Friday, February 26, 2016


Well today I plan on getting on a ladder and painting one wall of the house.
The wall of our bedroom that faces west, it's an easy wall to do, which is why I'm doing it first.

Next week if the weather is ok, Steve and I will tackle the front of the house.

Apart from that, I've got no other plans .... I will just take the day as it comes I think.  I want to get the painting done before the sun comes around to that side of the house and makes it too hot to work there. 

I just thought of that!  LOL... there is no way I want to be painting in the full sun that's for sure.

I've avoided the sun all summer, it's just too bloody hot.  

ACTUALLY.... after the painting I might just jump in the cool spa pool and chill!  Yeah, that's something to look forward to!


Well let's scrap the painting plan!   I simply can't reach the top of the house wall, our ladder is not long enough, and I'm too bloody short.


Now what?  Grrrrrr.  Watch Griffin throw up?  Poor kid has been vomitting for a few hours now.  We are pretty sure he got a dodgy kebab from the mall last night.  The rest of us had other food, and are well.
If he's still throwing up after lunch I might have to take him to the Dr.  

Fingers crossed... maybe the worst is over for Griffin?  He's not vomited for about an hour or so. 
I've just been keeping an eye on him and painting.... me nails.  lol

I pulled off my acrylics last week and decided not to get new ones for a while as my nails were ruined.

I've put on Gel nail polish ( Shellac ), so that should protect my natural nails for a while.

Having really short nails is good for typing! *smiles*

How typical.  Griffin started to feel a bit better, so he had as little food to eat mid afternoon, but then didn't feel like any dinner.  AND then he threw up again.
Grrrrr.   I hope he's feeling better tomorrow, or he will definitely be going to the Dr.

Quiet evening, enjoying watching Coronation Street in the lounge, and Stew is enjoying watching rugby in the family room.

RUGBY.  It's started again!


  1. hope Griffin felling better soon ick also hope it is the dodgy kebab and it not something that goes thru the who house. How is miss Keera settling in

  2. Oh no hope he feels better soon.

  3. I hated acrylics with a passion. I had pain when they drilled the edges between fills and I hated that they were so thick that I couldn't pick things up! I don't have the best nails but I'll take natural any day :)

  4. Poor Griffin, hope he is feeling better :-(

  5. Hope Griffin feeling better? I know a lovely lady down here that does gel nails. LOL maybe you should come and visit.

    1. If I didn't have to do Open Homes every weekend, I WOULD! *sniff* Once we move I can come visit again.

  6. I know what you mean about the bloody rugby! I wanted to go to a concert tomorrow night, but the friggin rugby is on so we aren't going. 6 months the season lasts.

  7. Hope Griffin is doing better. Mall food can be iffy sometimes. :(

  8. Poor kid, food poisoning is the worst!

  9. I hate spewing it is the pits hate it hate it... I have gone back to natural nails for awhile actually my job necessitates NO long nails funny that hot dirty work lol. A cool spa that's what I need oh then there's the lake I suppose.


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