Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Now that we have a Family Annual Pass to Kelly Tarltons, and so do Steve and Bex, we are going together today.

Well ... Stew, Brylee and Griffin can't of course... they are at work and school respectively.

So it will just be me and Steve/Bex and the little boys.

I'm going to pick them up and we will all go together for a nice morning looking at fish and sharks and other sea creatures.   Fun!

I'm going to enjoy being out of the house for a change!
Having so many private viewings and then Open Home on sunday meant I was kinda tied to the house for 4 days in a row.
Time to get out and blow some steam off elsewhere.

So, I will be out and about till after lunch... catch ya later!


What a lovely day!   I picked up the kids and off we went to Kelly Tarlton's.   It wasn't busy at all... so it was nice going around without crowds to wrestle with.

We spent a good couple of hours there, then I dropped them home and came on home myself.

It's another stinking hot day, summer certainly is not over yet!

Here's a few photos from today:

 ABOVE:  Only Steve !  My son is a nut.

ABOVE:  This is the egg case of an Elephant Shark.  They lay two every couple of days for two weeks... so there will be lots of little Elephant Sharks in a few months!  The Elephant Shark looks weird:

ABOVE:  They had quite a few of them in a huge open pool. (my photo didn't come out, so I nicked this one).

A little boy just got a new shirt... because it is JUST LIKE GRIFFIN'S:

ABOVE:  A very happy Dante.  His shirt is not red like Griffin's, but it's the same sort of shirt.  He sure looks pleased with himself  *smiles*.

Another nice day.... followed by a quiet evening.


  1. Lorraine9:06 AM

    Chris it is great to see you so happy & enjoying going out to places you love.


  2. Showing the house is a lot of WORK! I would be a nervous twitter! It is wonderful to see you using "good therapy"now. There is nothing like happiness to be so good for you. You have certainly earned it.

  3. Someone looks like he really loves his new shirt! Cute photos.

  4. I like your new cover photo(s) :)

    Dante is so stinking cute!

  5. gawd the house selling is a long drawn involved affair hopefully a good turn comes soon.


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