Friday, February 19, 2016


My poor kids... they got a bit wet on their way home from school yesterday.
I had bought them umbrellas last year, but they haven't looked after them and they are all rusted.

*sigh*... so I have no doubt we will be buying them raincoats this weekend.

Anyway... I just HAD to take a photo of them at the front door yesterday when they got home:

ABOVE:  ha ha!  Drowned rats.  Brylee didn't want her photo taken, poor girl.  I wouldn't let her inside until I got the shot!

Today I'm really excited!  The new display units arrive.... so I get to put my Britto collection out again.  *squeals*
The delivery guys are due here around 9.30 am, so I can't wander around in me nightie this morning.  Better go get dressed!


The display units arrived nice and early... and I have placed my Britto in the one in the Family Room:

ABOVE:  It fits there perfectly, and even better... all my Britto fits in it!   So, I have one left that's empty right now.  Hmmm.... lol.

I think it better stay empty for now.

I have to make this fast..... I'm lying down having a nana nap...and the phone goes.
It's the Estate Agent.  Can he bring another viewer through in a couple of hours....LIKE TODAY?

Of course I said 'Yes'.... so I'm now rushing around like a lunatic getting everything done again.

There must be some reward at the end of all this surely???

Well... the viewer LOVED my house... and is coming back tomorrow afternoon with her husband.  They have a house to sell... but hey!  So do I!  lol 

The people from last night are still pondering.

I'm now going to take a well earned break!  Sausages and baked beans on toast for dinner tonight... nice and quick.

I'm too tired to anything else.

Even though it's been a busy day... I've enjoyed it!  Nothing like having stuff to do.
And every time I look at the new display cabinet and all our Britto I squeal!  


  1. But we did need the rain!

  2. I love your Britto

  3. Cabinet looks great!!!

  4. The cabinet look great and I am sure you will be happier having somme of your bits and bobs on display - plus now you have done that you are pretty much guaranteed to get a sale soon :-).

  5. Well I have my fingers crossed for you Chris. As Tracy says, Murphys Law, now you have the cabinet up you're bound to have to now pack it all back up.

  6. Sounds promising if she comes back for a second viewing. Lets hope the husband likes it too

  7. A BIT wet? Yeaahhh. Your case is perfect btw!

  8. Fingers tightly crossed for good news on house sale x

  9. Love the photo of the kids... and love the new cabinet... hope all goes well with the viewing.

  10. Fingers crossed for veiwing cabinet looks great and oh u r so mean taking photos of the drowned rats I sniggered lol

  11. Have a wonderful weekend. Fingers crossed someone comes with an offer.

  12. The kids were so cute! They really did get drowned. lol I had to laugh about the comment about now that the cabinet was up the house would sell for sure and you would have to pack it all back up. lOL Probably true-but if that is what it takes???? lol LIfe is just funny that way.

  13. Are raincoats cool up there? Idiots don't wear them here, rather get wet and sick in winter! Will send some fabric soon. Going through my house like a white tornado putting stuff on trade me. Lol going to states in September to see my kids. Yay.

  14. the britto cabinet is so bright and cheery and yes Murphys Law will sate start unpacking and your house will sell.....


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