at all.  I thought he might crack a shit about not having his Mum and Dad here, but no.  

So happy about that.  

It took me HOURS to get it just right!  HOURS I TELL YA! Pfffft.  I wanted a fresh new 'look', for the new year.  Well... at least I LIKE IT!

Bex bought an annual pass to Kelly Tarlton's Sea World, so I just did too.  Even if we only go once a month we will have saved heaps.  And it's a nice place to go on the weekend, or even during the week for an outing with just Bex and the boys.  

Doing something positive, feels good.

Not putting life on hold anymore.  If we sell and move soon-ish, we can still come up and use the pass on a regular basis.


  1. Hi chick. Great to c u this morning oh my u have been busy. I too am glad for u the stress of puppies is gone. Love the kids disco lamps where did u get them. Been stiflingly here too so uncomfortable and exhausting pounding head and gallons of water. I to am counting the days till winter
    Have an awesome day my friend xx

  2. I love those disco lights, where on earth do you get them from? Not having the puppies to deal with is going to take a lot of stress off you, although I think having them as a distraction may not have been all bad.

    Lady in red 10 visits?? I am wondering if she is actually just a little bit bonkers and how many houses she does this on?

    I hope all goes well for Steve, 3 months is a long time to be off work, nice to be able to spend lots of time with Bex & the boys so a bit of a silver lining :-)

  3. Looks like a nice HOT day at the zoo!

    Aww no more puppies! Hopefully you can sell your house soon! If not maybe that means there is something else out there in store for you all.

  4. Too much to comment on!! Yes, get those rules going for Keera - she needs to eat well and establish good eating patterns now. You know this already :) Nice to see the puppies go to their homes and you can kind of get back to some sort of normality.

  5. we have had sweltering heat and humidity here in Sydney every day for weeks. Every afternoon we've had electrical storms and thunder with bucketing rain!... so weird, feels very tropical. Reminds me of being in Bali! xxx

  6. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! I love the lights in the bedroom, I need something like that for my boy, although I think it might liven him up rather than make him sleep!

  7. I got the lightbulb in Keera's lamp from a gift shop in Manukau Mall. I put it in a regular table lamp that tilts, so I can direct the light onto the ceiling. Griffin's disco light machine was from the same shop. I will get the names of the products for you next time I'm down there.

  8. Great to hear things are starting to settle down a bit. Hopefully the house sells now. What is a plaster house that people seem wary of? What's the alternative? Has the lady in red sorted her situation out yet?

    Loved the photos of all the kids. Brylee and Griffin are soooo grown up now.

  9. I'm sure every one loves your new header Chris but I know that I am too interested in what you have had to say for the week.

  10. I thought I had commented about header couple days ago I love it very fresh and well Chris looking lol. U can't have al your 'stuff' in your house at moment so it would be homely too

  11. Those disco lights are so cool it is sweltering everywhere too even here but WELLINGTON/ was stinking hot ( went down for a funeral). There is so many news snippets makes for entertaining reading as always all the puppies families looked great big smiles the ICE bath was funny.

  12. You are still having a very busy time, but it looks like there are some fun things in the busyness. Hope the psychologist appt helped. LOVE the new header.

  13. We used to get my Mother in law to get Family passes to the ZOO & MOTAT for Christmas each year. It was great on 2 fronts 1) it meant she did not buy a whole heap of cheap crap that no one wanted or needed and 2) it was essentially free entertainment for the whole year. The Zoo especially, you can just go and wander around at our own pace for as long or short a time as you like, there is not that pressure to charge around to make sure you see everything to get your moneys worth in one day.

    We only stopped getting them when the kids were probably in their early teens (I still miss the MOTAT one). Both, but especially MOTAT have school holiday activities which kids of all ages can enjoy.

  14. Anonymous5:42 PM


    What do you mean by a "plaster" home ?


  15. So excited to read your post I missed the new header!..... but it looks great :-) Glad you are feeling a bit better x

  16. Even though I miss your daily posts - I am glad you are feeling less stressed. Everyone looks beautiful, and the funkadelic bedrooms lights are great! I love the new header. Not only hours involved in making the header, but many hours involved in making the items IN the header!

  17. The new header is great but we are all to excited to see what you've written to notice the header!!!

  18. I noticed the header when you put it up BUT forgot to comment I think it is busy and bright JUST like you lol!

  19. Love the bedroom lights.
    Going to miss seeing the cute pics of the puppies.
    Hope this is your year too xx

  20. If my medication makes me sick, I would ring the doctor right away. I have zero tolerance for medication making me sicker. Stress can do all kinds of stuff to a person. My doctor says my gastritis is due to stress.

  21. What a fantastic post! Love all the pictures! Did you know that hippos are much more dangerous than rhinos?

  22. You yearning for Winter and me Yearning for Summer. LOL We humans are funny. I love your header -those little houses are precious- love the pillowcases , you do such beautiful work. I hope all the puppies lives are good. I love your Steve -he is so sweet, like his Mom and Dad.

  23. Hi Chris,
    It's great reading your updates. Also I noticed the new banner, but wasn't 100% sure how long it had been there - so didn't mention just in case it had been a while :-) It looks great.

  24. Seriously love the handbag! And jealous of the Kelly Turton visit. I so wanted to go there when we over in NZ but ran out of time.


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