Wednesday, February 17, 2016



In case you missed it, I'm blogging daily again.
I stopped blogging daily because it was adding to my stress levels, and something had to give.

Now that I've problem solved some of my stresses and am getting professional help to avoid hitting the wall again... I feel much better.

So, I'm back!

Nothing much on today... I intend tidying up the Dungeon.  It's become the dumping ground for clutter from inside the house, stuff that won't fit into our storage unit in Hamilton.

I can't believe how much shit we have!  Now when I look around the house I can't believe we have a big storage unit FULL to the brim with 'stuff' that used to be in this house!

OMG am I going to have fun going through it and getting rid of so much more stuff we really don't need!

So that's my only plan for the day.   Not very interesting I'm afraid.


After three and a half hours, I'm done!  The dungeon (storage room under the house) is finally tidy again, and I've brought some of my pretty flowers back inside.

ABOVE:  I've put them in this corner of the family room.

 ABOVE: I love how funky the twigs look.

I decided to put my flowers back because I'm sick of not feeling happy in my home.  We still live here, so it might as well reflect our personalities.  I don't care if it's classed as 'clutter' anymore.

I'm now going to find something for lunch, probably a roast beef sandwich.  YUM.

Finally unpacked the Britto.   I got sick of seeing all the boxes at the end of the lounge!  Now it's all on the dining room table for a couple of days.  I'm getting excited about the display units arriving!


  1. So so happy you are feeling better and even happier you feel you want to continue daily blogging.
    I am definitely happier reading your blogs.

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      I agree with everything you said

  2. I can actually feel your "better vibes" - how wonderful - keep it up!

  3. Lovely to read the happy is amazing the things we collect..I got rid of a lot when we moved and things are still in boxes...does that mean I can live without them??? Lol !! Hooe the sorting goes well.

  4. We are just starting to unpack some boxes we put in storage nearly 5 years ago.... It's like Christmas!! ...... But has made us realise we can probably live without all this 'stuff'!

  5. If you get bored - cue hysterical laughter - you could start selling stuff on Trade Me. Double bonus of decreasing stuff you don't need/want & earning some extra money to buy stuff you do need/want.

  6. You are so right Chris-you still live there and need to be happy. Decluttering has not sold the house so bring back things that make you happy.I love those funky twigs as well.

  7. I so need a store room like that! Looks awesome!

  8. So happy your feeling better Chris and I'm stoked your back blogging as normal! You are such a big part of my day :)

  9. Welcome back! (To daily blogging :-) )

  10. The flowers look pretty!

  11. Glad to hear your are beginning to feel better and things are becoming less stressful. Take care and welcome back.

  12. Doing what makes us happy is the first step and yours is colour and objects pretty objects too so pleased too you are taking steps and time for you.


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