Monday, February 22, 2016


I know millions of people loathe Mondays!

But I love 'em!

Kids go to school, Stew is at work and I have the house to myself.

I like it.  I like it very much.  *laughing*

I've got a bit of washing to sort out, but apart from that... bugger all housework of course.

So I'm going to make a house.... I think.  Or I might make a start on my totem pole?
Not sure yet.  But I am going to pot.  

Exciting stuff ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LACY... I hope you and Keera have a wonderful day together.  


I'm having a very good morning!
I've done 4 loads of washing and hung them out.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain now.

I've also sussed out some house paint at a good price... so we can paint a few areas of the house (outside) that could do with a spruce up. 

Not got the the pottery yet... and may not after all!  I seem to be having fun doing other stuff! 

I had a quiet afternoon after spending the entire morning doing washing and housework!
Dinner was steak and salad with hot spuds.

Stew brought home a big table from his work, it's now in my sewing area.  Nothing like free furniture!  His company moved premises in Hamilton a week or so ago, that's why I got a new work table.  Cool!

It's been another stinking hot day, so hot this afternoon I turned on the air conditioning.  It doesn't cost as much as I thought to run it thankfully.


  1. Happy Birthday to Lacy, that is a lovely picture of her & Keera.

  2. What a beautiful picture. Wish it could be smiles all the time for little Keera.
    Wonderful news to hear you so happy - I always love Mondays too. It'slike we get to march to a different drummer. ~smile

  3. lack of updates means that you must have had a busy day which is good for you and your 'happy self'

  4. I don't mind Mondays but today was 40 degrees! Yuk!!!!

  5. I like his Monday quietish at work and an easier day and it was Sunny but the mornings are starting out rather cool hmmmmmm Autumn kicking in already?

  6. Hope you had fun home alone.

  7. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Happy Birthday to me.


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