Sunday, February 14, 2016

SUNDAY 14/2/16


We don't usually 'do' commercialised days like this... but I did get a little 'something' for my Darling.

I will show you later.

Right now we have to get the house ready for Open Home this afternoon.
There's quite a bit to do this morning for a change.

I will leave you with this photo Bex sent me last night:

ABOVE:  The 'caption' read:  We need a bigger bath.  I agree!


Well everything went like clockwork today.  We have this Open Home malarky down pat now!

There were 4 groups through today, one of which was..... The Lady In Red, her 11th visit!
She sure is keen.

After the Open Home, Stew and the kids went down to the mall to get school stationary.  They haven't needed any till now.  

It is an incredibly hot day today, I can't believe how revolting it is!  I have all the blinds closed in the lounge to keep the heat out, but it's not helping that much.

Dinner was lovely this evening, pea 'n' bacon soup with hot bread rolls.
 Then a quiet evening watching the telly and relaxing.


  1. Yey, so pleased to see you blogged multiple times this week :D checking in on your blog has become a daily routine for me. I did love your big round up posts also though!

  2. Good luck with todays open home :-)

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    love love your blog

  4. That son of yours is a Real Keeper - watching him blossom since he became a Father has been a real joy! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! I always believe in celebrating LOVE.

  5. It's hot here too~ yuk!

  6. I've been away at my son's wedding and thought I'd check in on the off chance .... WOOHOOOO *happy dance*. Love your posts ... regardless of length and photo content.

  7. Lady in Red needs to put some money down. Good luck!!

  8. what a neat photo and yes a bigger bath tub...


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