Saturday, February 13, 2016


THURSDAY 11/2/16:

Well first thing this morning I got a lovely parcel in the post from my Mum.  She had visited that fabric shop that was closing down in Coffs Harbour and she bought me some bits 'n' bobs:

ABOVE: This cute wall hanging, which I might keep, or give as a gift to someone eventually.  

ABOVE: This placemat which I am certainly keeping.  *smiles*  It's already on my sewing room wall.

ABOVE: These two gorgeous cushion covers.  I've not got any cushions this size, so I'm putting them away for when we move.  I will make some cushion inners to fit them then.

ABOVE:  Oh and this pile of fabrics!   I squealed when I saw it all!!!   There's some really lovely fabrics in that lot.

After that, I really don't  remember what I did for the rest of the day!
I think I tidied my sewing area?

Oh yeah.... I did.

 ABOVE:  It wasn't that untidy, so didn't take long to get it sorted.

ABOVE:  My sad little 'stash' right now.  I can't WAIT until I can set up my sewing room again once we move!  I can hardly remember how much fabric I have in storage now.

FRIDAY 12/2/16:

Today Steve and Dante visited in the morning.  Steve was given a turkey at Christmas time from his employer, and he brought it over for our dinner tonight.  His little family were coming for dinner too of course.  *smiles*

Bex and Archer were at Playcentre, but Dante didn't want to go too.

He wanted to come and visit Grandma.  Awww.

While here, he decided to play with my new water fan:  

 ABOVE:  he had a wonderful time!  Got rather wet... but very happy.

 ABOVE:  what can I say about this kid?  He's bloody ADORABLE... and has a HUGE personality.  Like his Daddy... TO. A. Tee.

They left at lunchtime to pick up Bex and Archer from Playcentre.

They came back mid-afternoon and we all had a really lovely roast turkey and vege dinner.  Lots of delicious gravy and stuffing too.  YUM!

End of Day:  a neat day.


  1. Dante is gorgeous as, and my friend has that water fan they are cool hehe neat.

  2. What a fantastic parcel from your mum. Wondered what those squeals were that I heard on Thursday!!! Dante is growing up fast and is just gorgeous. How gorgeous he wanted to come and see Grandma.

  3. What a wonderful package to receive ! Such a treat!!!! I laughed at your fabric because on Thursday night I attended that Sewing Guild meeting. On the way home Lynne and I were talking about projects some of the groups were working on and one of them was mug rugs. She laughed because she knew I had gone through my "year of making them" But I told her my Very Favorite ones were the ones you had sent me . I told her I Allowed myself One from the pack to use -but the others I use like a little book and when I feel low I pull them out and leaf through them = just loving the New Zealand fabric and the fact that your hands crafted them and they traveled ALL that distance to my house . A miracle to me - so then I get uplifted and send you love and appreciation . You are so special to so many of us- I think you are " Our Hero". Hugs.

  4. Such a cutie pie!

  5. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Are you sure that the lady in red isn't stealing small things from your house???


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